Trump-Inspired Republican Registration Surging Across America

In 2012, Democrats enjoyed a significant voter registration margins over somewhat apathetic Republicans uninspired by GOP nominee, Mitt Romney, which in turn helped to ensure Barack Obama was given a second term as President. 

Not so with Donald Trump, who has Republican registration numbers skyrocketing, particularly in key battleground states.

And unlike the Democrats, much of the surge in Republican registration appears to be truly grass-roots, not requiring a political party machine and millions of dollars to make it happen.

People are simply choosing to register Republican all on their own – something which has Team Clinton increasingly concerned as it points to a level of voter-loyalty toward Mr. Trump that Mrs. Clinton simply does not have among her own supporters.

Check out this quote from the the Associated Press:

“Republicans added hundreds of thousands of voters to the rolls since 2012 in states including Florida and Arizona, and narrowed the gap in North Carolina, according to data compiled by The Associated Press. In Iowa, Republicans prevented Democrats from surpassing them, aided by a court ruling upholding a ban on voting by ex-felons, who often register as Democrats.”

The Trump campaign continues to warn its supporters to be on the lookout for Election Day fraud. In 2012, Barack Obama won some districts with 100% of the vote, and even more troubling, were examples of more votes being cast than there were actual registered voters.



Billionaires & Lobbyists Loudly Complain They Can’t Control/Defeat Donald Trump…

“It’s unbelievable…it’s frustrating.”

That is the lament of billionaire Republican donor Stan Hubbard, a media mogul who threw sizable chunks of cash at Jeb Bush only to see it wasted with little result. Hubbard is far from alone in his frustration over the GOP Establishment’s inability to derail the Trump campaign and it has led to increasing numbers of these donors pulling their cash off the table and waiting on the sidelines, much to the dismay of Donald Trump’s political opponents.

The Trump phenomena is an unprecedented event in American politics. Never before has a figure who refuses to take money from millionaire and billionaire influence peddling class managed to not only rise to the ranks of frontrunner, but manage to then remain there for months even as tens of millions of dollars are being spent to destroy his campaign.

Politico reported this week that longtime Republican billionaire power broker Diane Hendricks is currently being courted strongly by both the Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz campaigns. Hendricks is said to have already spent $5 million dollars on the quick to vanish Scott Walker campaign, and she is now uncertain as to if she wishes to be further involved due to Donald Trump’s ability to withstand special-interest funded political attacks against him.

Ironically, it is Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, both of whom have become symbols of individuality amidst the collective bought and paid for political class that has so decimated Americans’ view of Washington D.C., who have so far proven most effective in defeating the special interest billionaires.

Trump is himself a capitalist-loving billionaire while Sanders is a full-throated socialist.

And that is but another example of why 2016 is being cited by many as the most interesting political season of our lifetime.






Kentucky Stuns Democrats – Goes Republican In Landslide Election

Recent state polls had him losing in a tight race to Democratic opponent Jack Conway, but within hours of Kentucky polls opening, Republican Matt Bevin emerged victorious with a nearly double-digit landslide victory that stunned the political establishment of both state parties.

It is a victory that many feel extends far beyond Kentucky, and could very well be a harbinger of long standing voter dissatisfaction that will culminate in a tumultuous election night in November of 2016.

Two years earlier, Bevin went up against GOP Establishment powerhouse and Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell and lost.

Now Bevin is that state’s newest governor, only the second Republican elected to that position in the last 30 years. Perhaps just as impressive was the victory for Jenean Hampton, Tea Party Republican and Kentucky’s first African American Lieutenant Governor. (H/T to Peni Basse)

Bevin ran as an unapologetic political outsider. He has long embraced the Tea Party mantra of smaller government and more individual freedom. Mr. Bevin, an investment manager, had a campaign largely funded out of his own pocket and was repeatedly outspent by his Democratic opponent.

It appears voter sentiment ignored the campaign funding disparity and instead overwhelmingly went for the candidate who loudly ran against every policy represented by the current Obama federal government even as Kentucky GOP political operatives questioned his wisdom in doing so. That tactic and that tactic alone, was likely most responsible for his landslide victory.

Matt Bevin actually ran against Barack Obama – and won the Kentucky governorship because of it.

It is a stunning political victory that reinforces the appeal of the national campaigns of Donald Trump and Ben Carson, two Republicans far outside their party’s establishment who, despite very much doing their won thing, have captured significant support from a wide range of American voters.

The question that remains then is will the anti-Obama, anti-Big Government backlash that just took place in Kentucky be repeated once again next year as Hillary Clinton, who is the embodiment of Big Government liberalism, finds herself potentially facing a presidential candidate similar to that of the just successful Matt Bevin campaign.

Kentucky voters have just issued the first real shot across the proverbial bow of the upcoming 2016 Election. It appears likely Hillary Clinton might already be ducking for cover…