BREAKING: Real Reason Comey Was Fired: Helping To Cover Up Stunning Obama Unmasking Scandal (VIDEO)

Barack Obama (and the Clinton Machine) used the powers of the federal government to illegally influence an ongoing U.S. presidential election. That rumor is nothing new – and a great deal of evidence has already been leaked to indicate it is in fact true. Now another layer of credible evidence has been added to this blockbuster scenario. U.S. intelligence experts are stating that former FBI Director James Comey is believed to have been aiding in the cover up of that massive scandal and that is the primary reason for his sudden firing.

See video for further explanation/confirmation:

The Comey-directed FBI was apparently and quite purposefully slow-walking the investigation into the unmasking scandal that had U.S. government intelligence agencies during the Obama era illegally gathering data against political opponents – namely those related to the then Trump presidential campaign.

As for the oft-repeated Trump/Russia connection? It remains non-existent and nothing more than a smokescreen distraction to divert attention away from a sitting president’s (Obama) historic illegal use of federal power to interfere in a presidential election that would determine his presidential successor – interference that likely had the full blessing/support and cooperation of Mr. Obama’s approved successor and former Secretary of State – Hillary Clinton.

That is the real scandal that is simmering beneath the slime of D.C.’s feet. It is a scandal with tentacles connecting a myriad of very significant and longtime political and media power players.

Don’t expect the Establishment to easily reveal this truth. That is for each of you to make it be known far and wide.

CAUGHT! Watch Hillary Clinton & Lester Holt Working Together During Presidential Debate

Does this go into the realm of all-out conspiracy?

Perhaps, but the evidence is indeed compelling, and can anyone argue that Lester Holt, who just weeks earlier openly celebrated Hillary Clinton’s Democrat Party nomination, wasn’t interesting in doing all he could to help her?

Watch the video and if you feel it provides evidence of complicity between Clinton and Holt, share with others.


BREAKING: Proof Hillary Ordered Email Deletion Developing Now – Smoking Gun?

This is an initial tremor that might very well result in an all out quake.

Here’s the basic gist uncovered by some talented Reddit users:

Here is a post from two years ago that has Paul Combetta (the man in charge of Hillary’s personal server) requesting help on how to delete/alter emails for a (very) VIP client:

“Hello all- I may be facing a very interesting situation where I need to strip out a VIP’s (VERY VIP) email address from a bunch of archived email that I have both in a live Exchange mailbox, as well as a PST file. Basically, they don’t want the VIP’s email address exposed to anyone, and want to be able to either strip out or replace the email address in the to/from fields in all of the emails we want to send out. I am not sure if something like this is possible with PowerShell, or exporting all of the emails to MSG and doing find/replaces with a batch processing program of some sort. Does anyone have experience with something like this, and/or suggestions on how this might be accomplished?”

The issue is that these emails involve the private email address of someone you’d recognize, and we’re trying to replace it with a placeholder address as to not expose it.

The above appears to confirm that Hillary Clinton, (or someone very high up speaking on her behalf) ordered what is without a doubt, an obstruction of justice effort.

Then remember THIS – The Obama Department of Justice granted Paul Combetta immunity very early on in the FBI investigation process.

Please check out the always-good Gateway Pundit for more on this now breaking story:  HERE


MUST READ: How the Clintons Earned MILLIONS Via Fraudulent, Government-Funded University Program

Team Hillary, with a significant assist via the Mainstream Media, has been pushing the Trump University class action lawsuit story with increasing aggression as Mrs. Clinton faces yet further declining poll numbers and tepid support among even lifelong Democrat voters.

Amidst that would-be scandal, though, is something of far greater, albeit related, significance involving both Bill and Hillary Clinton and their multi-million dollar for-profit, Latin America university scam.

The operation goes by the name of Laureate Education, a multi-national for-profit enterprise primarily funded by the U.S. government and until very recently, had none other than Bill Clinton as its honorary Chancellor – a position which earned Mr. Clinton $16.5 million dollars over just a five-year period.

And most of that $16.5 million is said to have come from $55 million in U.S. State Department funding during the very time Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

Take a moment to let that one sink in.

Oh, and billionaire financier George Soros is also a big Laureate Education backer – the very same George Soros who is funding much of the anti-Trump protests in such places as San Jose, California that took place yesterday that had numerous Trump supporters assaulted:

The Washington Post described Laureate with the following:

“Laureate has stirred controversy throughout Latin America, where it derives two-thirds of its revenue.” During Bill Clinton’s tenure as Laureate’s chancellor, the school spent over $200 million a year on aggressive telemarketing, flashy Internet banner ads, and billboards designed to lure often unprepared students from impoverished countries to enroll in its for-profit classes. The goal: get as many students, regardless of skill level, signed up and paying tuition.”

It is in essence, a taxpayer-funded Ponzi scheme for the Clintons and their Clinton Initiative. Millions are spent advertising the university and signing up 3rd world nation students whose tuition is then paid for via Hillary Clinton State Department dollars after which a portion of those same State Department dollars are pocketed personally by Bill Clinton and/or “donated” to the Clinton Foundation.

Will the Mainstream Media more fully address this scandal?

That is up to you, the reader, to make it happen.



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