THE LION ROARS! Watch Trump Rip Germany A New One As International Media Cameras Roll

Normally with the media in the room, international politicians smile politely and say very little of substance.

Not Donald Trump. He was asked a question and gives a very direct answer regarding the insanity of the German government which an increasing number feel has been decimating Western Europe and turning it, for lack of a better term, into a sh*thole. This video is now going viral primarily because Western Europeans are applauding President Trump’s words and courage to speak truth to power.


The United States Pays 250% MORE To NATO Than All The Other 26 Nations COMBINED

How can anyone wonder why President Trump declares other nations need to start paying their fair share? The Establishment Media and Hollywood applauded when Barack Obama demanded Americans “pay their fair share.” Why is it the same can’t be said to foreign nations that have been leaching off of America for far too long? 

Go get ’em, Mr. Trump.