REPORT: Trump Read The Memo. Ordered It Released. Democrats’ Response: “OH SH*T.”

Apparently the contents of #releasethememo are enough to shake the Democrat leadership to its core. A report out today indicates the President and his Chief of Staff John Kelly reviewed the memo. POTUS Trump then ordered it released. The four-page document is at this moment being delivered to each member of Congress.

The Trump White House is still considering also releasing all of the supporting documents upon which the memo is based. Those documents are said to be even more shocking and have the Democrat leadership declaring “Oh sh*t” regarding their potential release as well.

Congressman Adam Schiff, Democrat, is said to be especially shaken by the memo’s potential full release. His office is now sending out hints that the firings of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Special Counsel Mueller could be imminent. Of course, that also puts Congressman Schiff in a precorious position as well given he is alleged to have been the source of a great number of (illegal) leaks to the media concerning the false Trump/Russia collusion investigation – an investigation fully manfuctured by the Deep State in order to damage the then-newly elected POTUS. Schiff’s willing participation in that subterfuge makes him at the very least an accomplice to potential crimes. It is likely his hope that sacrificing Rosenstein and Mueller will be enough to satisfy the Trump White House’s desire to see justice in this matter of rampant government abuse, finally served.