Want To See How Corrupt The #NeverTrump National Review Is?

Photos now circulating of a Hillary Clinton operative meeting with National Review editor Rich Lowry to discuss, “HOW TO DEFEAT TRUMP.”

The National Review was/is collaborating with those who on the surface one would think to be their political adversaries but in reality, appear to be quite willing accomplices. 

lowrey mccoy

Alexander McCoy (on the left) is, according to various sources, a paid Hillary Clinton operative:

trump protest clinton mccoy

It should also be noted that various members of the National Review, including Mr. Lowry, continue to be prominently featured on various Fox News programs – most notably, Megyn Kelly’s, The Kelly File. This fact leads one to wonder how far the collusion goes between Establishment Media like Fox News and the National Review and the Clinton campaign goes?

And they wonder why voters have become so disgusted by figures like Megyn Kelly and Rich Lowry who think themselves to be the arbiters of who we should and should not vote for.


H/T The Gateway Pundit