WEIRD: Planned Parenthood Takes Over Control Of “March For Our Lives”

Tens of millions of dollars have poured in from a cross-section of far-left groups to help fund and coordinate the anti-gun “March For Our Lives” protest this weekend. From political activist entities like to deep-pocket donors like Michael Bloomberg, it is a protest that has expanded far beyond the “student-generated” activism that has been repeatedly portrayed throughout the Establishment Media.

Perhaps most odd though is how involved Planned Parenthood has become in a march which is operating under the guise of “saving children’s lives”.

Regardless of whether or not you are “pro-life/pro-choice” it strikes an undeniably odd tone to have the #1 killer of unborn children orchestrating a march that calls for saving the lives of children.

This is what happens when a manipulative agenda takes over for common sense and truth.

Did you know far more kids drown in the bathtub or from riding bikes than from school shootings? The numbers aren’t even close – as in something like 500% more every year. Do we ban bathtubs for minors? What about a national bike helmet law?

Take away the propaganda and false emotion and introduce real facts and the lie of what is behind “March for our Lives” becomes all too clear. That’s too bad because seeing this nation’s youth express an interest in wanting to make their world better is a good thing. At issue here is that their interests are being manipulated and misused toward a longtime agenda they don’t presently understand.