THIS Is CNN: Stupid-Stupid-Stupid…

A classic look back at when longtime CNN anti-Trumper Wolf Blitzer was smoked and quickly discarded like a cheap Honduran cigar (by comedian Andy Richter no less) after finishing -$4600 on Celebrity Jeopardy.  As you watch this you would do well to remember that Mr. Blitzer is among the brightest of the dim-bulbed Establishment Media. 


There is hardly any difference between that and the famous SnL Celebrity Jeopardy skits:

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Wounded Warrior Dan Crenshaw Responds After SNL Mocks His Service To America

Dan Crenshaw could no doubt snap the necks of the SNL cast like dry chicken bones without so much as breaking a sweat but instead he took the high road.

He’s a class act. Hopefully, voters in Texas will send this man to Congress. Here is his brief yet gracious response to a skit last weekend that had SNL mocking him for his war injuries.

And in case you haven’t yet seen it, here’s the story of what SNL did to him last Saturday:

NEW LOW: SNL Mocks Injured Navy SEAL War Vet (VIDEO)


NEW LOW: SNL Mocks Injured Navy SEAL War Vet (VIDEO)

What is wrong with Saturday Night Live? That is a question more and more Americans have been asking for quite some time but now millions more are doing so this weekend after an SNL skit took time to mock a Navy SEAL veteran who lost an eye in combat during his third deployment in Afghanistan. This isn’t entertainment. It isn’t clever, funny, or remotely talented. 



NBC Cuts Off Kanye West MAGA Speech On Free Thinking & Supporting Donald Trump

It should have been one of the most significant cultural moments in America of the past year. An iconic black entertainer, Kanye West, took a moment to use the SNL stage to riff on free expression, liberal bias, and the long history of Democrat policies that have decimated black families, black culture, and black lives. 

The (mostly white) NBC executives promptly cut him off. Some of that footage is available, though, and well worth watching and listening to. Mr. West is speaking the truth. America, you have been lied to for a very long time. Don’t accept what the Establishment is feeding you without taking a moment to actually think for yourself. But know this, if what you decide to think goes against the mass manipulations of the Establishment, they will come for you. Be prepared to fight—and know you are not alone.