Trump White House Pushing Congress To Act This Week On Obamacare Disaster

Having learned the pitfalls of placing too much trust in longtime political hacks like House Speaker Paul Ryan to do what they promised they would do, the quick-to-pivot Trump White House has been quietly but forcefully waging a second round attempt at scrapping much of the failing Obamacare legislation in favor of a far more state-directed program that would place the power of the free market back to the consumer and away from the federal government. That effort is set to culminate as early as this week.

Trump White House operatives, namely White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and economic adviser Gary Cohn have spearheaded the outreach effort to critical members of Congress who are necessary for the success of Mr. Trump’s attempt to save the country from the disastrous and costly Obamacare system.

The first attempt weeks earlier fell short in great part because of Speaker Ryan’s inability (some believe it was his intent) to form a Republican coalition between moderates and conservatives. This time, Ryan’s role has been minimized as the Trump White House works directly with members of Congress from both parties to ensure a legislative victory. Priebus represents the link to the GOP establishment while Mr. Cohn has ties to numerous Democrat Party figures. Both are now working under the directive of President Trump to get Congress to start actually working for the American people instead of merely promoting time and again the same tired partisan positions.

If the healthcare bill comes to a vote, a massive overhaul of the nation’s tax system is soon to follow.

The Trump presidency is fighting the political and media establishments head-on and for now, appears to be on his way to winning at least some very important partial victories.


Trump Promises To Reshape General Election Map – And RNC Chair Reince Priebus Agrees

Reince Priebus’s transformation into one of Donald Trump’s strongest advocates continues this week. Mr. Priebus declared an enthusiastic General Election outlook to the media as he echoed Donald Trump’s repeated assertion that in 2016 there will be many traditionally “blue” states that the New York billionaire is confident he will prove to be very competitive in come Election Day.

Here is a recent example of Priebus’s sudden willingness to publicly praise Mr. Trump via a report from The Hill:

“Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Friday said Donald Trump can expand the electoral map in November, winning important swing states and putting solid-blue states in play.

Asked at a Politico breakfast which states the presumptive GOP presidential nominee could win that Mitt Romney lost in 2012, Priebus named Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and Iowa.

And he added that Trump could put Michigan and Minnesota in play.”

Trump is also convinced New York could be a state that Democrats will now have to spend time and resources trying to hold on to in the General Election, something they haven’t had to do since the days of Ronald Reagan. (Reagan won New York both in 1980 and 1984)

If some are confused over why Reince Priebus has had such a sudden change of heart regarding Donald Trump, simply read the following related D.C. Whispers report: 

Paul Ryan Taken To The Trump-Manafort Woodshed…