Government Shut Down Update: SCHUMER JUST BLINKED

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer gave a tepid, droning, and utterly unconvincing performance on the Senate floor this morning where he repeatedly inserted the phrase, “the Trump shutdown.” The problem for Mr. Schumer is two-fold: First, very few watched his speech. Yes, CNN, MSNBC, etc., will replay it a few times, but none of those replays will generate as much interest as a single Trump tweet. Second, and this is even more critical, the phrase “Schumer Shutdown” is trending throughout Social Media circles – a development which has Mr. Schumer’s staff increasingly troubled. He doesn’t want to be the one shackled with the blame for the shutdown – the Establishment Media was supposed to make certain that was done to President Trump.

For now – it’s not, and Senator Schumer is none too happy about it.

The Democrats, and their media cohorts, once again have vastly underestimated the scope of POTUS Trump’s support system, likely because that support is truly grass-roots and comes from a Silent Majority the D.C. elite have no understanding of – and despise.

Here is how Donald Trump started the day:

All told, Mr. Trump has tweeted five times today, totaling HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of likes, retweets, etc. He is bypassing the media filter once again, leaving politicians like Schumer flat-footed and looking increasingly foolish. Word is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is having a bit of a laugh over this predicament Schumer now finds himself in. McConnell has attempted to do battle with Trump in the past – it didn’t end well for him. Now Schumer is getting a taste of that very same medicine. Within the last hour Whispers indicate Schumer’s office has reached out to McConnell to forge a deal to end the shutdown by Monday. McConnell is now playing coy, emboldened by Schumer’s increasing desperation. His office is letting it be known – “Schumer just blinked.”

That doesn’t mean Schumer can’t recover the narrative, though. He is scheduled to receive a wave of media-driven support on the Sunday news programs that intend to push back against the power of the Trump tweets. The promise of that push-back is the only reason Schumer has not already capitulated. (Watch for the manufactured anti-Trump women’s march narrative play heavily in this attempt. Those marches have been planned for weeks – just like the government shutdown which means Democrats had no intention of ever preventing a shut down in the first place. They wanted. They got it. And now Trump is making them own it. That’s the part they weren’t counting on.)

The truth of the matter is this: Democrats are holding the country hostage over a DACA issue that did not need to be resolved for another six weeks. This was their plan all along – to use the immigration issue as leverage against the entirety of the American people. That plan is not going nearly as smoothly as they had hoped and the risk of a major backfire shift in public opinion is increasing.

Watch for the media response over the next 24-hours to become near-hysterical as they fight to reassert their former dominance over public opinion.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump continues to speak to the American people directly, and driving his political enemies bonkers as he does so…