YES, Jeff Sessions Met W/Russia…and China…and Germany…and Canada…and Great Britain…

The entirety of the manufactured “Jeff Sessions met with Russia” meme is laughable. Before he was Attorney General Sessions, he was Senator Sessions and a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. He met with multiple representatives of various nations in the normal course of his job as a U.S. senator. During his confirmation hearing, Mr. Sessions stated he knew of no contact with Russian government representatives and members of the Trump campaign. There has been ZERO evidence to even remotely suggest Mr. Sessions was misleading in that regard and certainly no evidence he mislead about the nature of his own multiple meetings as a senator.

To further emphasize just how ludicrous and misleading the Establishment Media is being in this “Sessions met with Russia” smear, we look no further than this fawning media report from 2008 that had another then-U.S. senator and presidential candidate actually travelling abroad to give speeches on American foreign policy and meeting with multiple world leaders along the way. Imagine that! What was once applauded regarding Barack Obama is now deemed somehow nefarious when it concerns other senators associated with current President Donald Trump:

Crowds gather in Berlin to hear Obama’s foreign policy speech

“…Before his address, Obama met Merkel for talks on Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and reducing carbon emissions…He also expressed concerns during meetings with the German vice-chancellor and foreign minister over strained relations between Russia and Georgia…”


The above was but one of MANY meetings then-Senator Obama had with representatives of foreign nations while he was running for president. And yet, when Senator Jeff Sessions was doing his job as senator and a member of the Armed Services Committee by holding similar such meetings, the same media that applauded Obama in 2008 is now attempting to condemn Attorney General Sessions now.

Oh, and in related “news”, it should also be noted that the original “Sessions met with Russia” was a Washington Post product that was then quickly repeated via the New York Times, CNN, etc. That WAPO story came out shortly after the newspaper hired this man:

That is John Podesta, former staffer of both the Obama and Clinton administrations and most recently, chair of the failed Hillary Clinton campaign.

Another related item is also this tidbit. During the Obama years, the Washington Post received a $600 million dollar CIA contract! That contract was under the guise of the Post helping the CIA with “cloud services.” That $600 million amount represents more than DOUBLE what the paper sold for that same year. Not a bad investment, eh? Buy something for less than $300 million and then promptly receive an Obama CIA contract for $600 million.

And you want to know who was Obama White House Counselor around the time of that transaction?

John Podesta.

See a pattern?


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