Did You Know James Comey’s Former Special Assistant Now Works For CNN? Might Explain Today’s Morning Raid Coverage…

Just a coincidence, right? The FBI conducts an early morning raid on Roger Stone’s Florida home and the only news organization who happens to be there to film it all in Zero Dark 30 style is CNN. Remarkable. Well, that is until you realize the direct link between former FBI head James Comey and a man who is currently employed by CNN. Mr. Comey is an already admitted leaker of classified information to the media. (Yet has never faced prosecution for that crime.) Is it really a stretch to say his hands are all over this CNN “scoop” of the Roger Stone raid? 

Josh Campbell worked for James Comey until February of last year. He was then quickly hired on by CNN as a “law enforcement analyst.”


People are noticing. Not yet enough to make CNN have to come clean – but they are noticing:

I guess it’s just a coincidence that Comey’s former assistant Josh Campbell works for CNN and they just happened to have a van at #RogerStone’s house at 6am.
— John Cardillo (@johncardillo) January 25, 2019