REPORT: Federal Court On Verge Of Ruling Robert Mueller Investigation As Criminally Incompetent

Not so long ago Robert Mueller, desperate to show he was actually doing something, anything, more than just wasting taxpayer dollars on fake allegations of Donald Trump/Russia collusion, indicted three Russian companies and thirteen Russian nationals for “trolling” the 2016 Election. The liberal media slobbered over the indictments even as actual attorneys scratched their heads wondering what Mr. Mueller was up to. You see – the entire thing was a P.R. stunt without a shred of actual evidence and now a federal judge is taking him to task for it.

Mueller never thought the indictments would end up in court. Because at least one of the Russian companies implicated in his false charges, Concord Management and Consulting, called bull on the ploy and proceeded to push for a speedy trial. A panicked Mueller team quickly backtracked, begging the judge for a stay.

The judge, having reviewed the scant evidence Mueller’s operation had, refused the request, placing the Mueller investigation under the embarrassing spotlight of being proven in court to be a fraudulent endeavor. You see, Concord Management is requesting the federal judge overseeing the case to compel the Mueller investigation to hand over all the evidence it has against them – the evidence it used to file the charges in the first place.

The problem for Mr. Mueller is he had little to no evidence yet still filed the indictments and he now risks being exposed for that fraud which would be a shocking abuse of his government-powered authority.

Here’s how a RedState report outlined Mueller’s troubles:

If this is true, and from what we’ve seen of this particular case the odds are that it is true, then Jeff Sessions should step in and fire the entire team that managed this indictment for blinding incompetence. Mueller needs to be called on the carpet by someone with balls, and that would not be Rosenstein, and read the Riot Act over the disgraceful legal chopshop that he’s running.

Predictably the Establishment Media is saying almost nothing about this latest Mueller fiasco – one that could very well be an example of criminal incompetence.

He shouldn’t just be fired. He should be charged.


Robert Mueller Increasingly “Desperate & Despondent” As He Faces “Enormous Pressure” To Seriously Damage Trump

He is burning through tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer cash every month as he tries to find something substantive to attack the Trump presidency with. So far Robert Mueller has come up with nothing beyond a couple of minor plea deals largely unrelated to President Trump (and even those are now crumbling after closer legal scrutiny) and those who backed him are said to be growing angry over how little Mueller has so far delivered. 

“The clock is really ticking on Mueller now. His reputation, legacy, whatever you want to call it, it’s all on the line. He’s under enormous pressure. His investigation has been a huge failure.”

So says a longtime Congressional staffer with years of experience surviving the D.C. swamp.

“Mueller’s getting desperate. He’s frustrated. Some say he’s despondent. He’s pulling people off of airport runways in gotcha interview sessions. Kicking in doors, showing up unannounced at workplaces, monitoring private conversations, travel, everything. It’s bizarre, police-state type stuff that’s going on. The public is tired of it all but they don’t even know how bad Mueller’s behavior has been and how it’s getting worse. The entire investigation is out of control. The media has been covering up just how abusive it really is.

“Mueller has always been a rat but now he’s a rat in a corner and that means he’s at his most dangerous. Behind closed doors, Dems are screaming for his head. They pinned so much of 2018 on him and he hasn’t given them sh*t. The polling shows the gap between Republicans and Democrats has been reduced to a near tie which means Trump is overperforming the historical party-in-power trend big time. 2018 was supposed to be a Midterm bloodbath but it isn’t shaping up to be that.  

“The Special Counsel appointment should never have been allowed. It was Establishment Republicans who let that happen. They’re paying a price for that too. Trump is doing everything he said he would. That includes going to war with the swamp. No president in our lifetime has ever done that. Even some Democrat voters are learning to appreciate what’s happening. Imagine if Republicans were to actually pick up more seats than they lost?  It might happen. Not likely but it might. That would be sweet!”


Mueller vs Trump: Trump Says BRING IT

D.C. Whispers has been informing its readers for months that this is ultimately where Robert Mueller wanted to go – a request to interview POTUS Trump. If the President declines he is accused of hiding wrong doing. If he agrees, Mueller attempts to trip him up on an obstruction/perjury charge.

It seems if Mueller’s hope was to shake Mr. Trump’s confidence, though, that isn’t happening as POTUS Trump has taken the interview request and effectively told Mr. Mueller to go for it. Trump maintains he has nothing to hide and for now is willing to say just that under oath.

Above: Mueller, who was put in charge of investigating President Trump, had a long and cozy relationship with former POTUS, Barack Obama. This is particularly interesting given more recent revelations that it was the Obama administration that ultimately oversaw the illegal surveillance conducted by federal authorities against private citizens on the Trump campaign. These revelations led to the now infamous #releasethememo scandal that currently hovers over D.C. and that potentially implicates dozens of top officials within the federal government and both political parties who some believe abused their power in an attempt to place Hillary Clinton into the White House.

Some Trump supporters have urged the President not to speak with Mueller, fearing the interview is a trap. The President has shrugged off these concerns and appears ready and willing to sit down with Mueller man to man and answer any and all questions he might have of him.

It will be a high stakes D.C. showdown not seen for decades.