Congress Just Granted Obama Sweeping Trade Deal Powers – Climate Change “Trade Bill” Rumored To Be Coming Soon…

While the nation is distracted by the ongoing South Carolina shooting tragedy and the resulting Confederate flag debate, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican, granted President Obama a huge victory toward the president’s goal of fast-track trade authority. The entirety of the sweeping Obamatrade legislation is likely to be passed later this week as it now only needs a 51-vote majority to pass.

As bad as the above sounds, DC Whispers now suggest the process has been hiding something potentially much-much worse to the future of the American economy – a globally binding climate change agreement that will be promoted in the coming months that will now only face the same 51-vote majority needed for passage.

“They kept this under wraps and now we are realizing the extent of the deception. Obamatrade is much more than just the more superficial exterior of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It’s real goal, at least a very significant part of it, is the climate change agenda. If you start to follow the money you see the real players behind the TPP – and a lot of it comes from the Middle East. We’ve had the Saudis lobbying for TPP, Qatar, the UAE, they all have their hands in this along with significant interest from Mexico so clearly this is more than just an agreement between the United States and nations from the Asian-Pacific region.

The Republican leadership keep saying the new law will lessen the president’s treaty negotiations power because it requires more Congressional input at the outset. That’s not true. Congress can advise, but it can’t force the president to do anything. What it will potentially change far more easily than ever before, and with only a simple majority now needed, is the president’s ability to re-write U.S. law. If a future treaty is a violation of existing American law, the Obamatrade legislation allows that law to be changed with only a simple majority vote.

Look up a map of the non-binding nations of the Kyoto Treaty. A couple things should jump out. First, the U.S. representatives agreed to the treaty  but it was never ratified. The administration is preparing to push for full approval. Second, you should see the countries that are exempt from the treaty that includes the Middle East and all of the cooperating nations involved in the Obama administration’s proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty.

That is no coincidence. They were playing some serious long ball on this one and will have it wrapped up by the end of the week and it was the Republican leadership who allowed it to happen because they were only seeing the short term gains of keeping their Chamber of Commerce reps happy.

When it comes to Obamatrade, the TPP is only the first layer. Soon the climate change push will follow. If it doesn’t get quite done on Obama’s watch, Hillary’s people will promise to finish it up themselves.

As if 2016 wasn’t already important enough.”


UPDATE: Here is the Kyoto Treaty map as referenced above. The blue colored nations are those that are not bound by the agreement. Interestingly, China later ratified the treaty in 2012 but has yet to actually implement the treaty obligations, leading most to believe it was a gesture intended to put yet more pressure on the United States to ratify the Kyoto Treaty and then be forced, unlike China, to actually follow the protocols which will in turn cripple its economy more than it already is.


Barack Obama & Republican Leadership Move Quickly To Pass Obamatrade Following Shooting Tragedy

It is a bill (actually a collection of them) that by some estimates, would encompass nearly 90% of the world’s economic output. Detractors have warned it will inevitably push the United States into a global governance agreement whereby the laws of America become secondary to the laws of a multi-national coalition.

As the country watches the tragic news reports of a young and clearly troubled white man who opened fire upon members of a predominantly black church in South Carolina, the White House and a handful of Republicans move quickly to secure the necessary support for passage of the fast-track trade bill known as Obamatrade.

Never let a tragedy go to waste…

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., left, and Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, stand together Feb, 13, 2015, at a ceremony before the signing of the bill authorizing expansion of the Keystone XL pipeline, at the Capitol in Washington. (Associated Press) **FILE**

Front and center is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and House Speaker John Boehner whose respective staffs have joined with Obama White House operatives to go from one member of Congress to the next demanding support for the Obamatrade bill.

“They start with perks like committee assignments. Then they move on to campaign donations. If that doesn’t work, then the threats start and they don’t let up. It’s getting very testy up here.”

Yesterday the president was once again making personal calls to members of Congress – namely other Democrats who he is hoping will either continue voting in favor of the bill, or reconsider their previous no vote. While this is taking place, the Republican leadership is coordinating a similar, yet even more aggressive effort. Speaker Boehner’s office is said to be particularly aggressive/abusive in accumulating more votes for passage.

“There’s a lot of us who are stunned at how hard the Speaker is fighting for something with the president and against the wishes of so many of his own caucus. We basically have a Speaker who goes after Republicans who don’t tow his line much more aggressively than he’s ever gone after the destructive and dangerous policies of the Obama  administration.”

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama has been among the most vocal opponents of the proposed fast-track trade bill, warning it will tie the United States into an ever larger version of the European Union while also saying there were several Republicans who voted for the bill simply because Boehner’s office demanded they do so. Senator Sessions indicated those Republicans actually had no idea what was in the bill. He also accused Congressman Paul Ryan of misrepresenting the true nature of the bill not only to members of Congress, but the American people.

If John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and Barack Obama get their way, the bill will be up for another vote as soon as late today or early tomorrow.


Appalling, abusive, and arrogant are just three of the descriptions that emerged from President Obama’s morning meetings with both Democrat and Republican members of Congress today as he tried in vain to accumulate the needed support for what is being called the”Obamatrade” legislation.

Apparently those meetings did not go well for the president, who lashed out at members of Congress and then left visibly upset over how few were willing to support him.

Today Congress was greeted with the many faces of Barack Obama, and apparently none of them were particularly positive or respectful and that has whispers spreading throughout Washington D.C. regarding just how poorly the meetings went between members of both political parties and the President of the United States.

“The president was said to be very defensive within minutes of his arrival. He snapped at staff, verbally bullied members of Congress, and finally left openly angry and frustrated. There were lawmakers who in turn felt the president’s abusive and arrogant behavior was appalling. They’ve seen him act out before, but not like this. He was every bit the spoiled little brat.”

The contentious environment was apparently not simply between Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats either, but in fact involved certain influential members of the Democratic Caucus telling Nancy Pelosi if she did not stand up to the president on the trade bill, her time as Minority Leader was over. Pelosi must have taken her own members at their word as she was among those who then told Barack Obama he didn’t have the votes. The president pushed back, Pelosi refused to budge, and the president then got up and walked out, “tight lipped and ready to leave.”

“He despises Congress. He despises the Supreme Court. He despises anyone or anything that doesn’t go along with every demand he has for his own agenda.”


UPDATE: Fox News confirmed much of this earlier D.C. Whispers report. Panelists on Special Report indicated the rift between Pelosi and members of her own House caucus who forced the Minority Leader to reverse her initial support for the Obamatrade bill. This resulted in what was described as a “striking” image of President Obama walking into the halls of Congress with Pelosi at his side and then Pelosi telling the president in a closed door meeting he didn’t have the votes – including her own!

President Trolls Halls Of Congress Promising $$$ For Passage Of Obamatrade

It is legislation that has made strange bedfellows out of the Obama White House and Republican party leaders who both want to see the president given unprecedented fast-track powers for what is now being called “Obamatrade.” Fearing he doesn’t have the votes, the president has made a rare appearance inside the halls of Congress itself, and is said to be promising large sums of campaign cash to those willing to support the legislation…

Stranger still, the president is said to have made this offer TO REPUBLICANS as well as Democrat lawmakers.

Let that one sink in.

A sitting Democrat president who has berated Republicans for over six years since moving into the White House is now promising 2016 campaign funds to some of those very same Republicans so that they will vote in favor of the fast-track trade treaty legislation.

This same wheeling and dealing comes soon after Republican Congressman Paul Ryan channeled Nancy Pelosi when he declared voters would have to wait until the agreement was passed before getting to see what was in it.

Stranger still is that Nancy Pelosi and other leading Democrats have come out AGAINST the bill that Barack Obama and some Republicans seem so desperate to pass! It is a situation that has D.C. operatives scratching their collective skulls.


“The president is blatantly playing both sides. He is hedging his bets with Democrats and kissing ass with enough Republicans in the hopes of saving the bill. Funny thing is, Democrats are the ones who are complaining the most about him. Some are saying they’ve been insulted by the president’s methods. Right now I’d put passage of the bill at no better than 50%. It’s going to be very-very close. The president left this morning in a very foul mood. Apparently he personally made threats against some legislators and they didn’t like it one bit.”


Oh my…


UPDATE:  Media reports now breaking that the fast-track legislation has failed to pass the House of Representatives, thus putting the entire TPP trade bill into jeopardy. These same reports indicate the strongest opposition to the legislation is coming from Democrats as well as confirming some very testy moments between the president and Democratic members of Congress.