Electoral College Members To Receive Police Protection After Threats From Far Left

Imagine if eight years ago, these same Electoral College members were facing similar threats on their lives should they abide by the election result and vote for Barack Obama? It would have been 24/7 wall-to-wall Mainstream Media news coverage.

Today with the President Elect being Donald Trump? Hardly a word as Pennsylvania’s Electoral College members are to be escorted under significant law enforcement protection into the state capitol this week to cast their votes for POTUS as unhinged leftists continue to level threats against them.

Via: Philly.com

Facing a wave of calls, Pa. electors sounding unshakable

“…This time around, the electors will be greeted by organized protests, urging them to assign Pennsylvania’s electoral votes to anyone but Trump.

One elector, Ash Khare, said he and all of the 19 others have been assigned a plainclothes state police trooper for protection.

“I’m a big boy,” said Khare, an India-born engineer and a longtime Republican from Warren County, who estimates he receives 3,000 to 5,000 emails, letters, and phone calls a day from as far away as France, Germany, and Australia.”


Latino Protesters Descend Upon Hillary Rally – Charge Her With Murder (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton is counting on being able to turn vast numbers of minority voters against likely GOP nominee, Donald Trump.

It appears there are those in the Latino community who possibly dislike her even more than they do Mr. Trump.

And unlike a Donald Trump rally in which the media focuses significant time to showing any and all protesters, coverage of the hundreds who gathered in East L.A. to tell Hillary Clinton she was not welcome has been scant.

The protest is yet further evidence of a significant problem for the Hillary campaign – voter apathy. Mrs. Clinton is simply not generating the kind of devotion that is often crucial to moving the needle in a candidate’s favor come Election Day.

That lack of devotion is in stark contrast to the millions of Trump supporters who have indicated that for the first time in a very long time, they are excited at the opportunity to vote in a presidential election.

Here is video of the East L.A. Hillary Clinton protest which clearly depicts just how strongly these people despite the idea of a Hillary Clinton presidency. Not the sign in the background charging Mrs. Clinton with the deaths of minorities.