Meanwhile In Syria… ISIS Giving Up & Fleeing As U.S. Military Mops Up Last Pockets Of Resistance.

Amazing what the U.S. military can accomplish when a pro-America Commander-in-Chief gives them a true green light to get the job done. Gone are the handcuffs put on them by a “we are the world” mindset that dominated the disastrous Obama era. Over the course of months POTUS Trump ordered up a combination of surgical air strikes, carefully built alliances, a “shut up and sit down” approach at the UN, and the go ahead for ground troops to kick butt. The result? ISIS has been scattered to the wind in a matter of months. Remember, it was the Obama White House that tried to convince everyone that ISIS would prove a ‘generational’ conflict. (and that was after he likened them to a junior varsity squad. The guy’s foreign policy was every bit as idiotic as his domestic policies.)

When President Trump calls America’s military the greatest in all the world and says, “it’s not even close” he clearly means it. Oh, and don’t expect the Establishment Media to give the president and our military much-deserved kudos because, well, you know…

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Media’s ‘19th nervous breakdown,’ as Trump fulfills another campaign promise…

POTUS Trump did it again gosh darn it. He went and made good on yet another promise to voters – much to the chagrin of the anti-Trump media. This time it was announcing the removal of on-the-ground U.S. military personnel in war-torn Syria. How fascinating is it to see socialist liberals now wailing about a president who makes clear his desire to END wars instead of keep them going?

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Via The Hill:

…President Trump has been consistent in his desire to implement a sweeping “America First” strategy across all sectors of his administration. He is on-record as Citizen Trump, as early as 2012, calling for our withdrawal from Afghanistan, an end to wasteful military spending and endangering of U.S. forces, and the investment of taxpayer dollars back into rebuilding America. No surprise, then; this decision reflects consistency of messaging and action. Promises made, promises kept.

The news media’s headlines articulated the latest flare-up of their near-chronic psychoses — the political version of what rocker Mick Jagger meant when he sang, “Here it comes, here it comes … Here comes your 19th nervous breakdown.”

Consider some of those headlines:

“Mattis Exit Stirs World of Worries From Brussels to Beijing,” (Bloomberg);
“ ‘A morning of alarm’: Mattis departure sends shock waves abroad,” (Washington Post);
“Jim Mattis, Defense Secretary, Resigns in Rebuke of Trump’s Worldview,” (New York Times);
“The Last Grown-up is Gone,” (Slate);
“Lawmakers Sound Bipartisan Alarm After Resignation By Defense Secretary Jim Mattis,” (NPR);
“James Mattis resignation over Trump foreign policies sparks panic: ‘I’m legitimately frightened’,” (The Independent);
“Jim Mattis’ Resignation Has Conservatives Admitting It’s ‘Time To Panic’ About Trump,” (Huffington Post).

There are more, but you get the point.

How many times can the news media falsely and hysterically sound the apocalypse alarm?

Besides being 100 percent wrong on the election of Donald Trump in 2016, their fear-mongering predictions of doom and condemnation have been wrong on any number of other Trump policies, initiatives and personnel moves. Those include last year’s tax cuts, eliminating the ObamaCare individual mandate, North Korea, moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, the falsely named “Muslim travel ban,” employment and manufacturing increases, Department of Veterans Affairs reform, NATO’s financial accountability, two Supreme Court justices, and repudiation of the Iran nuclear “deal.”

Likewise, White House and cabinet personnel moves were supposed to bring about the end of the republic: Priebus, Tillerson, McMaster, Cohn, McGahn, Sessions, Kelly, Haley – and, now, Mattis.

Well, the country is doing just fine, thank you. We’ve survived and prospered. No one is truly “irreplaceable.” That notion might bruise D.C. egos and constrain professional biographers, but it’s true.

The larger question for members of the news media is, where do they go to get back their credibility? Three straight years of humiliation and the loss of even the thinnest veneers of impartiality have left their reputations and code of ethics in tatters. Perhaps it is time to get back into therapy and onto some prescribed meds?

Despising the success of someone you loathe is as poisonous to the mind and soul as the schadenfreude of reveling in their defeat. Those afflicted can be consumed with it. It’s the stuff nervous breakdowns are made of … or, as that Rolling Stones song says, “Here it comes, here it comes … ”


Last year the same socialist media denounced President Trump for his decision to follow the advice of his generals to remain in Syria for a little longer. Now, they are denouncing him again for announcing we’re leaving Syria. And don’t forget, it was Barack Obama who stated just a few years ago that the conflict with ISIS (who he earlier dismissed as a non-significant threat) would be a generational one – meaning there wasn’t much we could do about tens of thousands of people being killed, tortured, raped, etc., by the Islamic militants hell-bent on spreading their violence and hatred across the globe. Trump thought very differently about that and the result of that change in philosophy is undeniable – ISIS was all but wiped out, and it didn’t take decades to do it but mere months. In short, we took President Trump’s advice and  “bombed the sh*t out of them” and it worked.

Peace through strength. It was Ronald Reagan’s way and now it is Trump’s way.

The socialist media disliked Reagan and it detests Trump. 

Reagan was right then just as Trump is right now as the socialist media is again on the wrong side of history and no amount of hysterical wailing is going to change that… (LANGUAGE WARNING)



The Establishment Media Sure Thinks You All Are A Bunch Of Idiots

“Trump BAD!” “Orange man BAD!” “Trump DUMB!” “Impeach Trump!” “Muuuaaaahhhh Russia!”

So goes the Establishment Media’s battle cry since Donald Trump became this nation’s president. It’s all nonsense of course. A bunch of hype stacked atop lies, stacked atop more hype. Cast in point—The Washington Post. Check out the contradiction below. If you need any more reason to tune this hyper-partisan hacks out this should do it. Don’t let them get away with thinking you are all short memory idiots. Call them out. Call out those who blindly follow their lead. Then get ready for one heck of a fight come 2020.


Trump Pushes Putin Around On Syria

Russia’s Vladimir Putin is looking more and more like a world-stage midget as President Trump delivers a stunning counter-attack on the Putin-supported Assad regime in Syria.

Trump spoke clearly on what he intended to do after it was reported chemical weapons were once again utilized by the Assad regime.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin issued a series of blustering threats that Trump was to back off.

Not only were those threats ignored by the U.S. president, but the Trump administration brought in both Great Brittain and France to aid in the counter-attack against Assad that included more than 100 cruise missiles raining down upon the Assad regime’s chemical weapons capabilities. Much damage was done but very few casualties.

Putin is said to now be fuming at having lost so much face while even the normally bellicose Iranian government is proceeding with far more caution than it historically has in the face of further potential U.S. military power.

Donald Trump has quickly earned a reputation as a leader who does what he says he will do – the critics be damned. American influence is on the rise again after eight long years of a tepid Obama foreign policy that did more apologizing for America’s power than utilizing that power to push back against tyranny.

The Obama years are now a distant memory/bad dream.

The Age of Trump has arrived and the world has been put on notice.


Trump Just Terminated $200 Million Syrian Aid Package – Globalists Outraged

Recently-departed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had allocated a whopping $200 million dollar humanitarian aid package to Syria that opponents feared would actually be used to bolster Islamic militants throughout the region and place U.S. soldiers there at even greater risk.

Trump just pulled the plug on the entire package while stating publicly American soldiers in Syria will be coming home “soon.”

The move was as bold as it was decisive and has the President’s multitude of globalist enemies scrambling to create counter-measures to Mr. Trump’s now thriving “America First” administration. According to some in D.C. it’s also part of a bigger plan by Trump to move his agenda forward even more.

“The President is said to be pulling funds from what he views as wasteful overseas operations that line the pockets of America’s enemies. He then plans to reallocate those funds to projects he and his supporters feel is far more important – like border security.”

If true the howls coming from the globalists will be significant.