Former Trump Aide To Rip Up Mueller Subpoena: “Let Him Arrest Me…I’m Not Going.”

Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg is no fan of the President. He was fired from the Trump campaign early on. Despite  lingering animosity, though, Nunberg has no patience for the hyper-partisan fishing expedition that is the Mueller investigation into alleged Trump/Russia collusion which has been going on for more than a year without uncovering a shred of evidence against Mr. Trump or his campaign:

Nunberg said he does not plan to comply with the subpoena, including either testimony or providing documents.

“Let him arrest me,” Nunberg said. “Mr. Mueller should understand I am not going in on Friday.”

Nunberg said he was planning to go on Bloomberg TV and tear up the subpoena.

“I’m not spending 80 hours going over my emails with Roger Stone and Steve Bannon and producing them,” Nunberg said. “Donald Trump won this election on his own. He campaigned his ass off. And there is nobody who hates him more than me.”


And anti-Mueller backlash has been brewing for some time as more and more view Mr. Meuller as a Deep State operative doing whatever he can to damage President Trump while protecting those other Deep State operatives like former FBI Director James Comey of attempting to illegally influence the 2016 Election.