See The Political Ad From A Young Asian Republican Woman That Social Media Is Trying To Censor

Her name is Elizabeth Heng and she is a Republican running for Congress in California’s 16th District. Her parents survived the horrors of communism in Pol Pot’s Cambodia, and through hard work and sacrifice, made a new life for themselves and their children in America. It is a remarkable story of survival and eventual prosperity that should be an example to others striving for better lives and yet this campaign video was censored by social media for being “shocking and disrespectful” according to some reports. 

Elizabeth Heng loves America. She loves hard work, self-determination, less government, and more opportunity – and she hates communism. Is that what the social media powers condemn for being “shocking and disrespectful?” Watch the video and decide for yourself.


Establishment Media’s Facebook “Data Breach” Hypocrisy Fully Exposed

When the Obama campaign utilized social media to collect personal information data and turn it into a political outreach resource the Mainstream Media rejoiced, calling it “brilliant” and a “political gamechanger.”

Fast-forward to the 2016 Election. The Hillary Clinton campaign attempted the same. (The Obama Machine is even assumed to have shared some of its social media data with the Clinton campaign) The Donald Trump campaign did as well. The media’s response? HOW DARE HE.

Utter hypocrisy and yet another fabricated “crisis” to try and explain how Trump defeated Clinton and the political and media establishments.

(And it is now being said they hope to make it so a Republican candidate will never have access to this kind of information again – but Democrats will still be able to continue using it.)