It’s NOT the Nuclear Option – It’s the REID OPTION

Republicans in Congress are once again showing how clueless they are in constructing accurate and effective communication to the American people. Over and over again they have allowed the Liberal Media to brand the idea of pushing forward with a Senate confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch as the “nuclear option.”

A more accurate term would be the “Reid Option” because it was former Democrat Senator Harry Reid who created that simple majority vote option in 2011 when Democrats controlled the Senate. Republicans warned them then that control could change. In 2014, it did, and now Democrats are crying foul of the very same rules they applied against Republicans – the Reid Option.


The Reid Option -

For some reason, few Republicans are now reminding the media that it is the Reid Option they are now utilizing for the Gorsuch nomination. It is another confounding example of a party dealing with leaderless leadership. Both Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel and House Speaker Paul Ryan should be repeating the Reid Option phrase over and over again to remind everyone that Republicans are now merely playing by the very same rules Democrats initiated in 2011.

It’s called perspective – and Republicans are repeatedly falling short of outlining that perspective. Be it a lack of intelligence or cohesiveness, that kind of weakness needs to be remedied. America needs clear, concise, and effective leadership. President Trump is doing his part from the White House. Job creation is up. Consumer confidence is soaring. The stock market continues to make historic gains. America-first trade negotiations are imminent. Illegal immigration is already on the decline.

These positives are happening despite a pathetic and disjointed Republican-controlled Congress.

Time to get their act together or find leadership that will.

In the meantime, proceed as planned with the Reid Option.

And welcome to the Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch.


YES, Donald Trump Really is Considering Ted Cruz for the Supreme Court

The rumors are legit.

President-Elect Donald Trump is giving serious consideration to nominating Ted Cruz to the Supreme Court.

Yesterday, Cruz was among a parade of political leaders who made their way to the upper floors of Trump Tower to meet with the soon-to-be President of the United States. Upon leaving, Mr. Cruz had little to say to a curious media regarding what was a behind-closed-doors discussion between the two former political rivals.

Mr. Cruz has indicated publicly his immediate intent is to run win re-election of his Senate seat in 2018, but rumors are now swirling of his interest as a potential nominee to the High Court. Some have suggested it was Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, a close ally and possible cabinet member of President Elect-Trump’s, who initially broached the subject with Trump over the weekend. It is a move that has several Republicans in the Senate happy to consider, given it would likely alleviate what has often been a contentious relationship between establishment Republicans and Mr. Cruz.

For now, it appears President-Elect Trump is keeping his inclinations on the impending decision under wraps. When the probability of contentious opposition would result in a Cruz Supreme Court nomination due to the senator’s forceful opposition to the Roe vs Wade abortion decision by the Court in 1973, Mr. Trump is said to have shrugged off such concerns and then moved on to other subjects.