Unlike Book Title, Megyn Kelly Will Have To Settle For Less

Megyn Kelly wants more money, and just a few months ago, likely thought a bidding war would ensue between networks should they decide to be graced by her presence.

That hasn’t happened, and now Kelly must face the reality she is not nearly so valuable, desired, and perhaps respected, as she thought.

Via the L.A. Times:

“Megyn Kelly’s bestselling memoir is called “Settle for More,” but the star anchor may have to settle for less money if she decides to leave the Fox News Channel.

…So far no other networks have offered to top Fox’s figure, according to network news executives and agents familiar with the talks and who were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly. A spokesperson for Creative Artists Agency, which represents Kelly, declined to comment on her contract negotiations.”


Kelly’s last two years becoming an insatiable self-promoter, much of that time spent attacking now President-Elect Donald Trump, has made her a particularly divisive figure within the Fox News talent stable. Readers of her book have noted how its tone clearly outlined Kelly’s intent to emerge from her repeated battles (that she manufactured) with the then-GOP presidential candidate victorious, and use that conflict to further push her own self-promotion efforts.

Donald Trump won, though, the Kelly File ratings stagnated, and her stock ultimately fell. That is not to say Kelly won’t remain a very rich on-air personality with an annual salary likely in excess of fifteen million dollars, but it now appears she won’t enter the $20+ million per year she thought herself to be worth.