Did You Know James Comey’s Former Special Assistant Now Works For CNN? Might Explain Today’s Morning Raid Coverage…

Just a coincidence, right? The FBI conducts an early morning raid on Roger Stone’s Florida home and the only news organization who happens to be there to film it all in Zero Dark 30 style is CNN. Remarkable. Well, that is until you realize the direct link between former FBI head James Comey and a man who is currently employed by CNN. Mr. Comey is an already admitted leaker of classified information to the media. (Yet has never faced prosecution for that crime.) Is it really a stretch to say his hands are all over this CNN “scoop” of the Roger Stone raid? 

Josh Campbell worked for James Comey until February of last year. He was then quickly hired on by CNN as a “law enforcement analyst.”


People are noticing. Not yet enough to make CNN have to come clean – but they are noticing:

I guess it’s just a coincidence that Comey’s former assistant Josh Campbell works for CNN and they just happened to have a van at #RogerStone’s house at 6am.
— John Cardillo (@johncardillo) January 25, 2019



A Quick Explanation As To How Ridiculous Yet Chilling The Arrest Of Roger Stone Was This Morning

It was no secret the Mueller investigation was circling longtime political operator, Roger Stone. What wasn’t expected, and what has law enforcement officials outside of Stone’s arrest this morning, are the unusually aggressive tactics used by the FBI to bring Mr. Stone in. A predawn raid on a private residence complete with tactical assault rifles and enough personnel to overthrow a small country? Oh, and don’t forget how CNN cameras happened to be there rolling while  it all unfolded. Clearly someone within the Mueller team made sure CNN knew the exact when and where of today’s predawn operation. (Talk about collusion!) 

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Make no mistake, this “arrest” was almost purely for show. The charges against Stone are once again largely superficial and well beyond any direct links to President Trump as has been the case for all the charges filed earlier against others by the Mueller investigation.

If anyone doubts that merely point out the fact that the same individual who Mr. Mueller thought required an entire tactical squad team to arrest was then promptly allowed to walk free via a signed $250,000 bond. What that means is Mueller and his FBI cohorts, along with CNN, made a big show of arresting a man who would have gladly walked into the courtroom himself if requested. The court handling the case knows this and in less than two hours Roger Stone was walking free.

People really need to be paying attention here. This isn’t “justice.” Rather, these are police state tactics meant to intimidate, smear, and prepare the way for an even more grandiose impeachment proceeding in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives months prior to the 2020 Election. President Trump has the Deep State so unnerved it is getting increasingly sloppy in how it goes about its dark business. What was done to Roger Stone was a gross overreach. Also never forget – if they did it to him they can do it to you.


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Longtime Trump Ally Warns The President Is Far Closer To Being Removed From Office Than He Or His Supporters Realize

In what is yet further confirmation of the warning to Trump supporters published for months here at D.C. Whispers, longtime Trump ally Roger Stone delivered an on-the-record warning to the POTUS and his supporters today regarding just how close the Trump presidency is to being utterly destroyed.

…Last night, the flames leapt into the West Wing. Moore’s dramatic loss to Democrat Doug Jones in a state Trump carried by 62 percent is sowing panic among some of Trump’s kitchen Cabinet. “This shows the public is taking the sexual harassment issue seriously. The president has a big problem,” a Republican close to the White House told me. Even before the election, Democrats renewed calls for Trump to resign for his alleged treatment of women. This week, three of Trump’s accusers launched a media tour to elevate the issue. Even a member of Trump’s administration weighed in. U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley said on Face the Nation that Trump’s accusers should be “heard” and “dealt with.”

Stone also believes Trump could be removed from office because he has surrounded himself with disloyal Cabinet members and other top officials. “Nikki Haley stuck a knife in his back,” Stone said, referring to her comments about Trump’s accusers. According to Stone’s back-of-the-napkin tally, only two Cabinet members would vote against invoking the 25th Amendment, the provision by which the president can be deemed unable to serve (Congress would have to vote by a two-thirds majority to remove him permanently.)


Are things as precarious as Mr. Stone suggests? In short, yes. The Roy Moore fiasco in Alabama more fully exposed POTUS Trump’s political flank. His supporters have grown far too accustomed with Mr. Trump’s ability to survive media-generated attack, but in the last month there are signals that Trump’s base is finally showing signs of fatigue. Without that base the President loses his ability to instill fear in his D.C. political foes which includes nearly the entirety of the political establishment be they Republican or Democrat. If this trend of a shrinking base continues, the political/media pile-on will be even greater and Donald Trump might not survive the onslaught.