See The Political Ad CNN & Fox News Refused To Show. Why? Because It Tells The Truth…

Some would have us believe that you can’t be pro-immigrant and also pro-border security. That is an outright lie meant to convince people of open borders policies that are a direct threat to the safety and security of the United States. Mountains of evidence are available regarding what happens when masses of undocumented people are allowed to enter nations. Look at Europe and the skyrocketing crime rates, education and welfare costs, etc. Immigration can be conducted properly, safely, and to the benefit of those seeking to become U.S. citizens and those who already are. The alternative is chaos, and potential violence and destruction. That is the dangerous alternative Democrats wish to force upon all of us. President Trump knows there is a better way. The right way. The American way.

With that said here is the political ad CNN and Fox News refused to show:

Image result for the political ad Fox News won't show


Democrat Political Ad That Depicted Republican Truck Driver Trying To Run Over Immigrant Children

This ad has already been pulled from the airwaves following the real-life attack via truck and gun by a Muslim immigrant in New York today.

The ad needs to be seen by more Americans as it represents the shockingly poison psyche of some on the political left who are doing all they can to further divide this nation. Note how it shows the white truck driver with the “Don’t Tread on Me” bumper sticker and the children seemingly running for their lives only to be concluded with a reference to POTUS Trump and Virginia governor candidate Ed Gillespie as reflections of murdering racism.

This isn’t politics. This is evil and should not be tolerated by anyone regardless of political affiliation.

Enough is enough.