Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Breaks Shoulder During In-Home Fall

D.C. Whispers shared rumors months earlier of some members of the Supreme Court who were suffering from increasingly poor health. Justice Sotomayor was among those discussed. This week news broke that Sotomayor fell in her home and broke her shoulder. 

Though among the youngest on the Court at 63, and appointed by Barack Obama when she was just 57, Sotomayor has appeared to have aged considerably in recent years. She suffers from diabetes and last year was the recipient of a 911 call after losing consciousness at her home.

With this most recent medical malady, the rumors of her declining health are all but confirmed.

It is another reason the many enemies of Donald Trump are so increasingly desperate to destroy his presidency. The prospect of him appointing one or more Supreme Court Justices scares the hell out of them.


New York Times: Trump Preparing To Nominate A Second Supreme Court Justice

Nice to see the NYT finally catch up to D.C. Whispers which reported this very thing nearly a month earlier. (Perhaps they’ve been too busy pushing the fake Russia/Trump narrative to deal with news that is actually real – and matters.)


“…For the second year in a row, rumors that Justice Anthony M. Kennedy may retire from the Supreme Court are sweeping Washington…Justice Kennedy has long held the decisive vote in the Supreme Court’s most contested and consequential cases.”

If Justice Kennedy does, in fact, step down the confirmation battle of his replacement will be epic.



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Trump White House Preparing To Replace Liberal Supreme Court Justice?

Trump White House Preparing To Replace Liberal Supreme Court Justice?

Whispers are rampant throughout D.C. that a vacancy is imminent on the U.S. Supreme Court – one that is currently taken by one of the most liberal members of the Court. 

It has the Trump White House giddy over the prospect of potentially and forcefully shifting the balance of power on the Court while Democrats in Congress are said to be warning White House staff of a prolonged and brutal fight should President Trump attempt to replace a liberal Justice with a hardline-conservative nominee.

The reason for the Justice’s alleged departure is said to be “ongoing illness/physical limitations.”

The first on the Court that comes to mind given those clues is 84-year old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Justice Ginsberg has visibly slowed down a great deal in recent years, and has been prone to falling asleep in public, even when on the bench. Ginsberg’s office has taken to pushing back on rumors of her health issues via a series of left-leaning media publications, but Court watchers have noted Ginsberg’s increasingly limited public schedule of late.

Despite his 79-years, Justice Stephen Bryer’s place on the Court apparently remains secure, but not so with two others – swing-vote Justice Anthony Kennedy, 81, and liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor, 63.

Justice Kennedy, a moderate liberal (or moderate conservative depending on who you talk to) has already hinted at possible retirement, so he is not the likely source of the current Supreme Court rumors.  Justice Sotomayor, though, despite being among the Court’s younger members, is said to be struggling greatly with her workload as she deals with a worsening diabetes condition. Court watchers have noted a visible decline in just the last year where she appears to have aged ten years. Rumors are also swirling regarding staff having to take up an increasing workload for the ailing Sotomayor who is said to have difficulty maintaining her train of thought for more than short periods of time. And like Ginsberg, Sotomayor’s staff is working hard to orchestrate a media-driven narrative to counter rumors of her decline.

Here is the thought that is now keeping the far-left elites up at night. Justice Kennedy might very well be preparing for retirement. That would be one Supreme Court vacancy. And if the rumors of ill health regarding Ginsberg and Sotomayor are in fact true, that could be two or even THREE vacancies on the Court for Trump to fill within the next year or two.


It’s NOT the Nuclear Option – It’s the REID OPTION

Republicans in Congress are once again showing how clueless they are in constructing accurate and effective communication to the American people. Over and over again they have allowed the Liberal Media to brand the idea of pushing forward with a Senate confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch as the “nuclear option.”

A more accurate term would be the “Reid Option” because it was former Democrat Senator Harry Reid who created that simple majority vote option in 2011 when Democrats controlled the Senate. Republicans warned them then that control could change. In 2014, it did, and now Democrats are crying foul of the very same rules they applied against Republicans – the Reid Option.


The Reid Option -

For some reason, few Republicans are now reminding the media that it is the Reid Option they are now utilizing for the Gorsuch nomination. It is another confounding example of a party dealing with leaderless leadership. Both Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel and House Speaker Paul Ryan should be repeating the Reid Option phrase over and over again to remind everyone that Republicans are now merely playing by the very same rules Democrats initiated in 2011.

It’s called perspective – and Republicans are repeatedly falling short of outlining that perspective. Be it a lack of intelligence or cohesiveness, that kind of weakness needs to be remedied. America needs clear, concise, and effective leadership. President Trump is doing his part from the White House. Job creation is up. Consumer confidence is soaring. The stock market continues to make historic gains. America-first trade negotiations are imminent. Illegal immigration is already on the decline.

These positives are happening despite a pathetic and disjointed Republican-controlled Congress.

Time to get their act together or find leadership that will.

In the meantime, proceed as planned with the Reid Option.

And welcome to the Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch.