No, President Trump Didn’t Cave On The Border Wall…

Republicans in Congress were reportedly feeling the heat from the 24/7 “I’m a federal worker and I’m losing my house” media stories and subsequently begging President Trump to give them a window of opportunity to strike a longer term deal with Democrats. The president wasn’t immune to the pain being felt by federal workers either. He has always been and will always remain a president of the working men and women of America. So, after a bit of deliberation, he gave the green light for a short-term compromise. The reactions of Democrats was of the oh-so-predictable kind as they loudly and arrogantly declared victory.

Ah, but not so fast…

The president was already proving himself the more level-headed figure during the shutdown. Now that image has been undeniably confirmed. He was always willing to negotiate. Always willing to talk. Always willing to work together to do what is right for the American people.

The Democrats were looking far less so, and they knew it. That’s a primary reason why the media frenzy to portray suffering federal workers was escalated many times over the last 48-hours. Democrats were getting desperate. Some were openly breaking with the leadership and demanding President Trump be given his $5 billion for the wall.

So, here comes President Trump, rising above all of the petty finger-pointing, to declare a three-week period of intense negotiation between both sides during which the partial government shutdown would end and federal workers would be paid.

The president did that – not the Democrats. 

And here is what some in the media are nervously eyeing. (They won’t report on it but the more intelligent among them know.) This three-week negotiating period has forced the Democrat leadership to do what just last November they said they would never do – negotiate on border security. That negotiation will of course include the wall. In the meantime, the Trump White House is now full steam ahead preparing for what will likely prove to be one of the most watched State of the Union addresses in history. The president has once again created a big show within which he is the undeniable master of ceremonies.

The ball remains in his court. He’s just put a little more time on the clock.

The “Trump Caved” complaints being pushed by some (and many of those are actually liberals pretending to be disgruntled conservatives) are empty. Just watch. Over the next week that tune is going to change dramatically and Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi will be powerless to stop it.

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It’s Now Undeniably The #PelosiShutdown…

President Trump made what most level-headed observers, even those who don’t share his views, a reasonable offer/concession to Democrats (so much so it even upset some of his supporters) in order to end the shutdown and solve some of the most serious border-related problems facing the nation.

And how did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi react? She said NO and left town…

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In a nationally televised statement from the White House, President Trump offered concessions on DACA, expressed a desire to work with Democrats toward a much-needed overhaul of the outdated immigration system and a desire to end the government shutdown.

Speaker Pelosi’s handlers released a response to the media even before the president finished his speech. That response was NO  and came at the same time reports indicated Speaker Pelosi was leaving Washington D.C. for a long weekend at one of her many (walled) properties.

Many are now expressing confusion over how unwilling Democrats are to work to resolve what both sides concede is a combination of serious problems that include American security, sovereignty, and future opportunity – things Democrat leaders are now undeniably willing to put at risk in favor of yet more divisive D.C. politics as usual where continued threats are made and nothing of substance gets done.

The #PelosiShutdown continues…