HEY! Remember When Obama Called Libya A, “SH*T SHOW”?

Weird. There was no media outcry when Mr. Obama said this about an African nation. Or an outcry about a U.S. POTUS speaking so negatively about the leader of a longtime ally. It’s almost like the media is totally biased or something. That can’t actually be true, though, right? I mean, the media isn’t out to get Donald Trump or anything, RIGHT? Because if the media is biased, that would be, like, wrong, and everything they say should be disregarded by, like, EVERYONE.

For realzz!!!!


Panicked Dems Use Private Meeting With POTUS TRUMP To Sabatage Border Protection Deal

The language was direct – as it always is with Mr. Trump. Whether or not he actually used the word “sh*tholes” to describe certain 3rd world nations that, for some reason, so many Democrats are desperate to make open border/come on in deals with, isn’t the real issue. Mr. Trump was making significant inroads into accomplishing a border security/DACA deal that endangered the Democrats long-standing policy of allowing hundreds of thousands of immigrants from particular nations in EVERY YEAR and then sprinkling those immigrants across such places as Florida, Texas, and Pennsylvania as a means of turning red-leaning and/or toss-up states permanently blue to ensure no Republican is ever elected POTUS again. Trump is a direct threat to that goal, and so, faces attack and obstruction every…single…day of his presidency.

That is the true foundation of the Establishment’s immigration policy in the United States – to make this nation a one-party system which will then be absorbed by the globalist elite for good.

And so, a free-wheeling policy conversation in which a deal was to be forged was quickly turned into a means to crank up the anti-Trump media machine yet again to sabotage something getting done in D.C. The Establishment, still smarting from the Trump tax deal, would not allow Mr. Trump to so quickly declare yet another stunning victory regarding border security and immigration.

They now feign outrage over the alleged use of the term “sh*thole.” Really? Who are these people who sit in D.C. pretending to be leaders? Have they been to Haiti? To Ghana? To Syria? To El Salvador? THEY ARE SH*THOLE NATIONS drowning in abusive and corrupt governments – the very same kind of government it appears Mr. Trump’s enemies want so much to have here in the United States.

What a spineless, hysterical, fake-outrage nation we have become to make so much out of words that in the greater context, mean so very little.

POTUS Trump spoke the truth. The enemies of American cannot abide that and now work to convince enough Americans to believe the same.

His success, or theirs, depends on YOU.