Rubio Campaign Set To Release Delegates To Cruz At GOP Convention

The Cruz campaign knows it has little hope of winning the majority of delegates prior to the GOP convention and so is hoping for a longshot Republican convention victory that will include obtaining a majority of the 164 delegates won by Marco Rubio during previous primary elections.

Apparently, both Rubio and Cruz camps are negotiating the terms of that deal right now which will include, but is not limited to, a high-profile endorsement from the Florida senator to the Texas senator in the coming days.

Prior to suspending his campaign (which allows him to keep his delegates “bound” to him) Marco Rubio amassed 164 total delegates. Should the Republican convention be contested/open/brokered, that 164 figure could prove pivotal in allowing Ted Cruz a path, however narrow and unlikely, to the nomination.

Some of those delegates will be bound by state rules requiring they remain with Rubio, but a majority of those delegates, particularly after a first vote on the convention floor, will be free to switch to another candidate and if Senator Rubio formally releases them, he can also during that process, direct them to then choose Ted Cruz. (negotiations between the Cruz and Rubio camps, along with involvement of state party leaders working in conjunction with this plan will expedite the process)

It is a scenario that Cruz told the media he was opposed to just two weeks earlier but is now actively seeking to see play out as it is the only likely remaining hope he has to be the Republican nominee.

As for Donald Trump, he is presently more than halfway to the required 1,237 total, and is poised to win some sizable delegate battles in the coming weeks via currently Trump-favored states like New York and New Jersey. If he fails to reach that 1237 mark though, the New York billionaire and author of The Art of the Deal might very well find himself the victim of a Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio negotiation intended to keep the GOP establishment power structure intact.




What do you do when your own government is the thing trying to destroy you?

Answer: FIGHT.




SUPER TUESDAY REPORT: Trump Threatens Sweep As Cruz Scrambles For Big Texas Win

Texas Senator Ted Cruz knows well his campaign will live or die on Tuesday in his home state of Texas. If the senator is able to exceed polling expectations and secure a 50% or better victory, he will earn all 155 of  Texas’s delegates, a number that would propel Mr. Cruz back into the forefront of the Republican nomination battle.

Failure to do so would have Cruz remaining far behind Donald Trump, and likely result in the campaign fizzling out soon after. The most recent polling data suggest that is the most probable outcome.

Cruz’s campaign trail rhetoric has become increasingly strident in recent days as he has taken to first accusing Donald Trump of tax fraud (a claim that has no basis in fact) and then just twenty-four hours later, suggesting Mr. Trump’s tax returns would show ties to organized crime. (an even more bizarre and baseless accusation.)

Meanwhile, as the Cruz campaign continues its say anything do anything mode, Marco Rubio remains the Establishment fixture who feels it will likely be a two-man race between himself and Donald Trump after this week’s Super Tuesday vote. Rubio has taken to going into “Trump mode” against the New York billionaire, mocking Trump for his speech, his face, and his age, among other things.

It is a somewhat risky move given some of Rubio’s own supporters have started to complain via social media that they don’t feel the newest version of the Florida senator helps him to appear presidential. If Mr. Rubio has a strong showing on Super Tuesday, though, all will likely be forgiven.

What is more known is this – if Donald Trump runs the table on Tuesday, including a win in Texas, he will be the GOP nominee for President of the United States. Even some among his fiercest critics have grudgingly admitted to that fact. A second place showing in Texas would still give Trump several delegates in that state, but also allow Rubio and Cruz to point to a Texas loss for Trump as a reason they should be allowed to stay in the race.

It should also be noted though that Establishment forces, having used Ted Cruz in a tag-team approach against Trump in the last week, will be more than happy to discard the Texas senator  like spent tissue following this week’s multiple primary vote.

Donald Trump appears poised to win the Super Tuesday vote, it’s just a matter of how much.



What do you do when your own government is the thing trying to destroy you?

Answer: FIGHT.




Rubio Decimates Trump For Misspelled Tweets, Old Age, & “Wet Pants”

Some of this is pretty darn funny regardless of where your political choices are found.

Here is presidential hopeful Marco Rubio going into full on attack mode against Donald Trump using that most effective and time-honored method of humor to do so.

We can be certain Donald Trump is not among those laughing.

The video below is now going viral. It is likely the single most effective challenge to Donald Trump yet staged by any of his GOP rivals for the very simple reason that it’s both well delivered and funny.

It certainly had the pro-Rubio crowd enjoying some genuine laughter.


Or not.

Marco Rubio Calls Donald Trump A Con Artist

The Marco Rubio campaign is going all-in on its effort to dethrone Donald Trump from his frontrunner status.

Today that effort included the charge that Trump is a “con artist” who is “hijacking” the Republican Party.

The Rubio campaign’s statement reads as follows:

In last night’s debate, America saw firsthand that Donald Trump can’t even talk about, let alone do anything about, the dire problems facing our nation.

Instead he kicked and screamed, tried to bully his opponents, and threw up smokescreens to distract from his spotty business record and one-liner “plans.”

Donald Trump is a con artist trying to hijack the conservative movement and the Republican Party, and he cannot be our nominee. 

At the very moment Team Rubio was making the above claims, Donald Trump went live on national television to announce the endorsement of New Jersey governor Chris Christie. The governor declared that Trump was what the country needed at this time, a leader from outside of Washington D.C. who will actually fight for America.

Mr. Trump then answered a question about Marco Rubio as a potential running mate. Trump gave a quick shake of his head and then stated, “No, not anymore.”

Rubio, who has stated he has no intention of running again for his Senate seat after having served just one term, might find himself a political has-been not yet fifty years of age if he doesn’t manage to stage a remarkable political comeback – though there have been rumors Mr. Rubio is already preparing for a run at the Florida governorship should his presidential aspirations fall short.

It’s what politicians do – run for office.



What do you do when your own government is the thing trying to destroy you?

Answer: FIGHT.




Establishment Freak Out: Trump Taking Big Share Of Former JEB! Supporters

It was a quick little poll by NBC and SurveyMonkey that attempted to show how big of a bump Marco Rubio would get from the now homeless Jeb Bush supporters. The Republican Establishment has been pushing for weeks for the lower tier candidates to get out of the race which in turn would allow this same establishment to further focus its resources on then eliminating the Trump campaign.

As has happened so often to earlier plans to “Take Trump Out”, it appears the GOP’s plan has backfired.

Here are said poll results:

A few things have given GOP operatives the most stress regarding the above information.

First, that Donald Trump, despite being the candidate who was the most responsible (beyond Jeb Bush himself) for JEB!’s demise, will expand his own base of support from a sizable chunk of those former Jeb Bush supporters.

Second, the “don’t know” category is the largest of all, and will most likely then coalesce largely behind the GOP front runner in the coming weeks, which if the current trend holds, will be Donald Trump.

Marco Rubio will likely get the largest share of former Bush supporters according to the above poll, but it does not appear to be enough of a bump to have a longer-term impact on the GOP nomination. Add to that the likely withdrawal of Kasich in the coming days, and we see a scenario in which at least a third if not more of those voters will initially switch to Trump.

It is a dilemma of numbers that has the Republican Establishment confounded on how to alter that outcome.

Finally, there remains the Cruz portion of this impending delegate puzzle. Will Ted Cruz supporters, should the time come when the Texas senator calls it a day and suspends his campaign, choose to go a safer, less confrontational Republican mainstream route with a Marco Rubio, or jump onto the non-conventional Trump Train and ride the rails all the way to the GOP convention in July?

The Republican Establishment best buy stock in antacid, because this Republican race is looking to cause them all kinds of heartburn.



What do you do when your own government is the thing trying to destroy you?

Answer: FIGHT.




Bad News For Ted Cruz: Rumors Swirl Regarding Donor Doubts About Campaign’s Future

Unlike more moderate New Hampshire, Ted Cruz needed to do more than merely finish well in South Carolina – he needed to win. The Cruz campaign pulled out all the stops in a manic effort to secure victory.

Instead, it appears he will finish a distant second or third to Donald Trump. It is a finish that has his donors reconsidering the longer term viability of a campaign that is now for the first time in weeks, said to be spending far more dollars than it is taking in.

And where Marco Rubio now appears poised to receive an influx of Establishment GOP dollars, Ted Cruz is likely to see supporters who have already been hit hard for donations, begin to pull back from doing so even as Cruz’s deeper pockets supporters do the same.

The campaign is not yet broke, but it spent big in South Carolina and now is facing a much thinner budget as it prepares to hang on for the March 1st Super Tuesday primary – a primary that requires a campaign to be replete with cash – not depleted. If The Cruz campaign is to survive beyond Super Tuesday, it will require nothing less than some version of a political campaign miracle.

Grumblings began last week regarding the need to win in South Carolina, and to its credit, the Cruz campaign did everything it possibly could to make that happen. It failed, and though Senator Cruz will no doubt put on a grim smile as he is forced to portray failure as a kind of symbolic victory, it will prove a very tough sell.

“It will be like Iowa.”

That was the promise Ted Cruz made to South Carolina supporters prior to today’s voting.

The results have proven otherwise and indicate a result much more similar to Donald Trump’s dominating win in New Hampshire vs Ted Cruz’s narrow victory in the Iowa Caucus and it is starting to appear as if Ted Cruz does not enjoy the kind of broad-based appeal that will allow him to win a primary election, let alone the General Election.

That is a hard truth made harder for the senator’s still many supporters.

The question now in the coming days and weeks will be who among the candidates who remain will supporters of Ted Cruz ultimately gravitate to. Will it be the unconventional candidacy of Donald Trump, or the more mainstream establishment choice that is Marco Rubio?

What those Cruz supporters decide might very well then decide who ultimately wins the GOP nomination.

UPDATE: Ted Cruz indicated his need for money during his South Carolina concession speech as he implored his supporters to go to his website and donate to the campaign.





Cruz Campaign Panics As Favorability Rating Declines

With the South Carolina Primary just a few days away, the Ted Cruz campaign finds itself and its candidate struggling to recapture the momentum it enjoyed following its Iowa Caucus victory three weeks prior.

Within the last hour, a clearly agitated Cruz held a press conference dominated by attacks upon GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and the man who threatens to push Mr. Cruz to a third place finish in South Carolina, Senator Marco Rubio.

It was a press conference that amidst all the back and forth allegations so common to a political campaign, made one thing undeniably clear – Team Cruz is scrambling to regain its footing at a time when it cannot afford to be anything less than at the top of its game.

The allegations of campaign abuses continue to swirl around the Ted Cruz for President operation with both Donald Trump and Marco Rubio sounding the loudest and most consistent complaints but aided by comments from Ben Carson and most recently, Congressman Trey Gowdy who implored Senator Cruz to get control of a campaign the congressman feels has too often veered onto a path far from  proximity to any moral high ground.

Cruz maintains he is innocent of the “dirty politics” claims, an act which by the very nature of having to make voice it, often leads voters to wonder if where there is the proverbial smoke they might also find fire.

South Carolina, noted for a large contingent of evangelical voters was to be the place Ted Cruz would repeat his victory in Iowa following a crushing defeat in New Hampshire to the Trump juggernaut and a resurgent Marco Rubio effort. So far Senator Cruz has struggled mightily to repeat that Iowa path to victory, a condition that now appears primarily the fault of his decision to aggressively challenge Donald Trump.

It began in the final days of the Iowa Caucus, escalated during the New Hampshire primary, and has effectively “gone nuclear” over the past week in South Carolina. What Cruz has discovered is that in Mr. Trump he faces a candidate seemingly without political fear. Donald Trump has attacked Jeb Bush and former president, George W. Bush, sitting South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, the media, the GOP, and anyone else who dares to challenge him either politically or personally.

Where a candidate like Mitt Romney quickly wilted under collective media and political attacks, Donald Trump somehow seems to thrive, throwing back counter-punches with an indifference that is both stunning and startling and that runs counter to nearly every long-standing rule of American political convention that trains politicians  to smile and nod and do every thing they can to hide their true intent and feelings.

The most recent South Carolina Monmouth University poll shows Ted Cruz’s favorability among that state’s voters has fallen by seven points which in turn is likely limiting his ability to close the gap on Donald Trump while also keeping Marco Rubio in his rear view mirror as well.

Another thing working in Trump’s favor not only in South Carolina but across the nation, is voters’ desire to see a “non-politician” win the Republican nomination. Donald Trump has used this sentiment to great advantage, whereas figures like Ted Cruz, despite his well-earned political outsider reputation, continue to struggle to convince enough voters he is something different than the typical D.C. politician.

Digging even further into the Monmouth poll shows just how far-reaching Donald Trump’s support is, further complicating Ted Cruz’s hopes of displacing the New York billionaire businessman from the top spot.

Trump leads in South Carolina among both male and female voters, as well as voters of ALL ages – a remarkable achievement. He also leads among military veteran households, and perhaps most stinging to the Cruz campaign is that Donald Trump is soundly defeating Mr. Cruz among South Carolina evangelical voters as well.

The above are numbers that suggest a Republican candidate that can not only win the nomination, but the White House in landslide election proportions. If Ted Cruz and the others among the GOP field wish to alter that course, they will have to find a way to stop Donald Trump in South Carolina.

Time, and voter sentiment, do not appear to favor that outcome.



What do you do when your own government is the thing trying to destroy you?

Answer: FIGHT.




D.C. Whispers Confirmed AGAIN: Cantor Comes Out Of Hiding To Denounce Trump “Hype”

Nearly three weeks ago a D.C. Whispers report named names regarding a conspiracy by some among the global elite to diminish and ultimately dismiss the Trump 2016 phenomena.

Now one of those names has emerged from the shadows to engage in a verbal happy dance following Mr. Trump’s defeat in Iowa and declare the Establishment is back in the game and ready to take over the Republican nomination process. 

ABOVE: In the morning following the Iowa Caucus, former Republican Congressman and current global investment chairman, Eric Cantor declared Iowa proved Donald Trump is not, “…what the Republican Party is about.”


Cantor went on to explain that the Iowa elections results exposed what he deems (in clearly derogatory tones) “Trump hype”, whereby people will show up for Trump rallies but will not actually vote for the New York billionaire to be this nation’s next president.

Three weeks earlier a D.C. Whispers report titled Global Elite Fear Donald Trump Presidencyhad this to say regarding Mr. Cantor’s current role in attempting to control the 2016 GOP nomination process:

…These men and women whose far-reaching influence and wealth depends so much upon a world that runs at their discretion, see Donald Trump as the greatest potential disruption to the current global dynamic they have worked so diligently to maintain.

And they don’t like it – not one bit.

He (Trump) would be bad on trade.”

That is the sentiment of former House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, this year an attendee at the World Economic Forum who since being kicked out of Congress by the same anti-Establishment voter sentiment that has propelled Donald Trump’s rise, is now vice chairman at Moelis & Company – a global investment firm with considerable focus on Middle East investment and strong ties to various Muslim governments. Mr. Trump’s vocal opposition to immigration from the Muslim world without enhanced safety measures to ensure that immigration is not being used as a tool by radical Islamic terrorists is said to be a specific point of concern for Mr. Cantor’s firm.

Cantor’s CNBC appearance this morning was a victory-lap performance meant to convey to Donald Trump and to a somewhat lesser degree, Ted Cruz, that the Establishment will NOT be defeated in 2016 though it was an appearance rife with contradiction in that Cantor attempted to indicate Iowa meant nothing to Jeb Bush but everything to Donald Trump and though Ted Cruz won Iowa, Cantor doubled down on his apparent belief Iowa rarely chooses who will be the eventual GOP presidential nominee. (He even let slip a “McCain the Campaign” reference while doing so – and note too how Marco Rubio is not mentioned. Often what is left unsaid speaks loudest.)

This contradiction indicates two important things as the election moves into New Hampshire.

One, Establishment powers remain concerned they don’t yet have the nomination process locked up.

Two, they still consider Donald Trump to be the primary threat to their power structure because it is Trump Mr. Cantor continued to demean during his appearance this morning, and not Ted Cruz.

The New Hampshire primary is scheduled to take place on February 9th followed soon after by the even more important battle for South Carolina. After that, the ides of March will be upon us.


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REPORT: Global Elite Fear Donald Trump Presidency










Iowa Media Declares Cruz Weakened By Last Night’s Debate Performance

Yesterday D.C. Whisper readers received the following information from an outside source called, “USMI”:

“…D.C. Whispers report is only half the story re: Trump boycott of FN debate.

TC center stage has been coordinated by DT campaign. 

Two candidates will challenge Cruz very aggressively tonight. DT campaign confident TC to be damaged by exchanges leaving DT in even stronger position heading into NH after which TC campaign will be all but eliminated.


“I don’t think there was a clear winner at this debate. But I think the clear loser was Cruz.”       -Iowa voter 


It would seem clear the source of the above statement felt the Trump campaign saw little to lose and more to gain by boycotting the debate and thus placing Ted Cruz as the debate stage’s primary target of the other candidates which would in turn potentially weaken Cruz in the eyes of Iowa voters just a few days before the Iowa Caucus.

Such a claim would remain mere speculation if not for this glaring headline this morning in the Des Moines Register:


Attacks center on Texas senator with Trump absent from GOP debate on Thursday in Des Moines.

And from this same article in Iowa’s largest and most influential newspaper, the following quote from a voter interviewed by the publication following last night’s GOP debate:

“Candidates and voters are not putting up with him tonight. I don’t think there was a clear winner at this debate. But I think the clear loser was Cruz.”

It appears things are playing out in Iowa exactly as yesterday’s D.C. Whispers report suggested it would with one important final development – Monday’s caucus vote. If Donald Trump wins Iowa it will be among the most genius of political machinations in quite some time. If Trump finishes anything less than first in Iowa on Monday, it’s game on heading into the New Hampshire primary where Establishment forces have historically been much-much stronger.


If you missed yesterday’s D.C. Whispers update on this subject, you can review it here:

Source: Trump Is Using Debate No-Show To Eliminate Ted Cruz

And if you want the political news before it’s news – bookmark D.C. Whispers now.


Ted Cruz Ready For Center Stage – Mocks Trump For Being “Fragile Soul”

He is neck-and-neck with Donald Trump in Iowa and also second in several national GOP presidential polls so tonight, Texas Senator Ted Cruz is preparing for the biggest political debate of his life, a center-stage performance that might very well solidify a win next week in the Iowa Caucus.

Word is Mr. Cruz is more than ready.

Above: Ted Cruz is locked and loaded for an Iowa caucus win and the Cruz campaign is looking forward to being the center of attention at tonight’s Fox News hosted, GOP debate.


Cruz isn’t just preparing for his debate performance either. He made certain to take some sharp jabs at his Republican rival Donald Trump over the New York billionaire’s controversial decision to skip out on the last debate before Iowans caucus next week. During a campaign stop in  West Des Moines, Cruz mocked Mr. Trump for having an overly “fragile soul” after the ongoing conflict between Trump and Fox News caused the GOP front-runner to pull out of the scheduled debate.

A Cruz Super-PAC also indicated it would put up $1.5 million dollars to veteran charities  if Donald Trump would have a one-on-one debate with Senator Cruz. Trump’s quick reply was to ask if the debate would take place in Canada, a reference to Mr. Cruz’s place of birth controversy. Cruz was until 18 months ago, a dual citizen of Canada and the United States.

Rumors are swirling though regarding a possible Trump campaign contingency plan to use the alleged attempt by Fox News to ambush him during tonight’s debate, to Mr. Trump’s longer-term advantage:

Source: Trump Is Using Debate No-Show To Eliminate Ted Cruz

“…Two candidates will challenge Cruz very aggressively tonight. DT campaign confident TC to be damaged by exchanges leaving DT in even stronger position heading into NH after which TC campaign will be all but eliminated.

Reports regarding ambush against Trump accurate. DT campaign knew of it days earlier and had lengthy internal discussion on not only appropriate response, but how to use it to their advantage. George pushed for debate pull away and counter event. After 24 hour consideration, DT agreed and plan was initiated via social media campaign and coverage like yours which they had already anticipated. Shiny object manipulation. SOP.”


The likely two candidates referenced in the above information would be Senator Marco Rubio and according to another source, Senator Rand Paul in what would be a rather epic, Battle of the Senators. (Not Jeb Bush, interestingly)




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Trump Has More Support Among Hispanic Voters In Florida Than Bush & Rubio COMBINED

Donald Trump is once again confounding pollsters, politicos, the media, Democrats, Republicans, and his GOP rivals as a just-released Florida Atlantic University poll has him garnering (by far) the greatest support among Hispanic Republican voters in Florida.

Jeb Bush in particular thought he would entice the Hispanic population with his repeated overtures to his own version of their concerns. He rebuked Trump for speaking so strongly against illegal immigration, with Mr. Bush claiming illegals crossing the U.S. border did so, “…as an act of love.”

Marco Rubio has to be stunned at the Florida polling results as well. Both he and Bush are from Florida and were expecting to utilize their appeal to voters there to aid them in securing the GOP nomination.

Then came Donald Trump who leads all Republican candidates in that state with an astonishing 47.6% support. Ted Cruz comes in at a very distant second place with 16.3%.

Among Hispanic Republicans Trump’s lead is even greater at 54% – more than DOUBLE  the combined support among Hispanics for Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio:

Donald Trump – 54 percent
Marco Rubio – 15.1 percent
Rand Paul – 14 percent
Ted Cruz – 10.2 percent
Jeb Bush – 5.5 percent



BREAKING: Iowa Republican Establishment Confident Trump Will Lose

More and more Iowa Republican power brokers are said to be increasingly confident that Donald Trump will lose and lose badly during the February 1st Iowa Caucus vote.

“They are hoping to push Trump down into a third place finish.”


The most recent polling data shows Trump just a few points behind Senator Ted Cruz in the Hawkeye State with less than four weeks to go until voting. Senator Marco Rubio is in third place, more than fifteen points behind second-place Trump.

A longtime D.C. Whispers source elaborated on the Iowa GOP plan with the following statement:

“Forget the current polling numbers. In Iowa, they don’t count nearly as much as people’s willingness to show up and advocate for their candidate. It seems the state GOP machine in Iowa doesn’t think Trump supporters are going to bother. They might show up to a rally to see Trump in person, but apparently Iowa Republican leaders don’t think those supporters will actually show up to caucus on Election Day because that process doesn’t have the bling of a Trump campaign event. They are getting more and more vocal in their belief that Trump’s support is actually very soft. Their plan is to have Cruz take first and Rubio to “surprise” everyone with a strong second. They are hoping to push Trump down into a third place finish in Iowa which they think will humiliate him and cause much of his support in New Hampshire to then disintegrate.”

Interestingly, this week it appears the fight between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio is heating up considerably, indicating that perhaps both of those campaigns are aware of the alleged plan by the Iowa GOP machine to elevate Rubio via Trump’s demise.

Cruz supporters are preparing an ad campaign portraying Senator Rubio as an unprepared and inexperienced candidate obsessed with Fantasy Football. The parallels being attempted between Rubio and Barack Obama are clear.

Rubio has already responded in a speech given just today in which he blasted his Republican opponents as “isolationists” who lacked credible understanding of how the world actually worked. Rubio then directed words specifically aimed at Cruz when he declared that “political stunts” will not keep America safe.



With Jeb Preparing To Exit Race, Rubio & GOP Establishment Set Sights On Ted Cruz…

While Ted Cruz enjoys a surge of support in Iowa that has propelled him to second place among other GOP candidates in that state, Marco Rubio has done the same in the far more important primary state of New Hampshire. Iowa has long little more than an interesting sideshow warm-up to the main show nomination process – a show that most often begins in New Hampshire.

So having solidified his place in the Granite State, Senator Rubio is now determined to make certain Ted Cruz’s appeal goes no further than Iowa and from there, Mr. Rubio sees a path to the GOP nomination.

Jeb Bush is floundering in the low single digits nationally, and has just 7 points in New Hampshire, a state he should have won easily if not for the remarkably unconventional and popular insurgent campaign of Donald Trump. Team Bush is very-very close with the Republican Establishment, and while Bush still hopes for a comeback miracle in New Hampshire, he is said to have also quietly let it be known he will bow out if he fails to make a strong showing in what is the first actual primary voting state on the way to the GOP nomination.

With Bush pushed aside, and likely other candidates like John Kasich and Chris Christie along with him, Team Rubio sees their next primary target to be that of Ted Cruz. The Texas senator has enjoyed a sizable bump in his polling following the just as sizable decline of Dr. Ben Carson. Carson’s supporters appear to have flocked first to Cruz, and then split between Donald Trump and Marco Rubio.

That was not the original plan as reported by D.C. Whispers first with the following report months earlier:

Republican Establishment Prepares For Trump’s Demise – Enter Marco Rubio Stage Left…

“…Such a plan does appear to have an element of very simple math – add Jeb Bush’s support, then Ben Carson’s, and that would likely leave Marco Rubio in an almost-dominant position to potentially run the table on Super Tuesday which will take place on March 1st and represent over 400 delegate votes.

Tens of millions of dollars are set to pour into the Rubio campaign and related super-PAC’s in the coming weeks to make certain the senator does just that.”

Unfortunately for Rubio, Donald Trump’s campaign has refused to wither under the onslaught of political and media establishment rebuke. In fact, it appears to have grown stronger. To further complicate things, so too has the Ted Cruz campaign. So while the “Rubio Plan” has worked in part, helping to make the Florida senator one of the top three Republican candidates in the race, much work remains if he is to actually overcome the Trump factor.

That overcoming now appears to require Ted Cruz be pummeled into submission, no small feat given Mr. Cruz’s penchant for fighting back with almost as much success as Donald Trump. With that political reality in mind, Republican operatives are now said to be actively pushing a Trump vs Cruz media blitz that will have the two most prominent anti-establishment campaigns weakening one another to better ensure Mr. Rubio emerges victorious.

As of this morning, it appears that campaign is underway, signaled by the following report via NBC News:

“…After reports that Ted Cruz raised questions about Donald Trump’s judgment this week at a closed-door fundraiser, it was only a matter of time before the real estate mogul went on the offensive.

On Friday morning, Trump tweeted that Cruz “is getting ready to attack” and painted the Texas senator as beholden to donor “bosses.”

There can be little doubt the small scuffle between his two greatest GOP rivals brought a knowing smile to Marco Rubio’s face…





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Rubio Campaign Prepares To Topple Trump

Donald Trump is currently facing a significant escalation of anti-Trump media coverage originating both from the far left, and those within the GOP establishment. The single greatest beneficiary of those ongoing attacks has been the consistently confident campaign of Florida Senator, Marco Rubio who is now solidifying his second place position in the first real primary election battle of New Hampshire.

Team Rubio simply needs to show well in the outlier that is the Iowa Caucus, and then finish top three in New Hampshire to secure what will be tens of millions of dollars in GOP Establishment monies.  A win in New Hampshire would only further enhance the campaign financial windfall that is soon to be his.

A D.C. Whispers source described the brewing Trump vs Rubio war with the following:

“Trump has yet to spend big. He argues he doesn’t have to and so far, he’s been right about that. Polling well and getting people to actually vote for you are two very different things though and if he continues to slip in New Hampshire he will have to actually start to spend all that money he says he has, or be exposed as the political paper tiger so many have accused him of being all along. The Rubio team has been doing exactly what it should, staying relevant, performing well in the debates, and improving the ground game in the early primary states. If Trump stumbles in New Hampshire and Rubio wins it, it’s over. Rubio gets the nomination. Anything less than a win in New Hampshire for Trump is a huge loss for Trump. He won’t survive it.”

Ironically, it is the Rubio campaign which is currently benefiting from that which he so recently described as Hillary Clinton’s and the Democrats’ greatest Super PAC – the Mainstream Media.

Within just the last few days there have been headlines blared by CNN, Politico, ABC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, NBC, etc., regarding Donald Trump’s imminent demise. These reports continue to smear Mr. Trump as a bigot, a racist, and a pathological liar. What the media did in creating the positive myth of Barack Obama in 2007 and 2008 it is now intent on doing the opposite in creating a highly negative myth regarding Donald Trump in 2015 and 2016.

In both cases it is the Mainstream Media  that was and is determined to do the thinking for the American public by creating the narrative that then becomes Election Day fact.

Will it work? It should be noted that while Trump’s numbers have fallen some in New Hampshire while Rubio enjoys a slow but steady increase, Donald Trump still maintains a double-digit lead over the Florida Senator.

It appears likely then that anti-Trump media machinations will only continue to further intensify.

Can the New York billionaire survive the onslaught?

And will it in fact be the voters who decide?

Donald Trump A Lying,Fear-Mongering Racist Blowhard…Says the GOP & Mainstream Media

The anti-Trump effort being orchestrated by the Mainstream Media and its GOP cohorts is at this very moment being taken to another level as desperation grows from within those ranks regarding their inability to halt the growing support generated by the New York billionaire’s campaign to be the next President of the United States.

As Mr. Trump crisscrosses America to make campaign stops to large and enthusiastic crowds in such places as Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Texas, and Ohio, the GOP elite continue to leak anti-Trump suggestions to media outlets working feverishly to dismantle the Trump phenomena and replace it with a far safer and more controllable Republican candidate.

In just the last 72-hours there have been multiple stories of Mr. Trump being anti-Muslim, anti-black, and pro-torture, among other things.

His supporters quickly push aside those media accounts, claiming that Donald Trump is actually pro-security, pro rights for everyone and not specially designated, government approved groups, and pro doing whatever it takes within the law to keep America safe in the face of the now growing Islamic terror threat.

Mr. Trump continues to share his desire to Make America Great Again – and millions are currently taking him at his word. It is not that Donald Trump hates any particular group, race, or gender, but rather that he he hates the incompetence in government that is destroying this nation from the inside out.

The media remains stunned that this time it isn’t yet being allowed to do the thinking for Americans but that those same Americans appear determined to start thinking for themselves. The media wants to protect the incompetence while Donald Trump wants to see it dismantled and replaced with something that will benefit ALL Americans. The media and political elite cannot allow that to happen and so they level charges of hatred, bigotry and racism against Trump and warn all other candidates to get back in line and do little more than pretend to give voters a choice when in fact that “choice” is little more than more of the same.

It is voters’ rediscovery of their own power that has played so favorably to the insurgent political campaigns of figures like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson while leaving far more traditional politicians like Jeb Bush and John Kasich on the outside looking in.

That still leaves Senator Marco Rubio, the last great hope for the GOP Establishment. Mr. Rubio himself is not entirely a fixture of the GOP elite. He did choose briefly to work within that group, but found it wanting and has since positioned himself as both Mainstream and and outsider, no small accomplishment and yet one that now has him as the choice of Republican power brokers who assume he is a far safer choice than that of either Trump or Cruz.

This dynamic was predicted here months earlier and is now a prediction being played out on the GOP campaign trail in real time:

Republican Establishment Prepares For Trump’s Demise – Enter Marco Rubio Stage Left…

Even the sudden rise and just as sudden decline of Dr. Ben Carson was accurately predicted by our D.C. Whispers sources.

The part of the GOP plan that has not yet fallen into place is the subsequent rise and eventual domination of Senator Rubio. Mr Rubio has enjoyed improved standing in the polls, and is now battling Ted Cruz for second place in a number of states, but remains well behind the support enjoyed by the Trump campaign.

Trump & Cruz Now Dominate IOWA GOP Race…

It is a scenario that has many longtime conservative pundits voicing a common complaint that has been on the minds of many a Republican voter:

Why is it that Mainstream Republicans are willing to fight conservatives much more aggressively than they do Democrats?

It is that question, and the justifiable anger it creates within conservative ranks, that is largely responsible for the widespread support for the Donald Trump and Ted Cruz campaigns as both men continue to demand better for America and know that more of the same is clearly not the answer in seeing that happen.

If Senator Rubio hopes to take make his own campaign even more appealing to those same voters, he would do well to start listening to them. It will be interesting to see what he chooses to do while hopefully all of the GOP candidates remember who the true enemy is in this very important upcoming election:


Trump & Cruz Now Dominate IOWA GOP Race…

Dr. Ben Carson, who just last month was actually beating fellow Republican candidate Donald Trump for supremacy in Iowa, has seen his support in that state plummet by almost double-digits and it appears the single greatest benefactor of that decline is the outspoken Texas Senator, Ted Cruz.

For now, Iowa has the two most outspoken opponents of Barack Obama’s open borders immigration policy leading the race for the White House, with Carson now polling third, and Rubio a distant, albeit improved, fourth place.

ABOVE: The Trump-Cruz alliance remains intact as both men continue to indicate ongoing support for each other’s willingness to battle the Republican and Media establishments. With Cruz now polling second in Iowa though, some are wondering if the two men will begin to directly engage one another as they set out to win in Iowa in the coming weeks.


Certainly the Marco Rubio campaign would like nothing more than to see Trump and Cruz weaken each other so as to further allow Mr. Rubio the opportunity to continue improving his own standing among Republican voters. Team Rubio continues to suggest their goal is to “finish strong” in Iowa and then place first or second in New Hampshire and then from there battle toward “Super Tuesday” primary day to follow where both momentum and GOP Establishment cash might very well make Senator Rubio the candidate to beat.

Some have even suggested Dr. Ben Carson might very well be in the position to play kingmaker, with an endorsement that could sway the outcome of close primary battles in various states. This potential reality has been solidified by an ongoing effort from within the Rubio campaign to reach out to Carson operatives, particularly the newer, Establishment operatives who now permeate Team Carson.

As for Senator Ted Cruz, he remains Marco Rubio’s most consistent critic of late, a situation that likely stems from Mr. Cruz’s awareness that Rubio is the current GOP Establishment darling of the 2016 race. (Which should not necessarily reflect poorly on Mr. Rubio – he heads a campaign that wants to win and cannot be faulted for doing so.)

It is said the animosity between both Cruz and Rubio is, “very real and getting more contentious by the day.”

For now here is how the Iowa vote is playing out for the GOP candidates as just reported via Politico:

Trump 30%, Cruz 21%, Carson 19%, Rubio 11%, Bush 5%, Fiorina 4%

And then here is the latest New Hampshire polling results:

Trump 32%, Rubio 13%, Carson/Cruz 10%, Kasich 8%, Bush/Fiorina/Paul 6%, Christie 5%

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Rubio Now In 2nd Place In New Hampshire: Trump Says, “Bring It”

The Ben Carson rise appears to now be a slow but steady fall and the GOP Establishment is now enjoying the initial beginnings of its plan to see Marco Rubio emerge as what it deems the “intelligent” alternative to Donald Trump for GOP voters looking to make a Republican the next President of the United States.

For the moment, the Trump campaign appears unfazed with a confident “bring it” attitude that appears willing to continue to shrug off all current challenger as it has so consistently done to previous ones.

Mr. Trump continues to repeat that the one-term Florida senator is a “lightweight” who is little more than a moderate Republican version of Barack Obama.

What Rubio has though is the growing support of traditional big-money GOP donors who are alarmed at the unlikely strength the Trump campaign continues to show and now with the most recent terrorist attacks in Paris, and Barack Obama’s attempts to allow Syrian refugees into the United States, that strength has only increased in recent days.

“Are we a nation of laws or not?”

So goes the oft-repeated question from Donald Trump as he forcefully pushes back against the open-borders policies of the Obama administration. It is now a question that is being repeated a million times over by his growing number of supporters. It is also a question that will likely continue to hover over the Rubio campaign given Mr. Rubio’s earlier attempts at an amnesty agreement for illegal immigrants.

Interestingly, Ted Cruz is also playing a crucial role in the Trump vs Rubio dynamic. Cruz has recently taken to challenging Rubio’s record as well, and Rubio in turn has shown a willingness to go right back at Cruz. Both candidates are within a few percentage points of one another and have seen their campaigns benefit from increased public support. Where they differ is Ted Cruz continues to support much of the general positions being taken by Donald Trump while Marco Rubio has chosen to place himself in opposition to the New York billionaire.

The Rubio campaign continues to give some attention to the Iowa caucus but appears increasingly optimistic after a number of positive internal polling results that it can challenge for the win in New Hampshire, a state historically far more important than Iowa in choosing the eventual GOP nominee and one which the RealClearPolitics polling average has Rubio already in second place. This could very well prove true, particularly if the now hobbled Jeb Bush campaign falls away prior to the February 9th New Hampshire primary.

A D.C. Whispers source had this to say regarding the now-brewing Trump vs Rubio conflict:

“They, (the Rubio campaign) intend to have a top three showing in Iowa and a first or close second in New Hampshire and from there will use a tsunami of donor dollars to overtake Trump or any of the other non-traditional candidates who might still be around by then, be it Cruz or anyone else.”


Trump Dominates Latest National Poll – But Is Trouble Looming For Campaign?

Reuters just released it latest updated “rolling” national poll of the top GOP candidates for president and New York billionaire Donald Trump has seen an uptick of support in recent weeks that has him leading the field by double-digits.

His next closest competitor is Dr. Ben Carson, the very candidate Mr. Trump is now embroiled in a controversy stemming from Trump’s likening Dr. Carson’s self-described “pathological” struggles as a youth to child molestation.

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November 13, 2015

  • Businessman Donald Trump: 34.0%
  • Surgeon and author Ben Carson: 19.6%
  • Fla. Sen. Marco Rubio: 9.7%
  • Tex. Sen. Ted Cruz: 7.7%
  • Former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush: 6.4%


The above figures were taken before Mr. Trump’s latest anti-Carson comments which also included his repeatedly calling Iowa voters “stupid” for their support of Carson.

Reports now indicate the Trump campaign is scrambling to initiate damage control measures. For the moment though, Donald Trump is dominating the national polls by a wide margin which is undoubtedly causing ever-increasing degrees of heartburn for the GOP establishment and its Mainstream Media counterparts.


Mainstream Media’s Reaction Following GOP Debate Thrashing: “We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat!”

They thought to throw some chum into the political waters, smugly confident in their own intellectual superiority.

And then the Republicans decided to show a bit of bite…


“Here you go, Trump. Here you go, Carson. Here you go, Rubio. Here you go, Cruz…”

Media Shows Hand & Confirms D.C. Whispers Report on Trump vs Carson “War”…

“Mr. Trump already has his front-runner status being challenged by Ben Carson in Iowa – a challenge that is said to be fully supported and likely aided by the GOP machine.”

The above was a quote from an earlier D.C Whispers report titled, Republican Establishment Prepares For Trump’s Demise – Enter Marco Rubio Stage Left…

That same report also included the following regarding the GOP Establishment’s having chosen Marco Rubio and its intent to initiate a “divide and conquer” tactic against Donald Trump over the next few months:

“The senator’s team is positioning to take Carson’s support over the next two months and then emerge as the dominant candidate in the nomination race.”

One need look no further than the Sunday morning news programs this week to see the beginnings of that very plan now unfolding. Story after story focused upon the growing rift between Donald Trump and Ben Carson based upon recent (and possibly manipulated) polling data in Iowa that as Dr. Carson surging  to a lead among that state’s caucus voters.

These polls were then followed up by a media-manufactured falling out between the two GOP rivals over comments the media is applying to Mr. Trump against Ben Carson’s 7th Day Adventist religion.

Donald Trump never said anything against Dr. Carson’s religion beyond stating he, “didn’t know about it.”

By declaring he knew little about Carson’s religion the media then went into near breathless overdrive in the 24 hours that followed with headlines blaring the question, “Will Trump apologize over comments against Ben Carson’s religion?”

And awaiting in the wings then is the quietly strengthening campaign of Florida Senator, Marco Rubio.

Ben Carson is being used as a political wedge against the Trump campaign. Rumors are now swirling that members of the Jeb Bush campaign have already initiated friendly contact with the Rubio team at the behest of GOP power brokers. While an outright truce has yet to be declared, the Bush operation is seeing the proverbial writing on the wall and is determined to help prevent Donald Trump from winning the Republican nomination.

Keep an eye on the Trump vs Carson meme coming from the Mainstream Media this week and know it for what it really is – an extension of the GOP elite’s having chosen Marco Rubio to be the party’s 2016 candidate for President. Given the greatly improved political abilities of Senator Rubio, that gesture might very well prove to be money well spent.