Comey Already Said UNDER OATH That Trump NEVER Asked Him To Halt Any Investigation

If not a smoking gun that condemns Comey, Democrats, Establishment Republicans, etc., it certainly puts a new light on the Mainstream Media’s ridiculous spin on this entire affair. The question is, will enough Trump supporters take the time to educate others to the truth, or will they allow that same Establishment Media to control the narrative and its intended outcome – namely the end of the Trump presidency?

Here is Comey’s recent testimony where he admitted Donald Trump never asked him to halt any investigation:  (SHARE – SHARE – SHARE)


STUNNING: FBI Did Not Require Hillary Clinton Be Put Under Oath & Interview NOT Recorded

THIS is undeniable proof the fix was in, and that Hillary Clinton was being treated as a high-profile political celebrity and not a person under criminal investigation for a myriad of government-related crimes.

James Comey admits Mrs. Clinton was not even required by oath to tell the truth, and even more stunning, that no recording (per FBI policy) or detailed transcripts of the FBI interview with her, even exist.

Here is video of FBI Director Comey admitting that very thing. 

Many have defended Director Comey as an honorable man. That defense has become significantly more difficult given the unbelievable fact that Hillary Clinton was not sworn to tell the truth prior to her interview/interrogation, and that there is no audio record beyond some general notes, of what she actually said. Comey also admits he didn’t even bother to speak with all of the agents who interviewed Mrs. Clinton prior to making his decision to not recommend charges against the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee.

Mrs. Clinton quite possibly compromised State secrets and put lives in danger, and she is not required to take an oath of truthfulness when questioned about that possibility?  This is an outrage even by Clinton-standards of getting away with what would normally land others in jail.

Here’s video of the admission by James Comey. This needs to be shared far and wide: