D.C. Whispers Report Confirmed: Obamas Set To Ink $60 MILLION+ Book Deal

It was nearly two years ago ago that D.C. Whispers reported on negotiations between the Obamas and several potential book publishers in what would be blockbuster book deals for the then-First Couple. Some scoffed at the numbers cited in that original report.

Guess what? They’re not scoffing anymore. D.C. Whispers is proven right once again. 

Here is the headline from today:

The Obamas sign huge book deals

Former president Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama have signed with Penguin Random House, according to a press release. The news followed a bidding war that reportedly exceeded $60 million for publishing rights to both their books, according to the FT. The exact numbers of the deal was not disclosed.

(more of the story available: HERE )


The two years ago D.C. Whispers report outlined the bidding war players, including Harper Collins which is owned by Fox News mogul, Rupert Murdoch. Today, media reports confirmed Harper Collins was in fact among those bidding aggressively for the rights to publish the two upcoming Obama books.

And don’t forget this line from D.C. Whispers in that all-too-accurate original story:

“All told, the post-presidency Obama Machine could quite possibly generate income of $100 MILLION DOLLARS or more for Obama  within just a few years of his leaving office.”

Again, some scoffed at that figure.

With $60+ million for just two books, and more projects coming, it’s more likely $100 million is on the low side regarding the money that is pouring into the Obama’s pockets these days.

For a couple who repeatedly touted the rich must “pay their fair share” one is left to wonder how much of that $100 million will they be donating to others?