EPIC! Leftist Blogger Challenges Conservatives To A Fight. MMA Fighter & Army Ranger Responds

Tim Marchman is a sports blogger and self-anointed Internet tough guy who has of late, taken to repeatedly demeaning conservatives, Trump supporters, and most recently, Republican Senator Ted Cruz, which in turn led to this challenge by Mr. Marchman:


“Unsurprising that not one Ted Cruz-supporting cuck/Twitter user is willing to face me in the UFC octagon.— Tim Marchman (@timmarchman) January 25, 2017 ”


This was quickly followed with an acceptance of that challenge by UFC brawler and former Army Ranger Tim Kennedy:

Though several days have since passed, Marchman has suddenly gone silent regarding the issue as Twitter continues to mock him for failing to back up his words.

It appears Kennedy was able to shut him up without a single punch to the liberal blogger’s gob.


YES, Donald Trump Really is Considering Ted Cruz for the Supreme Court

The rumors are legit.

President-Elect Donald Trump is giving serious consideration to nominating Ted Cruz to the Supreme Court.

Yesterday, Cruz was among a parade of political leaders who made their way to the upper floors of Trump Tower to meet with the soon-to-be President of the United States. Upon leaving, Mr. Cruz had little to say to a curious media regarding what was a behind-closed-doors discussion between the two former political rivals.

Mr. Cruz has indicated publicly his immediate intent is to run win re-election of his Senate seat in 2018, but rumors are now swirling of his interest as a potential nominee to the High Court. Some have suggested it was Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, a close ally and possible cabinet member of President Elect-Trump’s, who initially broached the subject with Trump over the weekend. It is a move that has several Republicans in the Senate happy to consider, given it would likely alleviate what has often been a contentious relationship between establishment Republicans and Mr. Cruz.

For now, it appears President-Elect Trump is keeping his inclinations on the impending decision under wraps. When the probability of contentious opposition would result in a Cruz Supreme Court nomination due to the senator’s forceful opposition to the Roe vs Wade abortion decision by the Court in 1973, Mr. Trump is said to have shrugged off such concerns and then moved on to other subjects.


Happy Hillary Clinton Applauds Ted Cruz’s GOP Convention Speech

Team Clinton is said to be thrilled at the blatant self-promotion and anti-Trump tone that was the foundation of Ted Cruz’s 2016 GOP convention speech last night. Hillary even went so far as to mimic Cruz’s instructions to Republican voters to “vote your conscience” hoping to get perhaps some of the now greatly diminished NeverTrump crowd to cast their votes for her.

It appears that though he refused to endorse Donald Trump, a man who earned more Republican primary votes than any other candidate in history, Cruz has effectively given an endorsement to Hillary Clinton.

This kerfuffle likely won’t help the Texas senator shake the “Lyin’ Ted” moniker anytime soon, and some are suggesting his Texas senate seat might very well be in jeopardy as well as both party officials and donors were less than impressed by Cruz’s anti-Trump performance on the party’s national stage.


Paul Manafort vs Ted Cruz: Texas Senator Balances Personal Ambition Amidst Calls For Unity

It is said Paul Manafort doesn’t care much for former Trump GOP rival and current Texas Senator, Ted Cruz.

Apparently, he trusts him even less.

Cruz reps have met several times with Mr. Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager and convention supervisor, and though progress has been somewhat slow, it has also been described as steady.

At the heart of the near-impasse is Senator Cruz’s alleged desire to use the speech to elevate his own status within the Republican party, while avoiding alienating millions of Trump supporters who are determined to see the New York billionaire elected as the next President of the United States. Trump has cobbled together a very unique and disparate coalition that includes upper and lower income voters of all kinds – voters who might one day play a crucial role in furthering Mr. Cruz’s future political ambitions.

Manafort remains determined to make this the “Donald Trump convention” and to this point, has succeeded in doing just that. Minus a minor hiccup involving allegations of a small portion of Melania Trump’s speech sounding a lot like a previous Michelle Obama convention address, the 2016 GOP Convention has been a smoothly run operation and media ratings bonanza. 

The Cruz camp is said to have been reluctant to show a completed version of the senator’s speech tonight, but Manafort has indicated to media sources he is confident Cruz will remember who is priority #1:

“I think you’ll see [after] the end of his speech tonight that Senator Cruz will be part of the campaign going forward — in what capacity, I’m not certain, but his words will leave no doubt that he wants  Donald Trump to be president of the United States.”

As of this writing, the Cruz camp is said to have given no indication the senator will give an actual endorsement of Donald Trump during his convention speech tonight, an omission Paul Manafort is reportedly fuming over behind the scenes.


UPDATE: Cruz might have just blinked. Reports indicate Cruz has given a copy of his speech over to Manafort for review…




Cruz Campaign Fractured Between “Stay In It” & “Time To Get Out” Factions (UPDATE)

Volatility levels within the Cruz camp are said to be at all time highs over the last twenty-four hours as the campaign wages an internal debate over whether to continue on after what appears is going to be a decisive Indiana loss, or to end the campaign and begin the process of healing Mr. Cruz’s somewhat damaged reputation after months of often brutal campaigning.

That tension was made even more clear as Ted Cruz went on a twenty-minute tirade this morning in Indiana against Donald Trump, Fox News, and a myriad of others he claims are responsible for his campaign’s demise.

The general reaction to the Texas senator’s most recent anti-Trump attack has been equal parts confusion and concern for a campaign and a candidate that appears to be willfully driving off a cliff of late.

Some within the campaign itself are said to be urging the senator to end his White House bid should the Indiana results prove decisive while others are demanding they push on at least until Trump hits the majority 1237 delegate mark and if the New York billionaire fails to do so, to then battle it out on the convention floor in Cleveland.

The senator’s decision might very well rest with how great the loss he suffers in Indiana tonight. If he keeps it reasonably close, he will have the justification to fight on. If Trump defeats him by double-digits, that justification dissipates considerably.


UPDATE:  A Cruz campaign state operations operative just indicated to us the campaign is telling them Senator Cruz has every intention of moving on after Indiana. (And calling the earlier report “bullsh*t”  🙂 )



Cruz Preparing To Suspend Campaign This Week?

D.C. Whispers CONFIRMED: Pressure Mounts For Cruz To Quit After Indiana

BREAKING: Republican Delegates No Longer Promising To Support Cruz At GOP Convention

Despite voters turning away from the Cruz campaign in recent weeks, Senator Cruz was confident he was still winning the delegate battle as his campaign amassed more and more delegates who pledged to support him at the GOP convention this summer.

Now all that behind-closed-doors machinations appears to be on the verge of collapse as more recent reports suggest a growing number of Republican delegates who once declared themselves supporting Ted Cruz are having second thoughts as Donald Trump continues to surge in both state and national polls and appears poised to secure the nomination prior to the convention.

A just-published New York Times report on the subject of defecting Cruz delegates put it this way:

Ted Cruz’s Support Softens Among the Delegates He Courted

It turns out that delegates — like ordinary voters — are susceptible to shifts in public opinion. And as the gravitational pull of Mr. Trump’s recent primary landslides draws more Republicans toward him, Mr. Cruz’s support among the party’s 2,472 convention delegates is softening, threatening his hopes of preventing Mr. Trump’s nomination by overtaking him in a floor fight.

And just as it was the Republican party machine that allowed Cruz the ability to poach various state delegates even after Donald Trump secured sizable primary election victories in those states, it is the same GOP Establishment that is now informing those same delegates that Trump’s seeming inevitability requires they now unify behind Mr. Trump to ensure the party is more ready to do battle against Hillary Clinton in November:

Jim Poolman, a delegate from North Dakota. “I’m not in the anybody-but-Trump campaign.”

The anybody-but-Trump movement within the Republican establishment is quickly transforming into an “anybody-but-Hillary” movement that is directly benefiting Mr. Trump’s now growing base of support which in turn is leaving Ted Cruz on the outside looking in.

In short, all that effort Mr. Cruz utilized to win over delegates is now proving to be a waste of considerable time and resources as many of those same delegates are quietly moving toward supporting Donald Trump.

This trend has become so pronounced in fact, Establishment Republicans who had earlier all but overtaken the day-to-day operations of the Cruz campaign, are now said to be openly suggesting to the Texas senator he bow out should he lose the Indiana primary tomorrow.

It would appear the sun is now setting on Ted Cruz’s 2016 White House bid.


Ted Cruz Declares Donald Trump Is Evil. Implores Indiana Voters To Choose Him Instead

Senator Cruz has often been chided for his rather overly-dramatic campaign trail recitals that more recent polling would suggest, is wearing a bit thin upon the ears of voters.

On Sunday, those same dramatics were on full display as he implied GOP frontrunner Donald Trump was evil while he is the only “good” choice left in the Republican primary race.

The good vs evil comparison was picked up by various media who were on hand to hear the senator’s comments during a sparsely attended Indiana campaign stop.

Now this morning yet more media are pushing the Texas senator to more fully explain his good vs evil declaration which resulted in one of the more odd responses as Mr. Cruz went on for over two minutes outlining what was a campaign stump speech while completely avoiding answering the question of his calling a political opponent evil, and act which left more than a few reporters glancing at one another wondering what exactly was going on inside the head of Senator Cruz.

Here is that rather odd exchange. Remember, the senator was asked a specific question regarding his Trump is evil commentary. After more than two minutes of yet more overly dramatic prose, he never addresses that question: