MAGA! POTUS Trump Set To Move Forward With ONE TRILLION DOLLAR Infrastucture Plan

With the country enjoying the kind of economic growth it never saw during the eight tepid Obama years, President Trump is said to be preparing to unleash yet another huge plan to help an economically embattled American Middle Class that will further rejuvenate an already revitalized United States.

Other presidents have promised to improve the nation’s failing infrastructure. It appears Mr. Trump is preparing to do what they never did – keep that promise.

Via The Washington Examiner:

The White House is working to release a roughly 70-page infrastructure proposal sometime in January for members of Congress to use as a cornerstone for drafting the legislation in 2018.
In December, President Trump met with senior administration officials and House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster, R-Pa., to discuss the proposal.

“The meeting with the president was encouraging and very productive,” Shuster said in a statement. “He’s a builder — he gets the importance of infrastructure and why it matters for jobs and the economy. Addressing our nation’s infrastructure in a bipartisan manner is going to take strong presidential leadership, and I believe we have a president who can provide the necessary leadership and who wants to rebuild our infrastructure to strengthen our economy.”


The above outlines something the Establishment Media continues to ignore – Donald Trump’s relentless work ethic. He has been putting in long hours day after day getting things like the tax cut/reform legislation passed that is already paying big dividends to everyday Americans.

Mr. Trump is pushing for an equally ambitious and pro-America First agenda in 2018 that should Congress cooperate, create hundreds of thousands more high-paying jobs for Working Class Americans.

And don’t think the President has forgotten about the Obamacare debacle. Fixing that problem is very high up on his to-do list as well with some in D.C. suggesting Mr. Trump is more determined than ever to “…fight back against the disastrous failures that make up the Obama legacy and that continue to hold American back and harms its people.”