Liberal Juan Williams & Conservative Sean Hannity BOTH Call Out CNN For Fake News Gun Incident

CNN went to air with allegations that Sean Hannity pointed a weapon at fellow Fox News contributor, Juan Williams. The bent of the CNN report was to suggest Williams and others felt threatened.

The story is at best a gross misrepresentation of what really happened – more commonly known as a lie.

The incident in question was an off-air moment between Hannity and Williams, longtime friends, that had Mr. Hannity showing Mr. Williams, a firearm for which Hannity has a conceal and carry permit for. Dylan Byers of CNN printed a story indicating Williams felt threatened.


Here is Juan Williams himself responding to CNN’s fake news claim:

What the above words by Juan Williams above show is that CNN NEVER BOTHERED TO ASK HIM ABOUT THE INCIDENT. Let that sink in. CNN creates a story claiming Williams was threatened at gunpoint by Sean Hannity – but never interviews the supposed victim. Instead, it goes to print with said story without the facts – the “facts” are simply made up.

That has been CNN’s (and others in the Establishment Media) mode of operation for a very long time. They create a narrative, and then simply make up/exaggerate stories to fit that narrative. How many lies/exaggerations have they pushed regarding politics, global warming, the economy, immigration, foreign policy, education, race relations, etc.? The count now is easily into the thousands.

Oh, and in related information. The CNN attack on Sean Hannity took place within days of Hannity taking time on air to expose the “corporate jihad” against President Donald Trump that CNN and its Establishment Media cohorts have been involved in for the past several months.

Coincidence? Not likely.


Fox News Civil War: Megyn Kelly vs Sean Hannity

Megyn Kelly threw quite a bit of shade over her fellow Fox News talents during yet another round of promotion for her just-released book, “Settle for More” in which Kelly accuses some on Fox of settling for less when it came to asking real questions of Donald Trump.

Trump is a primary focal point of Kelly’s book, and it is clear that at the time of its writing, she was certain Trump was going to be defeated and that she would be able to claim herself to have played a pivotal part in that defeat.

Donald Trump wasn’t defeated, though, leaving Kelly promoting a book that is now far removed from reality.

Sean Hannity, who has been and remains an unapologetic supporter of Donald Trump, was quick to respond:


Sean Hannity Is Sick & Tired Of Ted Cruz’s Political-Speak…

Over the course of the last week, things have grown testy between Fox News and radio personality Sean Hannity and GOP presidential candidate, Ted Cruz.

At the center of this dispute is Mr. Hannity’s assertion Mr. Cruz continues to duck the questions that surround his campaign’s ongoing “poaching” of Donald Trump delegates even in states where Trump soundly defeated Cruz.

This led  to a glaring example of the kind of political-speak that has many Republican voters declaring Ted Cruz to be a say anything do anything, politician. 

Take a listen and then decide for yourself.

Pay attention to the part where Cruz declares he has won the last five GOP primary elections in which he claims over “1.3 million people voted.”

What Mr. Cruz neglects to say, though he most certainly knows it, is that of those five states he rattles off to Sean Hannity, Utah,North Dakota,Wisconsin,Colorado, and Wyoming, only ONE of those states actually held a primary election – Wisconsin.

That was the state in which the entirety of the state and national GOP Machine threw its weight behind Ted Cruz and yes, delivered a lopsided defeat against Donald Trump. It is also the primary that accounts for over 90% of the “1.3 million” votes Mr. Cruz claims to have been cast in the last five state contests.

And there’s the point that has so many shaking their heads at Ted Cruz. The other four states were either party-controlled, low voter caucus elections like in Utah, or examples where there was not even a caucus, but rather a convention-styled backroom gathering in which the voters had no chance to actually participate at all, such as Colorado. Mr. Cruz is going on to call these type of delegate nominations, “landslide election victories”, a term if not an outright lie, is at the very least a gross misrepresentation of reality.

Listen as Cruz makes these very claims while once again refusing to answer Sean Hannity’s questions regarding the ongoing process of delegate poaching/intimidation/etc. which could not be possible without the full support of the GOP Establishment. Ted Cruz is not outmaneuvering Donald Trump so much as benefiting from the support of the machine that controls the delegate outcomes – the very same machine Ted Cruz once declared himself to be an enemy of: