BREAKING: North & South Korea Set To Declare Peace Treaty & Trump Deserves Much Of The Credit

There has been no peace treaty between North and South Korea since that nation was divided during the Korean War conflict of the 1950’s. Now, less than two years into Donald Trump’s presidency, after so many of his critics condemned him for taking a too-harsh stand against North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, the two nations have announced a first-ever treaty proposal. President Trump is helping to change the world for the better – his critics be damned.

If the peace treaty between North and South Korea is signed Donald Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

Not that the globalists would ever allow such a thing – but what a remarkable achievement and a punch to the face of all Mr. Trump’s many detractors who so often claim he’s making the world more dangerous when in fact Trump is merely practicing Ronald Reagan’s “peace through strength” policy which ultimately led to the collapse of then-Soviet Union.