BREAKING: House Intelligence Chair Says YES, Trump Team Was Recorded While Under Surveillance

“Nunes Says Trump Team Conversations Caught in Surveillance.”

That is the now-breaking headline via a just-published Bloomberg Report that supports an earlier scenario outlined here at D.C. Whispers weeks agoREPORT: Obama Used Foreign Agents To Spy On Donald Trump

The gist of the revelations is this: By using foreign agents, Obama circumvented U.S. surveillance protocols. 

Above: Chairman Nunez stated he was “alarmed” by the discovery of surveillance being conducted on members of the Trump campaign.:

“I’m actually alarmed by it,” Nunes, a California Republican, told reporters at the Capitol. “Details with little or no apparent foreign intelligence value were widely disseminated in an intelligence community report,” he said. He said he didn’t know if Trump’s “own communications were intercepted.” The disclosure may bolster Trump’s effort to back up his disputed claim in Twitter postings that the Obama administration “wiretapped” him, which he later amended to say that his team was under surveillance. FBI Director James Comey testified before the House committee this week that “I have no information that supports those tweets.”

“I do think this is a startling revelation,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters.

The implications are both clear and very serious. A sitting U.S. President avoided American surveillance requirements by utilizing the services of foreign spy agencies to go after a U.S. citizen candidate for POTUS of an opposing political party. That surveillance information was then (illegally) widely disseminated among members of the Hillary Clinton campaign, Democrat members of Congress, and Mainstream Media figures such as the New York Times.

It also makes current FBI Director James Comey’s assertion that the FBI did not receive a “wiretap order” from then-President Obama truthful. Mr. Obama’s White House was benefiting from surveillance via foreign agencies – not the FBI. (Or the CIA) And because that surveillance source was from a foreign entity, it didn’t require an actual order from a sitting president or approval for a warrant from a U.S. judge, making the spy method the epitome of Deep State Shadow Government machinations.


FBI Director Hints That Barack Obama Was Source Of Illegal Leaks (VIDEO)

The Mainstream Media is once again scrambling to cover for Barack Obama. During the hearing yesterday between members of Congress and FBI Director James Comey, Mr. Comey made clear there has been ZERO evidence of collusion between the Russian government and the then-Trump campaign. What Director Comey did suggest is that Barack Obama himself (which would of course involve Valerie Jarrett as well) was a likely source of some, if not all, of the classified information leaks that now continue to plague Washington D.C.:

Congressman Trey Gowdy sets up the Obama-as-the-source scenario at the start of the video when he asks Director Comey if he personally briefed the then-President Michael Flynn/Russian-tied surveillance, etc. Comey refuses to answer. Then later in the video, we see Congressman Tom Rooney detailing just how dangerous to national security these Obama-era leaks have become. Comey follows this up by indicating the leaks coming out of D.C. now are “unusually active.”

The above video reaffirms there is ZERO evidence of any collusion between the then-Trump campaign and Russian officials. Those are the FACTS – facts the Mainstream Media continues to ignore as it works to try and damage the Trump administration and protect the previous Obama administration – and Barack Obama himself.

There is far more evidence to suggest the Obama White House orchestrated the leaks in question, and has Obama-era government officials who to this day, continue to engage in that same activity. Remember, nearly every major Establishment Media outlet was pushing the Russia-Trump narrative just prior to the November election. Hillary Clinton herself was more than hinting at the story. Here is her tweet from October 2016:

All of the above information would have to be obtained via classified information.

Second, the “link” between the Trump Organization server and the Russian bank appears to have been nothing more than spam, as detailed in this Daily Mail report:

FBI bows to Clinton supporters’ demands to probe Trump links with Russia – but comes up blank


  • Federal law enforcement officials combed over possible links between Donald Trump and the Russia and came up with nothing
  • The FBI found no evidence that Trump was involved in Russian hacking of Democratic Party officials’ emails 
  • A server at the Trump Organization that supposedly communicated with a Russian bank in secret was a dead end
  • None of the queries Hillary Clinton’s campaign pushed for turned up evidence that the billionaire, or his company, is working with Russia
  • A computer scientist says he found exchanges between Russia’s Alfa Bank in Moscow and the Trump Organization, but the FBI believes it was spam 
  • Alfa Bank and Trump’s campaign deny using the servers to communicate

Now here is where things get particularly interesting. What if the Obama government was the one to initiate the spam linking the Trump Organization’s server with the Russian Alfa Bank and then used that link to initiate surveillance? From there, it leaked information to the Clinton campaign, favored media sources, etc. – all in serious violation of the law.

With that in mind, it becomes very clear why so many in the media have no interest in pursuing the potential truth regarding this situation – that truth would involve their own complicity in violating the law and putting national security at risk.

Add that scenario to a D.C. Whispers report from yesterday:

James Comey Just Explained How Establishment Media Legally Creates Fake News

The ruse becomes even more clear as does the likelihood it was the Obama White House, working side-by-side with the Clinton campaign and using government operatives within the U.S. Intelligence agencies, to create a Trump-Russia story meant to help secure Election Day victory for Mrs. Clinton. That victory was denied, but the fake Russian story continues as a now-frightened media (and some politicians who were also involved) become more desperate to cover their own tracks.

Donald Trump wasn’t supposed to win. He wasn’t supposed to be President and have the power to investigate THEM.

As for Barack Obama, the entire episode is yet another example of his true legacy. A man who cares little for national security and far more about highly divisive and dangerous ideological politics.



BIZARRE: John McCain Declares Senator Rand Paul Is Working For The Russians (VIDEO)

After some back and forth, John McCain goes to the Senate floor and states anyone in the Senate who opposes a treaty allowing the tiny nation of Montenegro to join NATO is “…carrying out the objectives of Vladimir Putin.”

Senator Rand Paul then objects to the treaty proposal and leaves the Senate chambers. Things take an even more bizarre turn as the 80-year old McCain then openly accuses Senator Paul of “…working for Vladimir Putin.”

Nancy Pelosi Says She Has Never Met Russian Ambassador. Photo Says Otherwise.

Lies are the air of which these Democrats breathe. After other Democrat leaders such as Claire McCaskill and Chuck Schumer were shown cavorting with Russian government officials, Nancy Pelosi decided to utter what might be the most blatant lie yet in this ongoing and bizarre fixation Democrats have with seeing Russia from their D.C. porches. 

First is a video of Pelosi stating she has never met with the Russian ambassador. Below that is a photo of her sitting down to a meal with the Russian ambassador she claims never to have met.


(A file photo from Nancy Pelosi’s 2010 meeting with Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev shows Sergey Kislyak at the table across from Pelosi | Credit: Alamy)


This blame Russia for everything nonsense has become a parody of the real work that should be getting done in Washington D.C. and all those  participating, from both Democrat and Republican politicians, and those among the Establishment Media, should be held to account.  Enough is enough.


Remember When John McCain Asked For Russian Campaign Cash? We Do. Here’s The Proof.

John McCain has been among the most vocal of President Trump’s GOP critics. (Playing the very same talk-to-anyone-in-the-media-to-complain role that he did during the G.W.  Bush presidency when McCain was constantly going on liberal news programs to complain about then-President Bush. One of Senator McCain’s favorite complaints these days are his dire warnings of undo “Russian influence” in the 2016 Election – that such influence would be dangerously illegal and require a full investigation by Congress.

**Ahem** – it would appear the senator has forgotten how his campaign once reached out to acquire Russian cash in a previous presidential election, (a serious violation) and when he was caught, Mr. McCain shrugged it off as a “mailing glitch.”  

Here is the media report of the “mailing glitch” that took place in 2008 via Newsday:

“…Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, received a fundraising appeal from the Republican presidential nominee Thursday, said spokesman Ruslan Bakhtin.

…Presidential campaigns are legally barred from accepting foreign contributions.”

The Russian Ambassador mentioned in the earlier Newsday report, Vitaly Churkin is pictured above on the left. He died suddenly this past week of an apparent heart attack in New York one day shy of his 65th birthday.

John McCain has devolved into a very odd, manic, and aggressive globalist in recent years, pushing for open borders, beating the drums of war in Syria and now Russia, and constantly berated a sitting Republican president (Donald Trump) while Mr. McCain remained mostly silent when that president was Barack Obama.



Gee, Remember When Obama Literally Whispered Into Russia’s Ear? (VIDEO)

Retired General Michael Flynn was fired this week by President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence after it was discovered Flynn did not fully explain a previous conversation he had with a Russian diplomat in which Flynn suggested relations between the U.S. and Russia would likely improve after Trump became president. The media and Democrats are calling this undeniable proof of undo influence by Russia on American foreign policy.

And yet, there was no such outrage for this moment when then-President Barack Obama leaned into then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, and whispered he would have “more flexibility” to work with Russia after the 2012 Election. It was a message Medvedev promptly indicated would be delivered to Putin. 

The selective outrage of the Mainstream Media and Democrats is a truly remarkable thing to behold.


Clinton Campaign & Obama Administration Pushing Election Cyber Hacking Story

There were two relatively minor incidents that took place earlier this summer which are now being used by both the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Obama administration to call for increased federal control over the election process – as well as a possible means of delegitimizing an election outcome should that outcome declare Donald Trump the winner.

NBC, CNN, and the New York Times have led the recent magnification of the election hacking story based upon a months-old hack of a board of election site, and a failed hack of another. That is not to say such a hack does not warrant attention, but rather, it is the subsequent media spin of these events that has tipped the proverbial hand of the Clinton-Obama motivation.

The basic gist is this – Russia doesn’t want to see Hillary Clinton elected.

The problem with that story, though, is why wouldn’t Russia want Hillary Clinton to be president? During her tenure as Secretary of State, Russia’s power and influence across the globe increased considerably, as did Putin’s standing as a geopolitical broker of sorts.

Add to this the strong ties the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton have to rather dubious business dealings with the Russians. Logic demands the likely scenario of the Russians holding considerable sway over Hillary Clinton via information she likely does not wish to see be made fully public.

And there is this theory now floating about among some alternative media circles:

The Russians are trying to catch the Democrats in the act of committing election fraud – the very fraud alleged to have taken place to some degree or other the previous two elections that had counties with more votes counted than registered voters, and districts where not a single vote was cast for the Republican candidate.

If such corrupt election practices did in fact take place before, does anyone believe someone like Hillary Clinton does not intend to repeat that corruption to ensure her own victory in November?

So imagine now the Clinton campaign worried the hacking of the board of election sites might prevent them from fully utilizing their election fraud machinery. Perhaps they can instead use those hacks, should Hillary lose in November, to raise the very claim of election fraud the Clintons planned to carry out themselves!

Think that scenario too far-fetched?

Then you haven’t been paying attention.

These people have never played fair.

They only play to win.

Did you see this headline from today showing how Barack Obama is preparing to take over the tallying of votes?

Homeland eyes special declaration to take charge of elections

Oh my…


Hey, Media – Remember When Obama Attempted To Manipulate The Election In Israel?

Oh, what seemingly short and highly selective memories does the Mainstream Media have when it comes to foreign countries attempting to manipulate the election outcomes of other nations.

You know, like Barack Obama did just recently in Israel?

Check out these headlines from just last year:

Bibi’s Strategist: Obama Meddled More Than You Know


US Senate probes Obama funding for anti-Netanyahu campaign – report

Israelis Unsurprised by Probe of Obama Elections Interference

Of course, the above stories are primarily from foreign news agencies and/or alternative news sites because the Mainstream Media worked double-time to ignore and the bury the facts involving the Obama White House coordinating an anti-Netanyahu effort just prior to the most recent Israeli national election.

Netanyahu won and Obama lost.

But now, we see Democrat operatives repeating 24/7 their believe that Russian hackers were responsible for releasing to the public evidence of just how manipulative the DNC was in ensuring Hillary Clinton won the nomination, including many comments from party officials with racial and religious connotations. 

These operatives and their Mainstream Media cohort are now declaring how wrong it is for Russia to be meddling in the U.S. election process. (even before any substantiated proof of that meddling has been shown)

It is yet another mountainous portion of hypocrisy that has long been the hallmark of the Democrat party.

When Barack Obama meddles in the elections of other countries it’s just fine, nothing to see here, move on.

When the manipulative and dishonest tactics of the Democrat Party are proven IN THEIR OWN WORDS, it is the possible messenger of those facts who is attacked. Of course, Hillary Clinton has repeatedly made clear that rules and standards are for others, and should never be applied to her.

Welcome to the 2016 Election…


Putin Launches Submarine Missile Attack Against ISIS In Syria (VIDEO)

Ignoring repeated concerns voiced by the Obama administration, Russia’s Vladimir Putin further escalated his war against ISIS and Islamic militant forces throughout Syria today via a series of high-powered missile attacks launched via a submarine located in the Mediterranean Sea.

(ABOVE: Putin sends missiles raining down on ISIS, “From Russia – with love.”)


Following ISIS-related terrorist attacks against a Russian fighter plane and earlier in Egypt, a Russian passenger airliner, Putin is said to be more determined than ever to,”…wipe ISIS from the face of the earth.”

The missile attacks are said to have focused primarily on areas in and around the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa in Syria.

Here is video of the submarine missile attack via Russia’s Defense Minister:

Putin Snarls At Climate Summit: Claims Turkey Protecting ISIS Oil Routes

Vladimir Putin met with several world leaders at the Climate Change summit held in Paris this week, but he adamantly refused to meet with Turkish President Recep Erdogan. Putin claims yet more intelligence data confirms Turkey’s primary reason for shooting down a Russian fighter jet last week was to protect delivery of significant sums of ISIS-controlled oil being shipped to market through Turkey.

President Erdogan, among Barack Obama’s most enthusiastic international supporters, denounced the accusation, claiming he would resign as his nation’s president if the charges were proven true.

Interestingly, U.S. intelligence sources speaking on condition of anonymity, have already sided with Russia’s claim its fighter jet was shot down inside of Syrian airspace, directly contradicting both Turkey’s claim the jet had flown into  its airspace, and Barack Obama’s quick support of what he called Turkey’s right to defend its borders.

President Erdogan had no comment regarding recent Iraqi government indications that Mr. Putin’s claims of Turkey acting on behalf of ISIS interests are valid:

“…there is “no shadow of a doubt” that the Turkish government knows about the oil smuggling operations.“The merchants, the businessmen [are buying oil] in the black market in Turkey under the noses – under the auspices if you like – of the Turkish intelligence agency and the Turkish security apparatus,” – Iraqi MP

Embedded image permalink

The area with the three dollar-sign bags also happens to be where the Russian jet fighter was shot down.

The simmering Putin vs Erdogan conflict was enough to have several world leaders try and smooth over the situation between the two leaders, including both Barack Obama and John Kerry, among others. Mr. Putin is said to have remained polite, though notably quiet during the exchanges, while Erdogan was increasingly defensive of his government’s claimed innocence.

Putin has already imposed economic sanctions and travel bans against Turkey, with promises of more to come.

He has also continued bombing ISIS oil facilities and transport routes, including those along the Syrian/Turkish border.

REPORT: The Real Reason Turkey Shot Down Russian Fighter

Within minutes of shooting down (and filming) a Russian military jet the Turkish government was claiming it did so to protect its own airspace. Russian officials then disputed that claim while the Obama White House quickly sided with Turkey.

(See the outline of that scenario here: Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Shoots Down Russian Fighter Jet )

The real reason though is something far simpler and sinister and something both the Mainstream Media and the Obama administration doesn’t want you to know – money. Namely significant sums of money being pocketed by oddly close allies of the Obama White House via direct dealings with ISIS terrorists.

Much has been said about ISIS generating millions of dollars every week via sales of oil taken from territories it took control of months earlier. Until very recently, Barack Obama has been reluctant to attack ISIS oil fields and ISIS oil transportation routes.

(See that story here: The Moment Putin Growled & Obama Cowered At The G-20 Summit… )

Here is an excerpt from that above report regarding the much-publicized 40-minute sit down that took place between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama at the G20 Summit which was hosted by Turkey:

“…After several tense seconds, President Obama looked away and then began speaking. Putin awaited his own interpreter and with each word from Mr Obama, his smirk became more pronounced. Barack Obama spoke of the need for cooperation, of dealing with Assad, of an international approach to ensure fairness to everyone involved.

Mr. Putin jabbed a finger at the ISIS oil fields photographs and declared them gone. He then rose up from his chair, smiled warmly for the media cameras watching the exchange, and then later gave the now infamous comments that made clear his feelings toward the American president:

Putin Laughs Off Obama At G20 Summit: “He’s A Child…He’s A Child.”

It was Putin who demanded that ISIS oil production be destroyed and it was Putin who set out to do just that as described by this excerpt:

“…Within hours of that meeting, U.S. forces began bombing ISIS oil transport trucks. The Obama White House moved quickly to push the American media to detail those attacks as a show of Barack Obama’s determination to defeat ISIS in an attempt to minimize Putin’s growing influence as the dominant world leader in the war on ISIS. What the White House didn’t disclose (but disgruntled military operatives then leaked) was that it ordered leaflets to be dropped prior to the bombing campaign to allow “innocents” time to escape.

The Obama administration proudly claimed it destroyed 116 ISIS oil transport vehicles.

Russian military then proceeded to decimate over 500 hundred ISIS transport trucks – and did so without prior warning.

Statistically, the Putin-directed response to ISIS is 500% greater than that overseen by Barack Obama which would appear to only reinforce Mr. Putin’s claims of Barack Obama’s childlike approach to dealing with Muslim terrorists.”

Now with the above information in hand, add to it this very important fact:

ISIS has been using Turkey to bring its oil to market and in doing so, has developed a mutually beneficial financial arrangement with the Turkish government – namely Recep Tayyip Erdogan who is potentially making millions of dollars on the side via that arrangement.  Erdogan, perhaps the single most powerful Muslim Brotherhood leader in the world, is of course also very close to Barack Obama:

The Russian fighters were attacking ISIS oil routes that led into Turkey, thus endangering the multi-million dollar agreement between ISIS and the Erdogan regime. Turkey was allowed to shoot down a Russian jet fighter with the assurance it would have the quick support (and thus military backing) of the Obama White House after doing so.

That is exactly what just transpired.

With that information now added to this wicked cauldron of international deceit, add this excerpt from a related D.C. Whispers report:

“It should also be noted that Turkey has now militarily engaged both the Kurds and Russia – the two forces that have most aggressively taken up the fight to defeat ISIS. The Obama administration continues to refuse to adequately arm Kurdish fighters, and openly complains of the increase in Russian influence in that same region.

It’s as if Recep Tayyip Erdogan enjoys leadership of two nations, his own Turkey, and that of the United States via what appears to be considerable influence directed through the vessel known as Barack Hussein Obama.”

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Shoots Down Russian Fighter Jet

UPDATE: Senator and GOP candidate Marco Rubio just sided with Barack Obama and declared “we must defend Turkey from Russian assault.” Mr. Rubio suggested Turkey, as a NATO member, could require ALL NATO members to defend it against Russia should it be attacked. In more direct terms, that would be a potential World War III scenario.


Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Shoots Down Russian Fighter Jet

Around the same time that Barack Obama became President of the United States, Turkey had a significant shift in its own political dynamic as well in the form of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, among the world’s most significant and influential Muslim leaders and a longtime member of the hard-line Muslim Brotherhood.

Mr. Erdogan is currently Turkey’s President and since his rise to near absolute power in that country, a far closer ally of the Obama administration specifically than he is of the United States.

Today we learn his government shot down a Russian fighter plane carrying out bombing missions against ISIS militants while flying over the Syrian-Turkish border.

ABOVE: The relationship between the Turkish President and Barack Obama has been described as “unusually close.” Erdogan was the first leader to call Mr. Obama upon his re-election victory in 2012. Obama in turn has continued to expand the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Erdogan is a leader, within his own administration. Turkey has long desired to remove Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, a non-Muslim Brotherhood member, from power and it has been suggested Turkey has been using ISIS to try and accomplish that goal. If true, it might explain, at least in part, why the Obama administration has been so reluctant to engage ISIS militarily.


Make no mistake, when Recep Erdogan speaks or acts, he does so as much for the Muslim Brotherhood as he does for Turkey itself. It is the same Muslim Brotherhood group that has been classified a terrorist organization by the British government.

The Obama administration refuses to do so. Instead, it continues to provide Muslim Brotherhood members unfettered access into various levels of the U.S. government:

Both Barack Obama and Recep Erdogan held a lengthy bilateral meeting earlier this month during the G-20 Summit which was hosted by Turkey:

It was at that same G20 gathering that had Vladimir Putin brushing aside Barack Obama:

Putin Laughs Off Obama At G20 Summit: “He’s A Child…He’s A Child.”

Senior White House adviser, Valerie Jarrett continues to maintain very close relations with CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood group based within the United States. CAIR most recently awarded the Texas student dubbed “clock boy” as its 2015 “Muslim of the year.” The teenage student had built a device which looked like a suitcase bomb and then brought it to school where understandable panic ensued. Within 24-hours the boy received congratulations from Barack Obama himself who declared the device to be a “cool clock” and then invited the boy and his Muslim family to the White House for presidential recognition.

For building a fake bomb clock.

What has just transpired over the skies of Turkey and Syria is no hoax though – it is a show of strength from the world’s most powerful Muslim Brotherhood nation against a world leader who has long made clear his disdain of Muslim militants.

Within hours of the Russian fighter jet being shot down by Turkish anti-aircraft fire, the first government to quickly side with Turkey was the Obama administration.

It should also be noted that Turkey has now militarily engaged both the Kurds and Russia – the two forces that have most aggressively taken up the fight to defeating ISIS. The Obama administration continues to refuse to adequately arm Kurdish fighters, and openly complains of the increase in Russian influence in that same region.

It’s as if Recep Tayyip Erdogan enjoys leadership of two nations, his own Turkey, and that of the United States via what appears to be considerable influence directed through the vessel known as Barack Hussein Obama.





Mac Walker’s Rules of Engagement:


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  • “Mac Walker’s 40,000 Feet is one hell of a terrorist military thrillers ride! Takes off like a jet and never lets up. Well done…”

And So It Begins…Putin’s Russia Initiates Massive Bombing Campaign Against ISIS

Reports are now circulating regarding a massive bombing campaign by Russian military forces over the last 72-hours that is decimating ISIS militant installations throughout Syria.

At last count, 448 ISIS-related facilities have been destroyed in just the past three days.

Even more concerning for ISIS is the suggestions from within the Putin government that the last 72-hours is but a small beginning of what will be a far stronger and deadlier campaign to follow in the coming weeks and months.

It is also confirmation of earlier D.C. Whispers reports on this very subject:

BREAKING: Putin Prepares To “Unleash Hell” Upon ISIS Forces After Airline Bombing Attack…

The Russian leader’s resolve is said to be more determined than ever to deal out justice to the terrorist group that has already taken responsibility for downing a Russian airliner, a tragedy that took the lives of all 224 on board.

Mr. Putin’s disregard for Barack Obama is also said to remain firmly in place, as detailed in this earlier D.C. Whispers report:

“Mr. Putin is said to be consumed by a cold rage following the air tragedy and more determined than ever to see ISIS wiped from the face of the earth. He also, according to British media reports, admonished those he called his partners in the war against ISIS of “having mush for brains.” Most believe the statement was primarily directed at Barack Obama who himself has attempted to make jokes about Mr. Putin’s determination to fight ISIS more effectively than has the Obama administration over the previous year.”

Russia’s Putin Issues Order On ISIS: “Annihilate Them…”

And now this latest headline from JewsNews:

PUTIN’S REVENGE: Russian Air Force destroys 448 terrorist facilities in Syria over 3 days

For those waking up a member of ISIS in Syria and beyond, it appears Mr. Putin is making good on his promise it will be the last time you wake up at all…




Mac Walker’s Rules of Engagement:


Former Navy SEAL sniper and government gun for hire Mac Walker finds himself in an uneasy alliance with the beautiful and mysterious Vatican operative Stasia Wellington as they fight to save the plane’s passenger and defeat the terrorists and their plot to kill tens of thousands. Mac Walker’s 40,000 Feet is the first volume in the highly popular Mac Walker military thrillers series that has earned an enthusiastic following of fans as they cheer the never give in and never give up nature that embodies the Mac Walker character.  GET IT:  HERE

  • “Mac Walker’s 40,000 Feet is one hell of a terrorist military thrillers ride! Takes off like a jet and never lets up. Well done…”