Hillary Clinton To Withdraw From Public For Next Five Days: UPDATED W/VIDEO

Late yesterday, D.C. Whispers indicated Hillary Clinton’s intention to withdraw from public view for the next five days – a report that has been subsequently confirmed via other media outlets.

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Now this video from Mrs. Clinton’s last public appearance yesterday is circulating among alternative media and various readers that shows a very fatigued Hillary Clinton who has to abruptly cut off her statements after standing on stage for about six minutes and then shuffle slowly away, coughing, and appearing to gasp for breath right before getting herself out of sight of the cameras:

Some viewers remarked the former Secretary of State’s face “looked different” and/or “looked weird.”

Regardless, Mrs. Clinton was clearly tired, hoarse, and appeared to have some difficulty walking. This performance was followed by the above report indicating her intention to effectively “hide out” from public view for the next five days, a most unusual schedule for someone running for President of the United States with less than two months to until Election Day.


Bizarre Ted Cruz & Carly Fiorina Media Scrum Only Worsens Scandal Allegations

It was an odd thing to see the second-leading GOP candidate for the President of the United States stand mute, tight-lipped, and flinching as a former candidate for that same position appeared to be the one in charge.

Add to that the troubling matter of a still-unexplained $500,000 donation that went from a Cruz campaign Super PAC to a Fiorina campaign Super PAC last summer when both were aggressively fighting to win the GOP nomination and it makes this most recent display that much more bizarre.

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For those who have yet to see this performance, you are either in for a treat if you are not a supporter of Ted Cruz for president, or will likely be more than a bit uncomfortable watching just how strained Mr. Cruz appears as he willfully ignores answering a question regarding his fidelity and then has Carly Fiorina effectively take over speaking on his behalf.

This video is now circulating as even more rumors begin to mount regarding the allegations of multiple affairs with other women involving Senator Cruz. Add to that Heidi Cruz having abruptly cancelled previously scheduled campaign stops in New Jersey this week and these speculations are only intensifying.

It should be noted that no-one has yet come forward to corroborate the rumors of infidelity surrounding Mr. Cruz, and though he appears hesitant to give an outright denial of those rumors, he has called them “garbage” on more than one occasion and does so again here. (While also once again blaming Donald Trump for the National Enquirer story although that allegation has already been proven to be without merit.)

Here’s the video that is now on the brink of going viral: