REPORT: Obama Set Up Meeting Between Russian Ambassador & Jeff Sessions

This Democrat manufactured “the Russians did it” attack against the Trump White House is getting downright insidious. New reports out now via various media outlets are placing the origination of at least one of the two much-discussed meetings between then-Senator Jeff Sessions (now the Trump Attorney General) and the Russian ambassador as being set up by the Obama administration! Let that sink in, reader. In addition, that same Russian ambassador was a guest at the Obama White House no fewer than 22 times!

Via CNS News :

It was actually the Obama Administration that set up Senator Jeff Sessions’  first meeting with a Russian ambassador last year, which Democrats are attempting to demonize, a former Justice Department attorney reveals.

…So, Obama’s State Department not only sponsored the event, but it also invited the Russian ambassador Democrats are now vilifying, thus setting Sessions up to interact with him, Von Spakovsky explains:

“Apparently, after Sessions finished speaking, a small group of ambassadors—including the Russian ambassador—approached the senator as he left the stage and thanked him for his remarks.”

So, members of the Obama Administration sponsored and arranged the event. Then, as The New York Times reports, they carried out plans to sensationalize and draw suspicion to the very encounter with the Russian ambassador that they prompted.



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Democrat Senator Says She Never Met W/Russian Ambassador. She Lied. See Proof Here.

Senator Claire McCaskill is a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee – the same committee Jeff Sessions was a member of when he met from time to time with various foreign dignitaries including from Russia. Earlier today, McCaskill stated she had NEVER met or spoken with the Russian ambassador during her ten years on the Armed Services Committee. Either she has a very bad memory, or she outright lied in an effort to promote the ongoing political witch-hunt against Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Check it out – and share with others. These meetings are commonplace. The media and Democrats would now have people believe otherwise. Don’t fall for it.


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Barack Obama Launches “Full Investigation” Into Why Truth Was Told About Hillary Clinton & Democrats

In the months and weeks leading up to Election Day, DNC emails were made public, as were emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta. While now wailing about the injustice of those emails being made public, it should be noted that NOBODY is disputing what they revealed, namely direct collusion between the DNC and the Clinton campaign at the expense of Bernie Sanders, collusion between the media and Clinton Inc., and collusion between Clinton Inc., and foreign interests that clearly outlined the pay-to-play scenario long rumored regarding the Clinton Foundation and then-Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. So what does Barack Obama now do with his call for a “full investigation” into the email hack? Ignore the message by blaming the messenger.

It should also be mentioned that Mr. Obama’s “full investigation” announcement in to the DNC and Clinton email hacks comes not twenty-four hours after recount efforts in Michigan came to a quite abrupt halt after vast discrepancies in urban area voting tallies were revealed, as initially reported here:

Democrat Voter Fraud EXPOSED Via Michigan Recount Efforts – This Is How They Steal Elections

“…The urban centers are used to “stuff” the final voting tally in order to secure Democrat victories in critical swing states like Michigan and Pennsylvania, and the media is quick to report “significant” voter turnout in those same urban areas as justification for the inflated numbers – even, as in the case during the 2012 Election, far more votes were counted than actual voters.”

When the fraud became obvious, election officials in Michigan brought the recount to a halt, and the Mainstream Media worked double-time to distract from what had been discovered – namely ballot stuffing at a startling rate that has likely been going on for multiple elections going back several generations.

And so here is Barack Obama touting a “full investigation” into the hacking of the DNC and Clinton campaign emails, but not once denying the total veracity of those emails – because he can’t. Those emails were legit and painted a very clear picture of multi-layered corruption among the political and media establishment. Corruption that if the media were in any way honest, would have been reporting on 24/7, but instead chose to ignore as it revealed Hillary Clinton for the incompetent, self-obsessed elitist-opportunist she is.

Remember, it was Barack Obama who said “not a smidgen of evidence” regarding IRS targeting of conservative groups. HE WAS PROVEN WRONG. He claimed Hillary Clinton “did nothing wrong” regarding her private server and mishandling of classified information. HE WAS PROVEN WRONG. He just recently claimed there was had not been a single domestic terror attack in the United States since he became president. WHAT???

America has suffered a terror attack every year under Obama

This “full investigation” is nothing more than further distraction from the truth Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and their cadre of supporters in the Mainstream Media want to keep hidden from view. The Democrat Party has veered so far to the left over the last eight years it would be unrecognizable to the likes of John F. Kennedy. Its leadership is an assortment of socialist/communists nearly as tired, stale and decrepit as Fidel Castro – and he’s dead!


Hillary Clinton lost the election because she is a sickly-looking elitist who had no message that resonated with the working Middle Class while Donald Trump expanded the Republican vote among minorities, union members, and the economically disenfranchised. This support was enough to even overcome the cooked-in corruption in places like Detroit and Philadelphia intended to secure critical electoral swing votes.

The collective whining from the far left, Barack Obama very much included, is yet further evidence of why the Democrat Party risks being utterly irrelevant. More and more Americans are sick of the whining, and hungry to WIN again, and no longer so willing to fall for the bag of tricks used repeatedly by the likes of Obama and the Mainstream Media.

It wasn’t the Russians, it wasn’t “fake news”, or racism that defeated Hillary Clinton.

The reason for her loss is quite simple – she is a horrible candidate who represents a failed ideology who ran against an opponent who actually loves America and its people.



Hillary Clinton Claims Russians Working For Trump

A desperate Team Clinton, wanting badly to silence news coverage involving questions of her potentially poor health and repeated lies concerning emails and a private server, put forth allegations voiced by Mrs. Clinton herself that the Russian government was working to ensure Donald Trump defeats her.

Via NBC News this morning:

“Hillary Clinton accused Russia of trying to “interfere with our election,” suggesting that Moscow’s alleged hacking attempts against her party were designed to bolster Donald Trump.”

The Russian allegation came on the very same day Mrs. Clinton complained that repeated questions about her health and the FBI investigation into her emails, server, and the Clinton Foundation, were little more than “conspiracies” at her expense.

So far, none of the media present with Clinton on the campaign trail have pointed out her use of a conspiracy against Mr. Trump as a defense against what she alleges to be conspiracies against her.

In the meantime, CNN just released its latest national poll showing Trump having moved ahead of Mrs. Clinton.

No word yet on when Hillary Clinton will discredit that poll as yet another conspiracy against her, and if she will also admit to having a longtime and very cozy business relationship with the Putin government that includes the sale of uranium to the Russians.




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