Obama Paid $800,000 From Wall Street In One Week For A Job Well Done.

This week former president Barack Obama was paid nearly a million dollars for two short speeches. The payment appears to be for a “job well done.” Under Obama Wall Street profits soared while Main Street continued to struggle and the gap between the rich and the poor has never been greater. And those Wall Street profits were primarily financed on the back of Mr. Obama’s history-shattering levels of deficit spending.

Seems there is a great deal of money to be made giving speeches about caring for the poor.


The first speech the president signed up for is a banking summit where he will earn a quick $400,000 speaking and schmoozing with the very people he convinced voters he was against:

The second speech was a 90-minute giggle and nod affair given in front of a roomful of Wall Street media advertisers.

These paid speeches are but the first of many likely to come from the Obama Machine.

Michelle Obama is also being scheduled for similar money-grab speeches in the coming months as well to the very same organizations she railed against when her husband was running for president in 2008.

It appears their conscience has a price and for now, that price is about $400,000 a pop.


Happy Hillary Clinton Applauds Ted Cruz’s GOP Convention Speech

Team Clinton is said to be thrilled at the blatant self-promotion and anti-Trump tone that was the foundation of Ted Cruz’s 2016 GOP convention speech last night. Hillary even went so far as to mimic Cruz’s instructions to Republican voters to “vote your conscience” hoping to get perhaps some of the now greatly diminished NeverTrump crowd to cast their votes for her.

It appears that though he refused to endorse Donald Trump, a man who earned more Republican primary votes than any other candidate in history, Cruz has effectively given an endorsement to Hillary Clinton.

This kerfuffle likely won’t help the Texas senator shake the “Lyin’ Ted” moniker anytime soon, and some are suggesting his Texas senate seat might very well be in jeopardy as well as both party officials and donors were less than impressed by Cruz’s anti-Trump performance on the party’s national stage.