Red Hen Owner Attempts To Win “Most Hypocritical” Prize With This New Sign:

The owner of the Red Hen had customers removed (in part) because those customers supported President Trump’s immigration policies. This owner is an open borders advocate who thinks people should rarely (if ever) be refused entry into the United States.

And then that same owner put this sign up in the window of her restaurant:

The liberal mind is a truly frightening thing to behold.


Red Hen Restaurant Owner Resigns From Local Business Group

Stephanie Wilkinson, the Red Hen co-owner who kicked out White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and her family from the Virginia restaurant, is now stepping down from her leadership position with Main Street Lexington, a local group focused on promoting “economic viability.” It seems other members of the group didn’t think it “economically viable” to kick out a working mother and her family from a restaurant for nothing more than political disagreement.

Wilkinson’s social media history indicates she was a Hillary Clinton supporter and part of the “resist” movement – a movement which at times has openly advocated for violence against President Trump and his supporters.

Via Fox News:

The owner of the Virginia restaurant responsible for kicking White House press secretary Sarah Sanders and her family out on Friday evening is stepping aside from leadership of a local business group.

Stephanie Wilkinson stepped down as an executive director of Main Street Lexington, an organization tasked with promoting economic viability, Fox News has learned.

Elizabeth Outland Branner, the president of the organization, accepted Wilkinson’s resignation Tuesday morning, WSLS reported.

This resignation took place less than 24 hours after local residents protested the treatment by Wilkinson of Sarah Sanders and her family: