Democrats Breaking Laws To Try And Score Political Points During SCOTUS Hearing (VIDEO)

Senator Cory Booker is as swampy as the D.C. swamp gets. No more recent example of that is Mr. Booker’s willful violation of Senate rules and Executive Branch authority during Judge Brett Kavanaugh‘s SCOTUS hearing. Mr. Booker announced (repeatedly) that he was going to release confidential documents to the public and went on to paint that illegal act as something noble during a multi-minute tirade that even had some of his Democrat counterparts rolling their eyes.

Oh, and note too how a U.S. Senator calls the Supreme Court the “highest office of the land.” That is incorrect of course. The position of president is the highest office in the land.

Pathetic, low intelligence, moronic Senate scab, Cory Booker:


Watch Judge Kavanaugh Eviscerate A Nearly Inchoherent Senator Patrick Leahy During SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing

Yet another aging Democrat put on a nationally-televised demonstration of the need for Congressional term limits. Watch as 78-year-old Patrick Leahy makes reference to an email that doesn’t actually exist. Senator Leahy attempts to insinuate the email in question was stolen from him SIXTEEN YEARS AGO as nearly everyone in the hearing room, including Leahy’s own staff, look on increasingly confused as to what the senator is talking about. For his part, Judge Kavanaugh shows a remarkable degree of patience while also managing to entrap the senator in his own confused lie. From there a badly beaten Leahy makes a hasty retreat and changes the subject.


RUMOR: Trump’s SCOTUS Pick Would Make Antonin Scalia & Ronald Reagan Very Proud

If legit (and not a classic Trump head fake) the pick of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, 46, to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court would enrage the Far Left and thrill those Americans who considered the late Antonin Scalia the Court’s strongest advocate for strict Constitutionalism. You see, Judge Barrett was a clerk for Justice Scalia and her ascension to the Court would be a direct link to Scalia’s brilliant conservatism that was itself highly valued by the man who put Scalia on the Supreme Court – President Ronald Reagan.