Watch “Possessed” Protesters Scream While Pastor Attempts To Open Meeting With Prayer

Hissing like a barrel of Satan’s snakes, a throng of leftist protesters lose it over the mention of an opening prayer to begin a town hall meeting. The video is now making the rounds with more than a few remarking how the protesters sound possessed. Check out their reaction toward the end when the name of Jesus is spoken. It’s right out of a Hollywood demon-spawn film casting call.

Without question these terribly unhappy people are at the very least, unhinged. If this is the present and future of the Democrat Party, it is a party burning itself alive.


WOW: Visibly Frightened Hillary Just Attacked Donald Trump’s Kids (VIDEO)

After an interruption by a group of alleged animal rights protesters at the outset of a Las Vegas rally, a visibly shaken Hillary Clinton attacked  Donald Trump’s “kids.” Watch as Mrs. Clinton stands frozen and wide-eyed as Secret Service tries to calm her and then quietly urges her to keep on talking. Clinton then mimics the same instructions back to the audience.

Odd moment.

Mr. Trump’s adult children are avid hunters and longtime NRA members, something Mrs. Clinton apparently feels is worthy of attack.


Reporter Bloodied By Trump Protester Attack – Media Ignores

One or more anti-Trump protesters attacked a journalist yesterday, leaving the Dallas Advocate reporter bloodied after he was struck in the head by a rock.

So far, hardly a word from the Mainstream Media…

Danny Fulgencio, pictured above, was treated by medics and released.

It is but one of a growing number of examples of the violence being perpetrated against supporters of Donald Trump, or members of the media assigned to cover the GOP candidate’s events.

And it is violence the Mainstream Media appears to condone because it certainly has not condemned it.