D.C. Whispers Report On Republican Delay Of Trump Agenda Confirmed In Real Time

48-hours earlier, D.C. Whispers went live with the following headline:

Ryan Works With Pelosi & Schumer To Stall Trump Economic Recovery

Some (foolishly) doubted the story’s legitimacy. Today, Drudge went with this related headline:


Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., fields questions from an audience at the Tower Theatre in Roseville, Calif. on Feb. 4. He faced the rowdy crowd and had to be escorted by police as protesters followed him shouting "Shame on you!"

The Drudge story links to a just-published Politico Article outlining how fearful Republicans have become over the “repeal of Obamacare” backlash:

“…Also discussed at the closed-door conference meeting was how to engage Democratic constituents to ensure they feel they’re being heard. After Reichert (R-Wash.) spoke about the security side, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) stood up to talk about how to engage constituents in a “congenial” manner.

…The presentation was particularly important, those in attendance said, because it’s not just the most politically vulnerable, moderate members being targeted by protesters. Conservatives have also seen Democratic activists show up at events, including one recently hosted by Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.), who ousted former Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Many of these lawmakers in safe districts have never dealt with such severe blowback.”

And here is the D.C. Whispers report which included very pertinent information on the very same subject made public 48-hours before the Politico piece:

“…The first evidence of this tactical delay on the part of Ryan to ensure nothing getting done remains the D.C. status-quo, is to declare almost all attention/energy/focus will be on dealing with “fixing” Obamacare.

Pay attention to the wording. Watch “repeal and replace” become secondary to “fixing.” Ryan intends to initiate a patch-work approach that will take up a great deal of legislative time, receive significant media attention,  but in the end, get little actually accomplished by of way of “repeal and replace.”  In the meantime, the delay in such critical components of the Trump economic recover plan – namely sweeping tax reform, will be further delayed.

In effect, Paul Ryan and his cadre of Establishment Republicans will do to Trump what they rarely appeared willing to do against Barack Obama – namely use the power of the legislature to contain a president’s agenda.”




Media Continues To Ignore Chaos Surrounding Democrat Convention

Protests in the street, and angry delegates inside, but you wouldn’t know it if you simply watched the Mainstream Media coverage of the Democrat Convention this week.

Hundreds have been marching in the streets of Philadelphia  every day since Sunday – but those marches have been given a near total media blackout.

While inside the tightly scripted convention hall, protesters are still managing to make their opinions known:

PHOTO: Wisconsin delegates take their seats before the start of the second day session of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, July 26, 2016.

By Tuesday, it was the Hollywood elite (well, the B-List version, anyway) telling disgruntled Sanders supporters to shut up and get in line. Not exactly the party of unity, change, or free expression, eh? 

Then there were the Black Lives Matter protesters yelling for the white people to get in the back of the line:

And most recently, there were infuriated Democrats preparing to swing away at fellow Democrats while chanting, “LOCK HER UP!” Ah, but the media is reading from the prepared script that the Democrat convention is one of “unity” and “teamwork” and a far less “dark and dangerous” affair than was the Republican convention last week that had almost no protests, almost complete unity, (with the exception of a certain senator from Texas) and a significant post-convention bump in the polls for a certain New York billionaire businessman who might just be this country’s next president.


Countdown: Trump Campaign & Law Enforcement Brace For Violent Anaheim, CA Protests

Their primary purpose is to submit and silence both Donald Trump and his millions of supporters. Millions of dollars are being invested in the effort by deep-pocket far-left groups who see Trump as the most direct and imminent threat to their collective goal of reducing the scope and influence of the United States.

ABOVE: Signs via PSLWEB.org and TheRedNation.org indicate two of the groups being funded to initiate what leftists hope to be a growing movement of intimidation and violence during the 2016 General Election.

PSLWEB is a socialist organization that calls for the end of capitalism and the, “…socialist transformation of society.” One of the group’s primary funding sources is anti-America billionaire George Soros – a global capitalist. 

RedNation.org describes itself as a “nativist” movement representing non-white people seeking liberation from the evils of capitalism and colonialism on a global level. 

It appears both groups have now linked to attempt to further disrupt and intimidate all future Donald Trump political gatherings. The tie that binds them is the socialist agenda, anti-Americanism, anti-capitalism, open borders, and a globalist agenda.

And while the flag of Mexico is being widely promoted at these “protests”, the American flag is being routinely destroyed:

Law enforcement officials fear future destruction might very well go far beyond that of a flag, and are bracing for that potential outcome, starting with the Trump rally in Anaheim, California scheduled for today at noon.

At the same time, a growing number of voters who did not yet realize it already, are starting to understand that these protests are not so much anti-Trump as they are anti-America. As that realization grows, so too will the push-back from a Silent Majority grown tired of these too often violent and destructive acts that would silence political discourse and promote a globalist, anti-freedom and liberty agenda.