D.C. & Media Elite Scramble To Push Back Against Memo Impact – OPERATION NOTHING-BURGER

The memo is being read, digested, and has become a thing so reviled among the elites nearly the entirety of D.C. is working double-time to lessen its impact so that the Establishment Machine can survive and move on.

CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, WAPO, etc., are all huddled in rooms developing a counter-narrative while seeking direct guidance from former Obama administration officials on what to say.

“Make this a nothing-burger.” 

That is the directive coming out of 2446 Belmont Rd. – the Obama/Jarrett D.C. mansion located just a mile from the White House. The need for those involved has been made very-very clear: protect the Obama Machine which has its prints all over the illegal (and potentially treasonous) FISA memo scandal that involves crimes that far exceed anything from the Watergate era.

That narrative is set to begin in 3…2…1…


POTUS Trump #ReleasedTheMemo On What Would Have Been Andrew Breitbart’s 49th Birthday…

Multiple reports out today indicate President Donald Trump authorized that a memo detailing rampant government surveillance abuses against private citizens by the Obama administration before, during, and after, the 2016 Election, be released to the public. This authorization happened on what would have been Andrew Breitbart’s 49th birthday and the memo could be available for review as soon as tomorrow.



REPORT: Trump Read The Memo. Ordered It Released. Democrats’ Response: “OH SH*T.”

Apparently the contents of #releasethememo are enough to shake the Democrat leadership to its core. A report out today indicates the President and his Chief of Staff John Kelly reviewed the memo. POTUS Trump then ordered it released. The four-page document is at this moment being delivered to each member of Congress.

The Trump White House is still considering also releasing all of the supporting documents upon which the memo is based. Those documents are said to be even more shocking and have the Democrat leadership declaring “Oh sh*t” regarding their potential release as well.

Congressman Adam Schiff, Democrat, is said to be especially shaken by the memo’s potential full release. His office is now sending out hints that the firings of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Special Counsel Mueller could be imminent. Of course, that also puts Congressman Schiff in a precorious position as well given he is alleged to have been the source of a great number of (illegal) leaks to the media concerning the false Trump/Russia collusion investigation – an investigation fully manfuctured by the Deep State in order to damage the then-newly elected POTUS. Schiff’s willing participation in that subterfuge makes him at the very least an accomplice to potential crimes. It is likely his hope that sacrificing Rosenstein and Mueller will be enough to satisfy the Trump White House’s desire to see justice in this matter of rampant government abuse, finally served.



Nancy Pelosi Lobs Hail Mary To Try and Keep #ReleaseTheMemo Secret – Attacks Nunes

Democrats and their Deep State cohorts are bracing for memo impact this week. Nancy Pelosi made a request to House Speaker Paul Ryan that House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes be removed from his position due to claims he “revised” the original memo without committee approval. Congressman Nunes, a Republican, has been at the forefront of the investigation into Deep State surveillance abuses the memo is said to be built upon. At the very same time, Deep State representatives are making personal appeals to POTUS Trump to NOT make the memo available to the media/public. The Trump White House has so far indicated the President WILL #releasethememo.

As to Pelosi’s request to have Nunes removed, Speaker Ryan’s office had no comment.

With no formal objection filed by the White House, the memo could be released as early as today.

If it is released, the entirety of the Establishment Media is at the ready to first try and minimize the damage to the former Obama administration and second to the Democrat Party as a whole.


REPORT: What Is Now Going On Behind The Scenes After House Intelligence Committee Votes To #ReleaseTheMemo

Democrats are said to be VERY unhappy. Congressman Schiff attempted to have a minority opinion released as well. Committee voted NO on that move.

POTUS Trump will now have up to five days to review the memo. The memo was (officially) sent to him this afternoon. If Mr. Trump has no objections, it will then be made available to the media/public.

Intelligence officials are said to have already been preparing for what may be “significant backlash” regarding what the memo details. Even more interesting is a flurry of meetings said to have been between current and past intelligence officials and some with ties to the (former) Obama administration.

And remember, this vote took place on the same day FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was overseeing the fake Trump/Russia investigation, abruptly resigned due, according to whispers, his imminent firing and/or demotion. (DON’T FORGET – the FBI Director once threatened to resign if McCabe was forced out. Then the Director was said to have read the memo and soon after McCabe was GONE. Coincidence? Not likely.)

Obama Machine currently under blackout protocols. More than one media source indicates Democrats are not attempting to protect Hillary Clinton following memo’s release but Barack Obama and his inner circle/Jarrett.

**UPDATE** Democratic National Committee Chief Executive Officer Jess O’Connell announced her imminent resignation shortly after FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s resignation was made public. Are the two sudden and high-profile departures related?





Deep State Now Threatening To Imprison Congressman Nunes For Wanting To #ReleaseTheMemo

Logic dictates that if there was nothing in the memo that threatens the political establishment there wouldn’t be such a fuss about its potential release. Then again, if the memo outlines rampant abuses by a federal government (including actual collusion with foreign powers) to first sway an election for the Obama-approved candidate, and then when that failed, initiate a false investigation into the new President, including but not limited to, a constant stream of orchestrated leaks of what should be classified information, the American people might rightfully be so upset they push the reset button on the whole damn lot of them. The political establishment was in on it. The Deep State was in on it. And the Mainstream Media was in on it.

That might explain why they are now actually threatening imprisonment for those who wish to make this information available to the public:


REPORT: Are You A Conservative? Then Chances Are The Obama Government Was Spying On You.



BUSTED: Anti-Trump FBI Official Was Source Of Repeated Confidential Leaks To WSJ & WaPo

It appears FBI agent Lisa Page was one of the confidential anti-Trump sources being used by anti-Trump “reporters” like Devlin Barrett. Ms. Page was also involved in the shame of an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private server, as well as the initial stages of the fabricated FBI investigation into fake Trump/Russia collusion claims.


Controversial FBI Officials Linked To Wall Street Journal and Washington Post Leaks…

There has been a great deal of speculation about FBI Agent Peter Strzok and FBI Attorney Lisa Page leaking to media in their efforts to shape stories conducive to their pro-Clinton/anti-Trump efforts. Prior reporting showed the strong possibility Page and Strzok were leaking to the Wall Street Journal.

It now appears the “Devlin” in question is former Wall Street Journal National Security reporter Devlin Barrett, currently with The Washington Post.
Here’s why? On October 28th, 2016 (as above), at the exact time the re-opening of the Clinton investigation hit the media news-cycle, Page and Strzok were texting. From the released messaging we see at 5:19pm Lisa Page is on the phone with “Devlin”:

♦Page: 5:19pm “Still on the phone with Devlin. Mike’s phone is ON FIRE.”
♥Strzok: 5:29pm “You might wanna tell Devlin he should turn on CNN, there’s news on.”
♦Page: 5:30pm “He knows. He just got handed a note.”
♥Strzok: 5:33pm “Ha. He asking about it now?”
♦Page: 5:34pm “Yeah. It was pretty funny. Coming now.”

…Knowing that DOJ/FBI Attorney Lisa Page and FBI Agent Peter Strzok were key sources for Barrett’s stories at the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, you can go through all of his old articles at both publications and clearly identify stories were Strzok and Page were leaking to him.
Lastly, knowing Strzok and Page were key DOJ/FBI investigators on: #1) the Hillary Clinton investigation; #2) the Trump/Russia Counterintelligence Investigation; and, #3) the Robert Mueller investigation; and knowing they were leaking to the media to shape the outcomes of their own investigative narrative in each example; it makes you wonder who else within the DOJ and FBI team was also leaking to the media.
Then again, FBI Director James Comey was doing the same thing.
It seems to be a strange way to run a department that depends on integrity.



DOJ Telling Trump NO On Realeasing FBI Memo

“An extraordinary threat to national security.” That is the message coming from Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd to House Republican, Kevin Nunes. Congressman Nunes wants to #realeasethememo he says details egregious abuses of power by the FBI, including it is said, illegal surveillance of the 2016 Trump for President campaign by federal intelligence officials linked to the Obama administration. 

This now-public declaration by AAG Boys mirrors an earlier D.C. Whispers report that detailed the very same claim by then-off-the-record government officials claiming the memo was too explosive and dangerous to be allowed to see the light of day.

D.C. Whispers readers will also recall another report outlining how the Mueller investigation had been sped up following the #releasethememo scandal, and that Mr. Mueller was preparing to make a request to interview the President under oath as a means of deflecting from the outrage the memo might cause and place negative focus back onto the Trump White House. Soon after, Mr. Mueller made his request for that interview  known via leaks to his media collaborators.

As for President Trump, he has so far given tacit support of the memo’s release, though has said little specifically about it. Some in D.C. are speculating the White House is using the memo as leverage against the Mueller investigation. (It is believed Mueller himself might be implicated in what the memo reveals)

Mr. Trump is back to day from a highly successful trip to Davos where he was greeted by world leaders and global elites like a rock star – much to the American media’s chagrin. Once back in the White House, the memo and its potential release, as well as Mueller’s still ongoing investigation, will loom large.



FBI Texts Found. Look At This Group Photo Of Those Now Sweating Bullets…

What a tangled web they weaved. 

How long before someone from this collage turns on the others? And who will be chosen to take the fall to protect the most powerful among them?

These people likely all colluded to try and alter the 2016 Election in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Never forget that.



Comey, Rosenstein, & McCabe Specifically Named In #ReleaseTheMemo Leak…

They are three of the biggest names in the FBI/Justice Department during the Obama era and they are all said to be included in the FISA memo that is said to outline “shattering” revelations of just how far government intelligence abuses were before, during, and after the 2016 Election, where high-ranking government officials attempted to place Hillary Clinton into the White House against the wishes of the American people. 

Via the Daily Beast:

A controversial Republican memo alleging surveillance abuse specifically names FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein along with former FBI Director James Comey.

…A groundswell is building to release the memo—written by Devin Nunes, the California Republican and key Trump ally who chairs the House intelligence committee—which former FBI agents fear will damage public trust in the bureau. While Democrats say the memo deliberately misrepresents the procedures for obtaining a foreign-intelligence surveillance warrant, The Daily Beast has learned that Hill Republicans are gearing up to use an obscure parliamentary rule to release it.

…The memo is enormously controversial. Hill Democrats and former FBI officials say it’s a ploy to damage public confidence in the FBI and undermine Mueller’s investigation. Republicans, meanwhile, say the memo contains massively disturbing evidence of FBI wrongdoing.

…FBI officials asked to see Nunes’ memo, but a spokesperson told The Daily Beast on Sunday that their request was denied.
At this point, congressional sources on both sides of the aisle say they think the memo’s release is inevitable. Nunes holds the reins. Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy are deferring to Nunes as to how to handle the memo, according to leadership aides.


Senate Intelligence Committee Member Regarding #ReleaseTheMemo: “For Sake Of National Security This Must Never See The Light Of Day”

A senator who was described by sources as a member of the powerful Senate Intelligence Committee is said to have implored their fellow SIC members earlier this week that the now-infamous memo said to outline rampant surveillance abuses by the FBI against private citizens, including but not limited to, attempts to subvert the 2016 Election in favor of Hillary Clinton, must, in the interest of national security, “…never see the light of day.”

It should also be noted that this senator is said to be “very close” to the Obama Machine.

Perhaps the above statement was the motivation for this now-breaking headline via CNN:

Source: Trump inclined to allow Nunes memo to be released

The Trump vs Deep State War rages on.



BREAKING: FBI Covering Up Its #ReleaseTheMemo Tracks While Nation Distracted By #SchumerShutdown

FBI says “oops” that it lost months of email evidence pertaining to Mueller links to false Trump-Russia dossier and likely connection to #ReleaseTheMemo scandal:

(The same type of cover-up utilized during the Obama-era IRS scandal, and the Hillary Clinton private server scandal – more commonly known as destruction of evidence.)



#ReleaseTheMemo Update: RINO Republicans Help Democrats To Keep Memo Locked Up

While the Establishment Media continues its fabricated government shutdown hysteria through the weekend, some Republicans continue to demand the public be allowed to see a memo which apparently shows a shocking abuse of power during the Obama administration that, among other things, attempted to unduly influence the 2016 Election outcome. It is a litany of abuses some have suggested would rock the nation to its core, exposing Deep State corruption at the highest levels and providing proof of corruption that is at this very moment, impacting millions of private citizens.

(ABOVE: RINO Republican Peter King is now advocating a memo on Deep State/Obama administration abuses NOT be released due to concerns over “national security”)

Members of Congress like Peter King are right when they say the memo might very well be a threat to security – namely THEIR security as millions of outraged Americans come to realize just how corrupt and deceitful their government has become, and how that corruption was escalated ten-fold during the Obama years.

As of now, the document is being held under guard inside a secure room within the U.S. Capitol building – an odd level of security given Democrats’ claims the memo is much ado about nothing.

Meanwhile, these same Democrats continue to push the fabricated shutdown “crisis” with significant help form their media cohorts in an attempt to make the #releasethememo controversy go away as the Obama Machine is said to be coordinating these efforts personally from its office just a mile from the White House.


#RELEASETHEMEMO Update: Up To 200 Members Of Congress Have Read The Memo And NO LEAKS = Devastating To Dems

Word is as many as 200 members of Congress have now reviewed what some are calling a “shaking the foundation of our democracy” memo that links high-placed figures within both the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton campaign, the DNC, Deep State, and Establishment Media in an attempt to subvert the 2016 Election.

It was never “Russian Collusion.” It was our own government/the Obama administration/Deep State, attempting to choose the next president – Hillary Clinton.

If in fact 200 members of Congress have reviewed the memo and there have been NO LEAKS of that information, that would indicate it is devastating to the Democrats, some RINO’s, and a multitude of media figures.

Are you tired of the Deep State Status-Quo in this country?




“Obama Doesn’t Have “Plausible Deniability” And Stupidity Isn’t A Defense” #RELEASETHEMEMO #OBAMAGATE

Whispers indicate there is a flurry of activity in BOTH the Obama and Clinton camps today. Both are reaching out BIG TIME to trusted media advocates to try and make certain this scandal is contained.

Mr. Bongino doesn’t seem to think that will prove successful…



Roadmap To The #ReleaseTheMemo Obama-Clinton-FBI Scandal: SEE IT HERE


Roadmap To The #ReleaseTheMemo Obama-Clinton-FBI Scandal: SEE IT HERE

Want to know why the Democrat leadership is suddenly so desperate to try and force a government shutdown? (along with some high-ranking GOP folks who were at least partly in on this whole mess of a scandal as well) 

Because the following information is barely being kept contained by the Establishment Media and the Deep State from the masses. They are buying time to try and discredit what is now coming out in order to lessen the impact, isolate and keep safe the highest-profile players (Obama/Clinton) and ultimately survive and move on so that they might continue dismantling the American system as we know it. THE SHUTDOWN IS A DISTRACTION.


Larger Version: HERE


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