WOW: VP-Elect Mike Pence: “Obamacare Has Failed.”

VP-Elect Mike Pence didn’t mince words when he just stepped before the media after a meeting with Congressional leaders and declared, “Obamacare has failed and that the Trump administration’s first order of business will be to deal with that failure.

Mr. Pence went on to outline plans to “repeal and replace” Barack Obama’s namesake legislation, a move that would be a stunning blow to the outgoing president’s legacy.

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Pence met with Republican lawmakers just minutes after President Obama did the same on the Democrat side. Mr. Obama is desperate to convince Democrats to do everything they can to keep Obamacare intact, despite recent polling that shows the healthcare law remains unpopular with a majority of the American people as health-plan costs skyrocket and choices continue to be eliminated.

Pence reaffirmed President-Elect Trump’s promise to “repeal and replace” Obamacare with what Mr. Pence called “market based” solutions that would allow people more choice, lower costs, and superior healthcare plans.

Here is video of some of Mr. Pence’s words on the subject today. Keep in mind, he spoke to the media just minutes after Barack Obama had left Congress, making it a particularly stinging rebuke of the president’s failed landmark legislation:


VP-Elect Pence Tells Congressional Leaders To Prepare For All-Out Trump Legislative Offensive

“Donald Trump is a man of action and we’re counting on you.”

So said Vice President-Elect Mike Pence during a morning meeting with GOP House leaders today, a meeting intended to make certain those same Republicans understood just how much President-Elect Trump intends to get done for the American people in the coming months.

Pence has taken on a more significant role within the emerging Trump administration, acting as the primary liaison between what will be the Trump White House and Republicans in Congress, of which Pence was himself once a member.

Pence, joined by fellow Trump transition team member Representative Chris Collins of New York, detailed how well the transition effort was going, and indicated that Mr. Trump had already started wading through the many Obama-era executive orders, prioritizing those Trump intends to sign away into oblivion immediately upon assuming office.

This announcement drew applause from the Republican leadership crowd.

Pence went on to emphasize economic growth and strengthening the U.S. military as top priorities of the Trump administration:

“Buckle up…we’re going to move an agenda focused on rebuilding the military and improving the economy.”