LOL: Establishment Media’s “Mass Trump Protests In London” Lie Exposed.

First, a poll out this week showed 51% of Brits approved of Donald Trump. Second, the “mass protest” stories now being churned out every hour on the hour are outright lies. The below photo shows no more than four or five hundred people gathered in Parliament Square which for those of you who know London, is filled with nearly that many people regularly at any given time of the day – it’s a huge tourist location. That, in turn, means the actual number of protesters is likely half that amount and the rest are curious onlookers and the media. Now even as the day goes on and the protest numbers “swell” to a couple thousand, in a city of some ten million, that’s hardly a mass protest. Fake News is at it again…


Man Who Threw Russian Flag At Trump Was Earlier Standing Next To Senator Bob Corker

Senator Corker has become the most outspoken Establishment Republican to attack POTUS Trump recently and today was seen standing next to a man who just moments later stages an odd anti-Trump protest that included shouting and the throwing of a Russian flag as the President walked past him in the halls of Congress. Many are now wondering how this man managed to get so close to the President – and why he was earlier seen standing next to Senator Corker.

Check it out:

(Video below)

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A man identified as Ryan Clayton is seen standing near Senator Bob Corker earlier today. Soon after Mr. Clayton was within a few feet of POTUS Trump when he started shouting at the President and attempted to throw pieces of a Russian flag at him. It was either a major broach of security or Clayton was granted access by someone in order to get that close to the POTUS.

Here is video of the moment Mr. Clayton begins shouting at the President: