HYPOCRITES: 1700 Private Jets Fly Into Davos To Discuss “Climate Change”

The globalist elite are flying in by the thousands (and paying $40,000 just to get a seat) to attend the “World Economic Forum in Davos – a hodgepodge of international leaders, mega-rich business interests, and a sprinkling of celebrities whose money comes from those mega-rich business interests.

Topic #1 is said to be the threat of “climate change” which is actually code for the threat of Donald Trump who just this week took a much appreciated “America First” approach to international agreements.

1700 private jets is an atrocity for anyone who genuinely feels alarmed by “climate change.”

Just one private jet flight from New York to Paris produces more CO2 than the typical American produces in an entire year.

If these people were truly concerned about “climate change” why the use of 1700 private jets? Why the high-priced meals with items like Kobe Beef and salmon flown in from across the globe? Why the $40000 cost to attend?

It’s a hoax. A scam. A money-shifting chess game whereby international corporations and anti-American nations are hoping to play upon the fears and emotions of the simple-minded that human beings can actually alter the weather over the next century even as we struggle to predict the weather next week.

Wake up. Get real. And tell these anti-American globalists to go to hell. They can take one of their private jets. That way they don’t have to wait in line.