You Know That “Racist Restaurant Tipper” Story The Media Pushed Last Week? Yeah, It Was A Hoax…

The story of a racist tipper who allegedly wrote down they wouldn’t “tip a terrorist” was a complete hoax. The server, who is black, was the one who actually wrote the offensive message and then claimed it was left for them. Social Media went into overdrive soon followed by the Establishment Media doing the same. Thousands of anti-Trump comments ensued. (As if everything bad in the world somehow links back to Donald Trump?) 

Via Fox News:

Waiter made up story about ‘racist’ tipper: restaurant

A Texas restaurant server cooked up a steaming-hot hoax when he claimed a racist patron stiffed him and wrote “We don’t tip terrorist” on their bill, according to a new report.

“After further investigation, we have learned that our employee fabricated the entire story,” Saltgrass Steak House COO Terry Turney said Monday in a statement to the Odessa American newspaper.

Here is a media report before the hoax was revealed where the waiter claims the “racist” note (that he wrote himself) will help to motivate him to “change the world.”


CNN Labels People Of Color As Felons

CNN is so desperate to try and put a negative spin on anything and everything Trump-related that it often doesn’t realize (or doesn’t care?) how stupid and offensive it comes off while doing so. Here is one of the more recent examples. President Trump, who enjoys historically high support for a Republican among black voters, signals to the GOP it must do a much better job of reaching out to the black community. CNN then rushes out and labels black Americans as felons. CNN, a network dominated by rich white people, is seemingly blind to its own deeply rooted world-view racism. If you are a person of color, you cannot exist without the government – and you’re most likely a felon.

That’s CNN’s twisted version of logic. 


Donald Trump Is The WORST Racist Ever!!!!

The unhinged anti-Trump left continues to hurl “racism” accusations at Donald Trump, a man who not so long ago stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of Rosa Parks and Al Sharpton. As president, the accusations are even more ridiculous given the remarkable record of improvement to minority communities across the nation over the last two years. What was eight years of suffering during the Obama regime has turned into a time of real prosperity, hope, and opportunity for all since Mr. Trump took office.

Racist? Not even close…


Paul Joseph Watson Proves Why “This Is America” Is Little More Than Racist Anti-American Propaganda

Interesting how YouTube was so quick to censor Mr. Watson’s breakdown of the “This Is America” phenomena. (It has since reversed its decision as thousands complained)

Everything he explains here is true. The “This Is America” video is simply layers of “social justice” lies set to music and dance moves that received a significant push from like-minded media forces salivating over its hateful anti-American message. And they wonder why so many Americans are fed up with being called racist, bigoted, and deplorable?



The Artist Obama Chose To Paint His Presidential Portrait Also Painted A Black Woman Beheading A White Woman

When the hue of one’s skin allows pure hatred to be called “art” it is troubling enough, but when a former President of the United States purposely chooses that hatred to create the presidential portrait that will hang in the White House, the word “troubling” falls far short of what it really is…