Latest Poll Shows Trump Competing Against Hillary In Democrat-Leaning Swing State

It’s yet more heartburn-inducing polling data for the Clinton Machine…

Barack Obama easily won New Hampshire against East Coast governor, Mitt Romney by over five percentage points.

Obama won that same state by double-digits against Arizona Senator John McCain.

In 2004, New Hampshire went to Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry.

In fact, you have to go all the way back to the year 2000 since we’ve seen the last Republican win New Hampshire during the presidential election.

According to a new poll, Donald Trump appears ready to challenge New Hampshire and put it back into the Republican’s win column for the first time in sixteen years, a harbinger of other Democrat-leaning swing states that now appear to be very much in play for the New York billionaire in 2016.

Check out this headline today from the always-good, Gateway Pundit:


BREAKING POLL: Trump and Crooked Hillary Neck-and-Neck in Swing State New Hampshire