9-Year Old Girl Bullied By Teacher For Going Deer Hunting With Family (VIDEO)

Nine-year-old Domonique Yatsko comes from a family of proud Ohio hunters, and when one of their own gets their very first buck, the moment is captured via a sweatshirt photo as a keepsake for that young hunter.

But when Domonique proudly wore that shirt to school the following week, her teacher, Hanna Copa of Hinkley Elementary in Hinkley Township, Ohio, singled her out in front of the class and declared, “Killing animals is not what we do.” 

The story is now going viral as outraged families, be they hunters or not, are sick and tired of having their school-aged children subjected to the constant barrage of leftist abuse that is so institutionalized within our public education system.

Children are not allowed to take pride in family tradition, or to take pride in America, or to speak their own minds, but rather are forced into liberal-approved group-think.

If the 2016 Election made anything clear, it is that millions of Americans are sick and tired of this kind of crap and we are no longer willing to sit quiet and take it. These voices of opposition to the far left grow louder, more determined, and have come to realize the power they possess.

Domonique should be commended for her knowledge of how to use a weapon, of her devotion to participating in a safe and legal hunt, and for her skill that culminated in a successful hunt.


UPDATED: According to GATEWAY PUNDIT, this is a photo of the bullying teacher, Hanna Copa:



“Deplorables” Prepare To Give Donald Trump Win In Ohio – And Possibly America

A little over a month ago, political pundits had all but declared Ohio locked up for Hillary Clinton, and thus, a likely easy walk into the White House for the Clinton campaign.

And then came an army of “deplorable” Americans who decided Mrs. Clinton did not represent the nation’s values nearly so much as she represents her own desire for power and influence.

The results of Hillary’s dismissive, elitist rebuke of millions of Americans has possibly been most astonishing in Ohio, bastion of American Midwest values.

“Hillary Clinton calls people who aren’t supporting her deplorable and irredeemable. I call people who aren’t supporting me American citizens—who are entitled to the same respect as anyone else—and I will not stop campaigning for every last American vote, in every last American community, right up until November 8th.”  -Donald Trump during recent speech in Ohio.

It is no happenstance that Trump’s Ohio surge (along with other Midwest states such as Michigan and Wisconsin) came at the same times as Ford Motor Company’s announcement it was shipping all of its small-car production to Mexico – another hard kick to the collective nuts of Middle Class America.

Trump has warned jobs would continue to move out of this country if people continued to vote for the same-old-same-old. He says we can do better, and people are starting to not only listen, but more importantly, believe, that to be true.

One month ago, the Quinnipiac poll had Hillary Clinton winning in Ohio by 4 points.

This very same poll now has Donald Trump leading Ohio by 1 – a five point swing in just four weeks and a sign momentum is clearly in the Trump campaign’s favor. It is said internal polling that the Clinton campaign was quick NOT to let be known, has Trump with a more comfortable five-point lead in the critical battleground state. Those numbers have Team Clinton currently panicking and pleading with its media cohorts to change the political narrative to one that forcefully pushes back against Donald Trump’s recent successes.

If it’s Ohio for Trump on Election Day, it will likely be America for Trump as well, and the Clinton campaign is more determined than ever to make certain that doesn’t happen.


As Of This Moment, Donald Trump Is Winning…

The Trump surge is on.

Just-out battleground polls make that fact undeniable – and Team Clinton is none too happy about it.

Via Politico:

New swing-state polls released Wednesday by Quinnipiac University show Trump leading Clinton in Florida and Pennsylvania — and tied in the critical battleground state of Ohio.

The Clinton campaign responded to this most recent polling data by trying to remind America that “Trump is dangerous.”

Trump in turn responded by telling his supporters thank you with a #I’mWithYou tweet – a direct hit upon Hillary Clinton’s now widely mocked, “I’m With Her” slogan. 

More troubling for Team Clinton is that polling data has consistently under-polled Trump’s actual support – a fact known to them via internal polling the campaign has made certain to not publicize. Team Trump has just began to initiate similar internal polling and are said to be coming up with the same result:

As of this moment, Donald Trump is winning the race for the White House.

Look for the Clinton Machine to demand yet more money from its long list of high-dollar donors to combat the man they declare to be “dangerous” as the Republican National Convention puts Mr. Trump front and center in the national spotlight. 

The war is upon us.



BOOM! Trump Raises $50+ MILLION In June Alone!!!!

Will the astonishing amount be enough to silence the recent critics who declared just last month Donald Trump was not raising the kind of cash needed to defeat Hillary Clinton?

While those complaints were being leveled, Trump was raising a lot of cash for his campaign and the GOP. LOTS AND LOTS of cash…

Via the now egg-on-their-face, Washington Post:

“Donald Trump raised more than $26 million for his campaign and another $25 million in conjunction with the Republican National Committee in June, a hefty haul that his campaign hopes will put to rest anxieties in the party about his fundraising prowess.”

Word is, Trump’s July haul is already on a pace to eclipse the June mark.

It appears raising money won’t be a problem – just as Mr. Trump promised.

And in related campaign news, Team Trump is said to be huddling more often with possible Vice Presidential pick, Newt Gingrich in recent days. D.C. Whispers was the first to report of a Trump-Gingrich alliance several months ago, and since that time, those initial reports have been repeatedly substantiated. 

Today, Trump is scheduled to appear onstage with Gingrich at a campaign rally in Ohio. The Trump camp has been watching how potential VP candidates perform onstage with the New York billionaire, an effort based largely upon Trump’s demand that he have a running mate who matches well with his own naturally combative personality.

Gingrich is among the very few politicos who has the stage presence to not be entirely overshadowed by the larger-than-life Donald Trump. The former House Speaker would also provide the kind of tactical D.C. abilities some suggest is sorely needed within the still largely “outsider” Trump campaign. 

Word is that Gingrich has indicated he is very interested in the job of Vice President, but has already outlined some demands should he be chosen as Mr. Trump’s running mate. These demands center on his desire to be granted significant discretion in helping to run day-to-day workings of a Trump administration, namely being the primary link between the White House and Congress so that a Trump agenda has the best chance of actually being implemented.

In essence, Trump would provide the big picture outline, and it would be Gingrich who would then implement the details, a legislative operation very similar to what was incorporated during the Reagan-era.



Calm Under Fire: Trump Stands Ground As Protester Attempts To Rush Stage (VIDEO)

Tensions are no doubt high for Donald Trump’s Secret Service detail. This morning in Ohio that tension escalated quickly as an apparent anti-Trump protester attempted to rush the stage directly behind the GOP frontrunner as he gave a campaign rally speech to another large crowd of supporters.

You can hear the crowd shout out a warning, and then Mr. Trump turns and sees movement out of the corner of his right eye.

Watch as Trump whirls around and then takes a step TOWARD the apparent trouble. His natural instinct appears to be to fight.

Most voters will likely find something to admire in that. And kudos to the Secret Service for their quick and professional response.  It has been reported earlier that threats against the Mr. Trump are growing as his popularity continues to increase. Last night’s large staged protest in Chicago by various far-left groups is no doubt but the first of any such attempts to disrupt the Trump campaign and intimidate his millions of supporters into silent submission.

Watch the video below:


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AWESOME – Check Out This GREAT Student Reaction To Upcoming Visit By Donald Trump

Other candidates were contacted.

Only one responded – Donald Trump.

This comes after a particularly busy and challenging week for the current GOP front-runner.

Gauging the reaction of these kids, they are very excited to have Mr. Trump coming to speak at their school’s upcoming Homecoming celebration.

Check it out – and enjoy the weekend:


The Campaign Image Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Want You To See…

Check out this almost empty campaign event in Ohio today which was heavily promoted by the Clinton campaign as a “women’s event” where Mrs. Clinton would be discussing women issues and her plans to continue pushing for those issues as the next president.

Apparently the women of Ohio wanted nothing to do with Mrs. Clinton’s plans for them. Nobody showed up. What few people who are seen in the below photo are either media, Clinton staffers, and/or representatives of Mrs. Clinton’s Ohio get out the vote team.

Embedded image permalink

(ABOVE: The campaign event took place at a location intended to house hundreds of Clinton supporters. It appears fewer than a handful bothered to show up.)

This image comes on the very same day a Politico report indicates Bernie Saunders has overtaken Hillary Clinton in Iowa, meaning Mrs. Clinton’s socialist opponent might very well win the first two primary state battles early next year. Yet another Drudge report story out today has Clinton operatives “raging” over the now-imploding campaign.

Paging Joe Biden…

Ohio Governor John Kasich Reaching Out To GOP Mega Donors?

The Koch Brothers Machine and its many related affiliates were apparently first on a short list of GOP mega donors a small and trusted team of operatives for Ohio Governor John Kasich recently contacted to gauge potential support for a potential Kasich presidential campaign.


The calls were said to have been made some time last month as Governor Kasich continues to give “very serious” consideration to going ahead with a presidential campaign – a campaign that would be based upon his considerable record of success in turning around an important Midwest swing state that has garnered him admiration from both sides of the political aisle. Under his leadership and ability to work with the state legislature, Ohio now enjoys a $2 billion budget surplus while also cutting taxes by $3 billion and creating over 350,000 new jobs. He won re-election last fall by 30 percentage points, picking up 26 percent of the minority vote and nearly two-thirds of women.


John Kasich is already among the nation’s most popular governors. Despite his success in Ohio though, Kasich would need all-important campaign dollars if he is to make the successful transition from governor to president by adding his name to an already impressively strong field of Republican White House contenders.


Considered a man of strong faith who manages to also appear politically middle-of-the-road, Kasich would likely appeal to a broad base of support – IF he can generate the kind of national awareness of who he is that such appeal requires. Political insiders are quietly calling the Ohio governor the potential presidential candidate nobody should overlook.


If at least one of those GOP mega-donors took a liking to him, they may be right.