The Twisted Far-Left Socialism That Links Both El Paso & Dayton Tragedies

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The far-left media has gone into 24/7 anti-Trump overdrive to try and link a shooting tragedy with President Trump, citing “language” and “motive” that they would have the American people believe somehow aligns with a president who has been working so hard to make America safer and more prosperous for all. (And he’s succeeded in doing just that—particularly for Working Class minorities.)

In doing so the media has all but ignored the very clear dangerous socialist leanings of the Dayton Ohio shooter while simultaneously cherry-picking some admittedly disturbing anti-immigration language from a “manifesto” alleged to have been written by the El Paso shooter. Ah, but that very same manifesto included a great deal of other information as well—information the media has purposely neglected to inform the public about. The likely reason for that omission is clear. The El Paso shooter, like the Dayton shooter, had some clear socialist leanings as well, including a demand for universal health care, guaranteed jobs, radical environmentalism, and attacks on corporations. (He also distanced himself from President Trump)  Perhaps it is there we find the answer for the twisted motivations of both young men. They were clearly disturbed/mentally ill. Could it be socialism appeals to those suffering from such sickness?

It’s certainly something to be considered, especially given how dangerous the rhetoric is now becoming by so many on the far-left which includes calls to “eradicate” ALL Trump supporters (this was voiced by a CNN host) and the disclosure of private citizens who donated to President Trump which was done by a Democrat member of Congress within hours after the call to have those supporters eradicated.  

What if socialism is the disease and the most recent violence in Dayton and El Paso was the all too tragic result?

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CNN Host Says All Trump Supporters Should Be “Eradicated.”

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Above: Religious/Islamic scholar Reza Aslan, who recently hosted a show on CNN titled “Believer With Reza Aslan” (on which he is alleged to have eaten a human brain) and is set to release yet another program for HBO, went on a shocking rant this week calling for the eradication of President Trump and any and all who support him. 

The totalitarian tones cannot be overlooked and is yet another example of how radicalized the far-left media in America has become. 

Twitter has taken no action against Mr. Aslan’s posts.

Aslan’s claims of Trump racism are even more bizarre when considering the considerable support President Trump receives from minority voters as tabulated by none other than the New York Times:

Voted for Trump :
29% Hispanic
29% Asian
37% Other
25% Jewish
source : NY Times Exit poll data

The above information confirms yet again the how the anti-Trump hysteria from the far-left is largely manufactured and has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the fact President Trump is working very hard to return power to the American people by taking it back from the elites.

Until then, if you are among the few who still watches CNN, you might want to consider not doing so any longer given its contributors’ Hitleresque willingness to use terms like eradication when talking about tens of millions of Americans:



“It’s a thriller and an exploration of how far America has fallen as we are continually divided by agenda-driven media and politicians. And while it is no doubt a dark story it is not without hope that all is not yet lost if we could only find a way back to talking and listening to one another.”

“Time and time again this author proves how he always seems to have his hand on the pulse of what is coming before it actually happens. I don’t know how he does it but it sure makes for some fascinating reading. Mr. Diaz’s revenge is a MUST READ for anyone who thinks this country needs to get back to the basics and stop promoting the kind of nonsense that has done nothing but tear us all apart. In a way, we are all Mr. Diaz.”

Mr. Diaz's Revenge by [Ulsterman, D.W.]




Democrat Party Socialism Turns Deadly: Nine Dead In Ohio

Socialism, along with its militant cousin communism, is responsible for more death and destruction throughout human history than any other political ideology. Nothing else comes close. 

From the millions murdered by Hitler’s National Socialist Party to the tens of millions killed by socialists/communists Joseph Stalin (Soviet Union) and Mao (China) along with a dark collection of lesser dictators, socialism is a proven killer of freedom, opportunity, and many-many human lives.

And now, in 2019, that long and brutal legacy of suffering has come to America, infecting our politics and just this past week in Dayton, Ohio, bringing with it tragic loss of life.

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Via Newsbusters:

“Monday morning following the horrific, deadly mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas over the weekend, as well as Gilroy, California last week, the networks were eager to pin blame on President Trump for “fueling” the violence with his “hateful rhetoric” against immigrants. What they were not eager to do was point out that the alleged social media accounts of one of these shooters (Dayton, Ohio) revealed he was a radical leftist, who supported socialism, Antifa, and Elizabeth Warren for president.”

Should anyone be surprised? Sadly, no.

For years these homegrown American socialists have advocated for the destruction of foundational American values like free expression and self-determination.

They have cheered depictions of President Trump’s decapitation.

They have repeatedly attacked law enforcement.

They have sided with America-hating terrorists.

They have, and continue, to call for violence against any and all who oppose them, easily manipulating those already suffering from mental health issues to take action.

Some among them are now members of Congress.

Some now demand you make them president. 

The socialist barbarians are now well beyond the gate and leaving death and destruction in their wake.

2020 will likely be the single most important election of our lives and the choices have never been more clear.

Choose life or choose socialism…


Dayton, Ohio Shooter Was A Warren Supporting Antifa Socialist Who Hated Donald Trump

Two shootings, two shooters, both likely sharing the common threads of mental illness and political radicalization largely created by a far-left media and self-absorbed culture. 

Yet, only the one shooter in El Paso has so far received the vast bulk of media coverage because an alleged manifesto left by him mentions race and immigration as being motivating factors. (The media left out his anti-corporation and radical environmental views in their coverage because those items directly complicate their narrative that the tragedy is somehow President Trump’s fault—a bizarre and dangerous misrepresentation if ever there was one.)

But what of the shooter in Dayton, Ohio? Why no mention of his socialist views, his support of candidates like Elizabeth Warren, and his hatred of President Trump?

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Check out this profile of the shooter via Heavy:

“On social media, the suspect’s biography started to emerge. On his Twitter page, reviewed by Heavy, he described himself as “he/him / anime fan / metalhead / leftist / i’m going to hell and i’m not coming back.” He wrote on Twitter that he would happily vote for Democrat Elizabeth Warren, praised Satan, was upset about the 2016 presidential election results, and added, “I want socialism, and i’ll not wait for the idiots to finally come round to understanding.” The Greene County Board of Elections lists his party as “Dem.”

Other emerging details point to the shooter’s affiliation with the socialist Antifa terror group. Initial reports indicated the shooter was wearing all Antifa black at the time of the shooting spree.

To date, very little of the above the details have been shared by the far-left Establishment Media.

So far it has been President Trump who remains the voice of reasoned compassion following these dual tragedies by pointing out that mental illness is likely at the root cause of both shootings. America has become overly medicated, overly stimulated, and lacking in the kind of common sense and basic values that will inevitably lead to yet more similar tragedies.

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“Mental Illness And Hatred Pulls The Trigger, Not The Guns.” -President Trump

A much-needed moment of reasoned clarity from President Trump as the country continues to process two nearly back-to-back mass shootings over the weekend. While the far-left media predictably goes into “it’s all Trump’s fault” as they collectively rub their hands together in glee thinking to attack the president following the dual tragedies, President Trump gives a forceful yet empathetic response to the terrible loss of life.

Oh, and on a very related note, we should not forget that in Chicago, home to some of the most restrictive anti-gun laws in the nation,  there were nearly 60 shootings over the weekend as well – largely in black communities. Why is it the media continues to ignore the plight of such urban violence that goes on day after day, week after week, year after year, in cities long controlled by life-taking socialist policies? President Trump is exactly right – until we deal with the mental health crisis in America, the loss of community and the degradation of the family dynamic, these kinds of tragedies will sadly continue. Yet more gun laws will not remedy a sickness that goes much deeper than any of us seem willing to confront—the very same kind of sickness that sees media figures happily attempting to politicize tragedy. 

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The Democrat Party’s Dangerous Legacy Of Anti-Semitism Brought To Light Following Pittsburg Synagogue Tragedy

The shooting at a Pittsburg synagogue this past week was a horrific act that rightfully requires America to pause, reflect, and take stock of where we are as a nation and where we hope to be. Racism of any kind should not be accepted, tolerated, or promoted. Sadly, the Democrat Party has done that very thing far too often in recent years, and more and more Americans are finally becoming aware of it. Self-reflection can be an uncomfortable thing, but self-reflection is exactly what Democrats in 2018 need to be doing if they hope to remain a viable political party in this country. 

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Exhibit One: Al Sharpton – Mr. Sharpton has enjoyed decades of lucrative media earnings and even a presidential campaign for President of the United States in 2003. His anti-Semitism is well known despite his more recent attempts to minimize that part of his highly divisive past. Just take a moment to look up the deadly Crown Heights riots of the early 1990’s:

“If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.” – Reverend Al Sharpton

Here is a brief excerpt about the riots from The Jewish Press:

On the third day of the pogrom, Al Sharpton and Sonny Carson led a march of protesters chanting, “No Justice, No Peace!,” “Death to the Jews!” and “Whose streets? Our streets!” The mob displayed anti-Semitic signs and burned an Israeli flag.

A Jewish man was stabbed to death by the Sharpton-inspired mob.

Seventeen years later, President Barack Obama counted Sharpton as one of his closest advisers on the subject of race in America and Sharpton was an all too frequent guest at the Obama White House.

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A truly free and responsible media would have condemned the relationship. Instead, the media applauded as Mr. Sharpton’s long (and deadly) anti-Semitic history was ignored in favor of protecting the Obama presidency.

Mr. Obama himself is no stranger to shocking anti-Semitism. He spent twenty years in a Black Nationalist church that was loudly and repeatedly anti-Semitic. The pastor of that church then, the now infamous Jeremiah Wright, was described by Obama as a longtime mentor. (Wright officiated the Obama wedding.)

Israel National News had this to say about Reverent Wright and Mr. Obama’s odd relationship:

There is much more to be said about Wright’s anti-Semitism, but the above quotes already qualify him as a major anti-Jewish and anti-Israel hate monger

Wright’s anti-Semitic incitement has a second relevant aspect: Obama’s looking away from it while he was a congregant of Wright’s. Obama justified this by saying that Wright had changed over the years[16] and that he had never heard him talk about any ethnic group in derogatory terms.[17] In this remark he avoided the core of the issue.

In retrospect, we know that Obama, if it suits him, has a remarkable capability for looking away from crimes committed by specific groups or individuals. While President, he whitewashed Islam of many of the huge crimes coming out of parts of it. So, for instance, he said that “ISIS and Al-Qaeda were distortions of Islam.”[1] It was absurd for a Christian President to speak as if he were a Muslim theologian. An analysis of his rhetoric, regarding Islam, shows in detail his intentional blindness and deafness.

Mr. Obama’s close ties to Sharpton and Wright would indicate a pattern of anti-Semitism—one the media should have been far more willing to investigate. But again, the issue was ignored and Obama was protected. Interestingly, Wright would come to claim Obama was being ‘controlled by the Jews’, the very same claim this week’s Pittsburg synagogue shooter made in relation to his deep hatred of President Donald Trump. The difference, and it’s incredibly significant, is that Barack Obama excused that kind of racist hatred while President Trump condemned it.

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Then there is Keith Ellison, currently the second highest ranking official at the DNC. Check out this excerpt via The Hill from just two years ago:

Ellison has a long history of sordid association with anti-Semitism. He worked with and repeatedly defended one of a handful of the most notorious and public anti-Semites in our country: The Reverend Louis Farrakhan. And worked with Farrakhan at the very time this anti-Semite was publicly describing Judaism as a “gutter religion” and insisting that the Jews were a primary force in the African slave trade.

Ellison has publicly stated that he was unaware of Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism. That is not a credible statement. Everyone was aware of Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism. Farrakhan did not try to hide it. Indeed, he proclaimed it on every occasion. Ellison is either lying or he willfully blinded himself to what was obvious to everyone else. Neither of these qualities makes him suitable to be the next chairman of the DNC.

Moreover, Ellison himself has made anti-Semitic statements. A prominent lawyer, with significant credibility, told me that while he was a law student, Ellison approached her and said he could not respect her, because she was a Jew and because she was a woman who should not be at a law school. This woman immediately disclosed that anti-Semitic and anti-feminists statement to her husband and friends, and I believe she is telling the truth.

Ellison’s anti-Semitism is confirmed by his support for another anti-Semite, Stokely Carmichael.

When there were protests about Carmichael’s speaking at the University of Minnesota, Ellison responded that: “The University’s position appears to be this: Political Zionism is off-limits no matter what dubious circumstances Israel was founded under; no matter what the Zionists do to the Palestinians; and no matter what wicked regimes Israel allies itself with — like South Africa. This position is untenable.”

But the connections are more recent as well. In 2009, Ellison headlined a fundraiser for Esam Omeish, a former candidate for Virginia state delegate who had told Palestinians that “the jihad way is the way to liberate your land.”

And yes, Obama has been a supporter of Ellison’s and the longtime anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, as well.

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This is the same Louis Farrakhan who continues to make statements like this:

“The powerful Jews are my enemy…White folks are going down. And Satan is going down. And Farrakhan, by God’s grace, has pulled the cover off of that Satanic Jew and I’m here to say your time is up, your world is through.”

Those words were spoken just last year to a largely Democrat Party/anti-President Trump audience. It should also be noted the photo above with Obama and Farrakhan was during a meeting between Farrakhan and the Congressional Black Caucus.

Anti-Semitism runs long and deep throughout the Democrat Party. What is outlined above is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Why more are not aware of this is due in great part to the Establishment Media repeatedly choosing a political agenda over the reporting of facts.