Team Clinton Panics As Trump Support Surges In Pennsylvania

Two weeks ago, the Clinton campaign was confident they had locked up Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes.

Last week that confidence was lessened somewhat as Trump saw a solid bump in polling data.

Today that confidence has all but vanished, replaced with panic as Donald Trump is now within striking distance to do what no Republican presidential candidate has done since 1988 – win Pennsylvania.

Today’s most recent polling data from Axiom Strategies shows Clinton with a narrow lead of just 2 points over Trump in Pennsylvania – within the margin of error. Last week that lead was three, and in the weeks prior, it was as high as double-digits.

With just days to go until Election Day, current momentum clearly favors Donald Trump.

Imagine an election night that sees Trump stun in Pennsylvania, and then  go on to lock up electoral wins in North Carolina, Florida, and Ohio.

If he does that, it will be game over for Hillary Clinton and the beginning of the Trump era as America’s next president.

The Clinton campaign is said to be dumping millions of last-minute advertising dollars into Pennsylvania in the hopes of battling back against the grassroots momentum enjoyed in that state by Trump. The Democrat Party machine is especially strong there, particularly in and around Philadelphia – but even in those areas Hillary Clinton’s support is drastically lower than it was for Barack Obama in 2012.

All those millions of advertising dollars might not be enough.


BOOM! Trump Rocks New Swing State Poll: +5 Over Hillary

Oh. My.

A just-released CEPEX POLL has Donald Trump surging to a five point lead over Hillary Clinton in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. 

The survey contacted some 1000 registered voters in the state, and according to the pollster, Trump’s most significant gains were among WOMEN voters.



As Of This Moment, Donald Trump Is Winning…

The Trump surge is on.

Just-out battleground polls make that fact undeniable – and Team Clinton is none too happy about it.

Via Politico:

New swing-state polls released Wednesday by Quinnipiac University show Trump leading Clinton in Florida and Pennsylvania — and tied in the critical battleground state of Ohio.

The Clinton campaign responded to this most recent polling data by trying to remind America that “Trump is dangerous.”

Trump in turn responded by telling his supporters thank you with a #I’mWithYou tweet – a direct hit upon Hillary Clinton’s now widely mocked, “I’m With Her” slogan. 

More troubling for Team Clinton is that polling data has consistently under-polled Trump’s actual support – a fact known to them via internal polling the campaign has made certain to not publicize. Team Trump has just began to initiate similar internal polling and are said to be coming up with the same result:

As of this moment, Donald Trump is winning the race for the White House.

Look for the Clinton Machine to demand yet more money from its long list of high-dollar donors to combat the man they declare to be “dangerous” as the Republican National Convention puts Mr. Trump front and center in the national spotlight. 

The war is upon us.