The Twisted Far-Left Socialism That Links Both El Paso & Dayton Tragedies

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The far-left media has gone into 24/7 anti-Trump overdrive to try and link a shooting tragedy with President Trump, citing “language” and “motive” that they would have the American people believe somehow aligns with a president who has been working so hard to make America safer and more prosperous for all. (And he’s succeeded in doing just that—particularly for Working Class minorities.)

In doing so the media has all but ignored the very clear dangerous socialist leanings of the Dayton Ohio shooter while simultaneously cherry-picking some admittedly disturbing anti-immigration language from a “manifesto” alleged to have been written by the El Paso shooter. Ah, but that very same manifesto included a great deal of other information as well—information the media has purposely neglected to inform the public about. The likely reason for that omission is clear. The El Paso shooter, like the Dayton shooter, had some clear socialist leanings as well, including a demand for universal health care, guaranteed jobs, radical environmentalism, and attacks on corporations. (He also distanced himself from President Trump)  Perhaps it is there we find the answer for the twisted motivations of both young men. They were clearly disturbed/mentally ill. Could it be socialism appeals to those suffering from such sickness?

It’s certainly something to be considered, especially given how dangerous the rhetoric is now becoming by so many on the far-left which includes calls to “eradicate” ALL Trump supporters (this was voiced by a CNN host) and the disclosure of private citizens who donated to President Trump which was done by a Democrat member of Congress within hours after the call to have those supporters eradicated.  

What if socialism is the disease and the most recent violence in Dayton and El Paso was the all too tragic result?

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REPORT: Of The 27 Deadliest Mass Shooters 26 Have One Thing In Common – Absentee Fathers

It’s yet another hard truth and conversation the far-left media doesn’t want America to have.

Children, particularly young men, have much better chances of success when they also have loving and supportive fathers in their lives.

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Via Pathos .com

Suzanne Venker’s recent opinion piece on FoxNews is very, very important, because she points out that almost all of the most recent deadly mass shooters have one thing in common: fatherlessness.

Yes, yes, and a thousand times yes.

Fatherlessness is a serious problem. America’s boys have been under stress for decades. It’s not toxic masculinity hurting them, it’s the fact that when they come home there are no fathers there. Plain and simple. Add that to a bunch of horrible cultural trends telling them that everything bad is good (gang culture, drugs, misogyny, etc.), and we’ve got a serious problem on our hands.

Venker goes on to explain that of CNN’s list of the “27 Deadliest Mass Shootings In U.S. History, only one was raised by his biological father since childhood.

“Indeed, there is a direct correlation between boys who grow up with absent fathers and boys who drop out of school, who drink, who do drugs, who become delinquent and who wind up in prison,” she writes. “And who kill their classmates.”

This problem can’t be solved by any policy, or any sort of gun control. It is time to have a serious discussion about the degradation of our cultural norms.



“It’s a thriller and an exploration of how far America has fallen as we are continually divided by agenda-driven media and politicians. And while it is no doubt a dark story it is not without hope that all is not yet lost if we could only find a way back to talking and listening to one another.”

“Time and time again this author proves how he always seems to have his hand on the pulse of what is coming before it actually happens. I don’t know how he does it but it sure makes for some fascinating reading. Mr. Diaz’s revenge is a MUST READ for anyone who thinks this country needs to get back to the basics and stop promoting the kind of nonsense that has done nothing but tear us all apart. In a way, we are all Mr. Diaz.”

Mr. Diaz's Revenge by [Ulsterman, D.W.]




Dayton, Ohio Shooter Was A Warren Supporting Antifa Socialist Who Hated Donald Trump

Two shootings, two shooters, both likely sharing the common threads of mental illness and political radicalization largely created by a far-left media and self-absorbed culture. 

Yet, only the one shooter in El Paso has so far received the vast bulk of media coverage because an alleged manifesto left by him mentions race and immigration as being motivating factors. (The media left out his anti-corporation and radical environmental views in their coverage because those items directly complicate their narrative that the tragedy is somehow President Trump’s fault—a bizarre and dangerous misrepresentation if ever there was one.)

But what of the shooter in Dayton, Ohio? Why no mention of his socialist views, his support of candidates like Elizabeth Warren, and his hatred of President Trump?

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Check out this profile of the shooter via Heavy:

“On social media, the suspect’s biography started to emerge. On his Twitter page, reviewed by Heavy, he described himself as “he/him / anime fan / metalhead / leftist / i’m going to hell and i’m not coming back.” He wrote on Twitter that he would happily vote for Democrat Elizabeth Warren, praised Satan, was upset about the 2016 presidential election results, and added, “I want socialism, and i’ll not wait for the idiots to finally come round to understanding.” The Greene County Board of Elections lists his party as “Dem.”

Other emerging details point to the shooter’s affiliation with the socialist Antifa terror group. Initial reports indicated the shooter was wearing all Antifa black at the time of the shooting spree.

To date, very little of the above the details have been shared by the far-left Establishment Media.

So far it has been President Trump who remains the voice of reasoned compassion following these dual tragedies by pointing out that mental illness is likely at the root cause of both shootings. America has become overly medicated, overly stimulated, and lacking in the kind of common sense and basic values that will inevitably lead to yet more similar tragedies.

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REPORT: Former Wrestlers & Coaches Come To Jim Jordan’s Defense Following Republican Establishment Smear Campaign

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan is being punished for two things. The first is his continued strong support of President Donald Trump. The second is the support of other new members of Congress who would like to see him be the next Speaker of the House. Establishment Republicans like outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan and others are said to be pushing back against Jordan and might very well be behind the sudden media-driven allegations that Jim Jordan ignored allegations of sexual abuse by a college athletic physician during Jordan’s time as an Ohio State University assistant wrestling coach. Former wrestlers and coaches are now coming forward to call bullsh*t on the unverified claims – but so far the media is largely ignoring them.

Via The Washington Examiner:

Former coaches, wrestlers, and colleagues rush to defend Rep. Jim Jordan

“…Pardos insisted Jordan was incapable of ignoring abuse. If the assistant coach knew Strauss was abusing students, Pardos tells me, “knowing Jimmy I think he would’ve ripped of his arm and beat him with it.”

…Skove, who wrestled and trained with Jordan at the East-West tournament when the congressman was a student at the University of Wisconsin, couldn’t imagine Jordan ignoring abuse. “He definitely would’ve represented the wrestlers. From what I know of Jim and his personality, he’s not a flower. He isn’t going to wilt if something’s going on.”

Some like Lee Kemp, a gold-medal Olympian and national champion, argue that accusations are part of a campaign to discredit Jordan now that the Ohio Republican is considering a bid for House Speaker. “This doctor worked with other sports teams too,” Kemp told me by phone. “Why pick out Jim? Clearly, this is an attempt to smear him.”

A longtime congressional staffer put it this way:

“Jim Jordan is a hardnosed guy. He doesn’t back down. He doesn’t back off. That’s ruffled some feathers in D.C. The Republican Leadership thinks he’s a loose cannon, not a team player. Congressman Jordan has been very vocal in his opposition of the Mueller investigation. He’s called out the Deep State. He has friends in the Freedom Caucus, he’s popular among his Ohio constituents, and lately, his name has been put out there as a possibility to be the next Speaker. That makes him very dangerous to the status-quo. People like Paul Ryan would never sit back and allow Jordan to become Speaker. The rumors out there right now that Ryan and others are the ones behind the media attacks on Jim Jordan are not only possible but probable. These are nasty-nasty people. They’ll push the story, put a cloud of uncertainty over the congressman’s head, and then the story will go away once they have their pick to succeed Ryan safely in place.

“As it is right now, they want us to believe a little old doctor abused some wrestlers who could have torn that doctor in half? Really? This doctor served other athletic programs as well yet there are no allegations from other players from other sports. No complaints from coaches. Just a few former wrestlers saying the doctor made them uncomfortable and Jim Jordan, as one of the assistant coaches, didn’t do anything about it. Really? About what? The story has so many holes in it anyone with half a brain can smell the bullsh*t a mile away. If anything, the media should be asking questions of the head coach at the time, not Jim Jordan. They’re not, though, are they? That’s because Congressman Jordan was the target – not the truth. Paul Ryan is a snake. He’s done more to harm the Republican Party and America than any Democrat in the last ten years with the possible exception of Barack Obama. That’s my opinion. It’s also the truth.”


MUST WATCH Video Of The Day: Ohio DEMOCRATS Tell CNN Trump Is Doing A GREAT JOB

A panel of five Democrats who switched parties to vote for Trump and who now say a year into a Trump presidency, that Donald Trump is doing a GREAT JOB.

THIS is Trump’s America the media normally doesn’t broadcast. And here is CNN doing just that. You know it had to make them cringe to hear these comments. If you are a Trump supporter, you’re gonna wanna see this.