Obama Dragged To Address Terror Threat, “Kicking & Screaming”

Last night, Barack Obama gave what was in the seven years of his presidency only the third primetime address to the nation.

And he didn’t want to do it.

Immediately after the San Bernardino terror attack, the President of the United States was said to be initially interested in the events to the point of outright excitement for the opportunity to once again make a call for enhanced federal gun control measures – which he did.

Within hours of the attack it became clear to federal officials that Islamic terror played an integral role.

Once that was known, Mr. Obama’s enthusiasm is said to have “waned considerably.” And then when the L.A. FBI office went public with calling San Bernardino a terrorist attack, both Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett went into “warpath mode.”

Jarrett’s displeasure was apparently first to make itself known. She was outraged the FBI had done so without first getting prior approval from her. Jarrett was said to be particularly concerned with the proximity of the FBI’s terror designation and the president’s quick words on calling for more gun control measures soon after the actual San Bernardino terror attack.

“They’re making us look like fools!”

The focus of the White House’s ire soon became FBI Director, James Comey.

Some of that conflict was outlined earlier here: BREAKING: Obama/Jarrett Warn FBI Director Over Anti-Muslim Tone

At one point, the president is said to have flung several papers onto the floor of the Oval Office as he sat behind his desk stewing over Director’s Comey’s now-infamous terrorist attack remarks.

“This was supposed to be a gun issue for us, not some anti-Islamic bullsh*t!”

Jarrett then dispatched an order for Director Comey to meet in person with the President. It was at that meeting the already existing fracture between Comey and the White House on such issues as the Black Lives Matter/anti-law enforcement movement, which Director Comey already spoke out against, was said to have worsened considerably following the San Bernardino attacks. Comey is alleged to have refused to fully capitulate with the White House’s demands he lessen the “terrorist attack” rhetoric.

When Director Comey went ahead with a planned press conference on the issue, Jarrett sent Attorney General Loretta Lynch there to oversee the Director’s statements on the San Bernardino attack. Included in that press conference was a moment the Mainstream Media then attempted to hide as Jarrett operatives terminated the Director’s public comments when he moved away from his Jarrett-approved script via an attempt to open the press conference to questions from the media.

A video of that unsettling moment is still available below. You can witness it at approximately the six-minute mark:


Ultimately it was Valerie Jarrett who apparently informed the President he would be giving a primetime address on Sunday evening. This decision was based almost exclusively on fears the White House was quickly losing control of the narrative, and was in fact suggested by a handful of trusted Mainstream Media figures devoted to the Obama White House’s well-being.

A small battle was waged by several White House advisers and consultants regarding both the tone and content of the President’s Sunday evening commentary. In the end, as usual, Jarrett’s opinion is said to have won out. There would be brief mention of terrorism, ISIL, and the President’s ongoing efforts to keep Americans safe. Then the speech would focus almost entirely on the need for gun control and a caution to Americans not to engage in anti-Muslim rhetoric or action. (a warning that had been outlined earlier by Attorney General Lynch who called anti-Muslim sentiment her “greatest fear”)

Mr. Obama was willing to swallow the bitter pill of admitting a terrorist attack had taken place inside of the United States, but only after Valerie Jarret had the call for gun control and pro-Islamic rhetoric be made the more dominant part of the relatively brief primetime address.

During the intense back and forth among speech writers and Jarrett, was a moment where Barack Obama is said to have pointed defiantly at Jarrett and declared, “This is just as much an Israel problem as it is a gun problem! Nobody wants to say it, but it’s true!”

At least one who was there to witness that outburst must have been troubled enough by it to then leak it to others on staff who were outside the Oval Office at the time it is alleged to have been spoken. Why the President would include a reference to Israel in regards to San Bernardino is unknown.

What is known by almost everyone involved with last night’s primetime address to the nation by President Barack Obama is he went to that podium kicking and screaming nearly the entire way.

It was not a speech he cared to give and he very much resented having events require he do so.

UPDATE: Some of the mystery regarding the President’s anti-Israel comment in relation to the San Bernardino terror attack might have been revealed just this morning. Multiple reports now indicate that one of the two terrorists, Syed Farook, was “negatively obsessed with Israel.” This information was given by Farook’s own father who lives in Italy.

It seems quite likely Barack Obama was already aware of this fact in the hours prior to his Sunday night address to the nation. More troubling is that an American president appears to share an equally negative obsession with Israel as did a recent and undeniable, Islamic terrorist.

Spector confirmed 12/7. Follow up tonight. 




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DC Whispers Report Confirmed: Obama Calls Gun Control “Issue of National Security”

Earlier today, DC Whispers went live with this headline:

BREAKING: ObamaTo Outline Executive Order Gun Control During Primetime Address

Here are some other media headlines following the President’s primetime speech:

Obama Calls Gun Control ‘A Matter Of National Security’ (Politico)

Obama renews call for gun control after mass shooting (CBS)

Those headlines are accurate – much of Mr. Obama’s Sunday evening address focused on his determination to increase federal regulations on gun ownership in America. He continued to refuse to call the San Bernardino attack an act of terrorism outright, only going so far as stating IT COULD HAVE BEEN a terrorist attack. The president also continued his refusal to use the phrase, “Islamic terrorism” and then largely ignored the motivations of the terrorists in favor of calling for further gun control measures:

“It’s another tragic reminder that here in America it’s way too easy for dangerous people to get their hands on a gun.”

The President neglected to tell the American people California already has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, yet further evidence the actual facts of the San Bernardino terror attack are secondary to the Mr. Obama’s ongoing efforts to push back against the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.

Mr. Obama then gave a strong hint to his willingness to attempt Executive Action authority regarding enacting further federal gun regulations, saying that strengthening anti-gun control measures, “is something we must do.”

In fact, demanding further gun laws was the only actionable request the president made. He mentioned ISIS/ISIL a handful of times, repeated his promise the terrorist group would be defeated, but gave no indication there would actually be a change in how U.S. military sets out to see the oft-promised defeat become reality.

Mr. Obama also went to great lengths to warn Americans against anti-Muslim bias, and did so with more passion than he did when speaking of going after ISIS/ISIL.

It was a speech that left even members of the liberal media feeling underwhelmed, and Republican opponents proclaiming it to be yet further evidence of Barack Obama’s inability to effectively lead the United States. Donald Trump, the current Republican presidential front-runner,  stated the following via Twitter:

“Well, Obama refused to say (he just can’t say it), that we are at WAR with RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS…Is that all there is? We need a new President – FAST!”

Will the president actually move forward with his strongly hinted desire to utilize Executive Authority regarding gun control? It is an issue that has divisions from within even his far-left White House staff and would certainly face an onslaught of challenges from Congress and pro-gun rights states across the country.

Unlike ISIS though, that might very well be a fight this president wants to take up. If he chooses to do so, look for it to happen in early 2016.





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BREAKING: ObamaTo Outline Executive Order Gun Control

If Americans were hoping to see and hear President Obama finally admit to Islamic terror and the threat it poses to the safety and security of U.S. citizens both at home and abroad, it appears they will have to continue waiting.

Tonight the president will sit down during a primetime national address and do what is being described in-house as “damage control” regarding the ongoing campaign against such Muslim terror groups as ISIS, and perhaps even more troubling, also include an even stronger condemnation against gun violence and a declaration of the president’s intent to now move forward with Executive Authority to greatly expand federal controls over gun ownership in America.

“He is going all-in on the gun issue tonight.”


The speech is said to have initiated a considerable degree of back and forth activity inside the White House as a handful of advisers and consultants attempt to meet the anti-gun platform of Mr. Obama and Ms. Jarrett within the context of tonight’s national address.

A trusted D.C. Whispers source described the situation with the following:

“The San Bernardino tragedy will be used by the president to declare enough is enough regarding guns. While he will try and convince us he’s still on track in the conflict against ISIS/ISIL, what is really motivating him for tonight’s speech is his determination to do what he did on immigration, which was to bypass Congress and the Constitution and apply that same practice to gun ownership in America. He’s going all in on the gun issue tonight.”

As much as so many are tired of hearing Barack Obama speak, it appears tonight’s primetime address is a moment we would all do well to listen in on. If he truly feels himself to have the authority to directly do battle with the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution via Executive Authority, it will very likely initiate a public outcry and resulting legal battle not seen in quite some time.

Here’s hoping someone in the White House steers this president away from such a precipice and interjects some common sense into what is a terribly important time for the safety and security of the United States.

He would do well to understand that guns weren’t to blame for San Bernardino anymore than planes were to blame for September 11th, 2001.

Muslim terrorists were.