EPIC! Leftist Blogger Challenges Conservatives To A Fight. MMA Fighter & Army Ranger Responds

Tim Marchman is a sports blogger and self-anointed Internet tough guy who has of late, taken to repeatedly demeaning conservatives, Trump supporters, and most recently, Republican Senator Ted Cruz, which in turn led to this challenge by Mr. Marchman:


“Unsurprising that not one Ted Cruz-supporting cuck/Twitter user is willing to face me in the UFC octagon.— Tim Marchman (@timmarchman) January 25, 2017 ”


This was quickly followed with an acceptance of that challenge by UFC brawler and former Army Ranger Tim Kennedy:

Though several days have since passed, Marchman has suddenly gone silent regarding the issue as Twitter continues to mock him for failing to back up his words.

It appears Kennedy was able to shut him up without a single punch to the liberal blogger’s gob.


YES, Donald Trump Really is Considering Ted Cruz for the Supreme Court

The rumors are legit.

President-Elect Donald Trump is giving serious consideration to nominating Ted Cruz to the Supreme Court.

Yesterday, Cruz was among a parade of political leaders who made their way to the upper floors of Trump Tower to meet with the soon-to-be President of the United States. Upon leaving, Mr. Cruz had little to say to a curious media regarding what was a behind-closed-doors discussion between the two former political rivals.

Mr. Cruz has indicated publicly his immediate intent is to run win re-election of his Senate seat in 2018, but rumors are now swirling of his interest as a potential nominee to the High Court. Some have suggested it was Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, a close ally and possible cabinet member of President Elect-Trump’s, who initially broached the subject with Trump over the weekend. It is a move that has several Republicans in the Senate happy to consider, given it would likely alleviate what has often been a contentious relationship between establishment Republicans and Mr. Cruz.

For now, it appears President-Elect Trump is keeping his inclinations on the impending decision under wraps. When the probability of contentious opposition would result in a Cruz Supreme Court nomination due to the senator’s forceful opposition to the Roe vs Wade abortion decision by the Court in 1973, Mr. Trump is said to have shrugged off such concerns and then moved on to other subjects.


Happy Hillary Clinton Applauds Ted Cruz’s GOP Convention Speech

Team Clinton is said to be thrilled at the blatant self-promotion and anti-Trump tone that was the foundation of Ted Cruz’s 2016 GOP convention speech last night. Hillary even went so far as to mimic Cruz’s instructions to Republican voters to “vote your conscience” hoping to get perhaps some of the now greatly diminished NeverTrump crowd to cast their votes for her.

It appears that though he refused to endorse Donald Trump, a man who earned more Republican primary votes than any other candidate in history, Cruz has effectively given an endorsement to Hillary Clinton.

This kerfuffle likely won’t help the Texas senator shake the “Lyin’ Ted” moniker anytime soon, and some are suggesting his Texas senate seat might very well be in jeopardy as well as both party officials and donors were less than impressed by Cruz’s anti-Trump performance on the party’s national stage.


Paul Manafort vs Ted Cruz: Texas Senator Balances Personal Ambition Amidst Calls For Unity

It is said Paul Manafort doesn’t care much for former Trump GOP rival and current Texas Senator, Ted Cruz.

Apparently, he trusts him even less.

Cruz reps have met several times with Mr. Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager and convention supervisor, and though progress has been somewhat slow, it has also been described as steady.

At the heart of the near-impasse is Senator Cruz’s alleged desire to use the speech to elevate his own status within the Republican party, while avoiding alienating millions of Trump supporters who are determined to see the New York billionaire elected as the next President of the United States. Trump has cobbled together a very unique and disparate coalition that includes upper and lower income voters of all kinds – voters who might one day play a crucial role in furthering Mr. Cruz’s future political ambitions.

Manafort remains determined to make this the “Donald Trump convention” and to this point, has succeeded in doing just that. Minus a minor hiccup involving allegations of a small portion of Melania Trump’s speech sounding a lot like a previous Michelle Obama convention address, the 2016 GOP Convention has been a smoothly run operation and media ratings bonanza. 

The Cruz camp is said to have been reluctant to show a completed version of the senator’s speech tonight, but Manafort has indicated to media sources he is confident Cruz will remember who is priority #1:

“I think you’ll see [after] the end of his speech tonight that Senator Cruz will be part of the campaign going forward — in what capacity, I’m not certain, but his words will leave no doubt that he wants  Donald Trump to be president of the United States.”

As of this writing, the Cruz camp is said to have given no indication the senator will give an actual endorsement of Donald Trump during his convention speech tonight, an omission Paul Manafort is reportedly fuming over behind the scenes.


UPDATE: Cruz might have just blinked. Reports indicate Cruz has given a copy of his speech over to Manafort for review…




Cruz Campaign Fractured Between “Stay In It” & “Time To Get Out” Factions (UPDATE)

Volatility levels within the Cruz camp are said to be at all time highs over the last twenty-four hours as the campaign wages an internal debate over whether to continue on after what appears is going to be a decisive Indiana loss, or to end the campaign and begin the process of healing Mr. Cruz’s somewhat damaged reputation after months of often brutal campaigning.

That tension was made even more clear as Ted Cruz went on a twenty-minute tirade this morning in Indiana against Donald Trump, Fox News, and a myriad of others he claims are responsible for his campaign’s demise.

The general reaction to the Texas senator’s most recent anti-Trump attack has been equal parts confusion and concern for a campaign and a candidate that appears to be willfully driving off a cliff of late.

Some within the campaign itself are said to be urging the senator to end his White House bid should the Indiana results prove decisive while others are demanding they push on at least until Trump hits the majority 1237 delegate mark and if the New York billionaire fails to do so, to then battle it out on the convention floor in Cleveland.

The senator’s decision might very well rest with how great the loss he suffers in Indiana tonight. If he keeps it reasonably close, he will have the justification to fight on. If Trump defeats him by double-digits, that justification dissipates considerably.


UPDATE:  A Cruz campaign state operations operative just indicated to us the campaign is telling them Senator Cruz has every intention of moving on after Indiana. (And calling the earlier report “bullsh*t”  🙂 )



Cruz Preparing To Suspend Campaign This Week?

D.C. Whispers CONFIRMED: Pressure Mounts For Cruz To Quit After Indiana

BREAKING: Republican Delegates No Longer Promising To Support Cruz At GOP Convention

Despite voters turning away from the Cruz campaign in recent weeks, Senator Cruz was confident he was still winning the delegate battle as his campaign amassed more and more delegates who pledged to support him at the GOP convention this summer.

Now all that behind-closed-doors machinations appears to be on the verge of collapse as more recent reports suggest a growing number of Republican delegates who once declared themselves supporting Ted Cruz are having second thoughts as Donald Trump continues to surge in both state and national polls and appears poised to secure the nomination prior to the convention.

A just-published New York Times report on the subject of defecting Cruz delegates put it this way:

Ted Cruz’s Support Softens Among the Delegates He Courted

It turns out that delegates — like ordinary voters — are susceptible to shifts in public opinion. And as the gravitational pull of Mr. Trump’s recent primary landslides draws more Republicans toward him, Mr. Cruz’s support among the party’s 2,472 convention delegates is softening, threatening his hopes of preventing Mr. Trump’s nomination by overtaking him in a floor fight.

And just as it was the Republican party machine that allowed Cruz the ability to poach various state delegates even after Donald Trump secured sizable primary election victories in those states, it is the same GOP Establishment that is now informing those same delegates that Trump’s seeming inevitability requires they now unify behind Mr. Trump to ensure the party is more ready to do battle against Hillary Clinton in November:

Jim Poolman, a delegate from North Dakota. “I’m not in the anybody-but-Trump campaign.”

The anybody-but-Trump movement within the Republican establishment is quickly transforming into an “anybody-but-Hillary” movement that is directly benefiting Mr. Trump’s now growing base of support which in turn is leaving Ted Cruz on the outside looking in.

In short, all that effort Mr. Cruz utilized to win over delegates is now proving to be a waste of considerable time and resources as many of those same delegates are quietly moving toward supporting Donald Trump.

This trend has become so pronounced in fact, Establishment Republicans who had earlier all but overtaken the day-to-day operations of the Cruz campaign, are now said to be openly suggesting to the Texas senator he bow out should he lose the Indiana primary tomorrow.

It would appear the sun is now setting on Ted Cruz’s 2016 White House bid.


Ted Cruz Declares Donald Trump Is Evil. Implores Indiana Voters To Choose Him Instead

Senator Cruz has often been chided for his rather overly-dramatic campaign trail recitals that more recent polling would suggest, is wearing a bit thin upon the ears of voters.

On Sunday, those same dramatics were on full display as he implied GOP frontrunner Donald Trump was evil while he is the only “good” choice left in the Republican primary race.

The good vs evil comparison was picked up by various media who were on hand to hear the senator’s comments during a sparsely attended Indiana campaign stop.

Now this morning yet more media are pushing the Texas senator to more fully explain his good vs evil declaration which resulted in one of the more odd responses as Mr. Cruz went on for over two minutes outlining what was a campaign stump speech while completely avoiding answering the question of his calling a political opponent evil, and act which left more than a few reporters glancing at one another wondering what exactly was going on inside the head of Senator Cruz.

Here is that rather odd exchange. Remember, the senator was asked a specific question regarding his Trump is evil commentary. After more than two minutes of yet more overly dramatic prose, he never addresses that question:


Ted Cruz’s Indiana Primary Campaign Collapsing

On-the-ground reports in Indiana of people wanting to see GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz indicate the Texas senator is looking out upon a greatly diminished audience as momentum for frontrunner Donald Trump continues to surge.

The Fiorina bump appears to be more akin to a disinterested shrug among Indiana voters as both Cruz and Fiorina travel the state to speak to diminishing crowds.

Meanwhile in the land of the Trump campaign, rally stops are large-scale events that number in the thousands and the enthusiasm gap among voters between Trump and Cruz has turned into an ever-widening chasm:

And where Cruz brought on the largely unknown in Indiana, Carly Fiorina, Trump has Indiana basketball legend Bobby Knight at his side:

Will the always hard-campaigning Ted  Cruz be able to stem the political bleeding that is leaking the life out of his now collapsing campaign and stage a surprise upset on the Hoosier state?

Indiana voters will answer that question on Tuesday.


Indiana Mocks Ted Cruz’s Unintended Desecration Of Legendary Sport & Film

Basketball is to Indiana what football is to Texas and Alabama. It is the very air the people breathe, a thing of legend that binds the residents of a state throughout generations.

Ted Cruz attempted to steal a famous film scene depicting Indiana HOOPS, and failed miserably, calling it a basketball ring, a term that left the Indiana audience uncomfortably silent and is now generating an army of anti-Cruz memes.

Actor Gene Hackman, playing Indiana Hickory High School basketball coach, Norman Dale, has his team measure the basket to show them despite the size and grandeur of the state championship gym, everything is no different than their own gym back home and that they are just as deserving of being there as any other team in the state.

Here is how that scene went down:

And here is how Ted Cruz attempted to recreate this most famous of Indiana basketball films, calling it a “basketball ring” instead of a “basketball hoop.”

The attempt was, well, less than successful and is generating a howling horde of mocking derision:

Now to be fair, Cruz first called it a “basketball rim” which would work, but then goes into full on “basketball ring” mode. Watch the young lady’s face as soon as the term “basketball ring” is used by the Texas senator. You can literally see her mind come to a screeching halt as the smile vanishes and is replaced by an all too clear look of, WTF??? 

OUCH: Ted Cruz Lost Last Night – To Ben Carson!

You know it’s a tough night when your campaign manages to lose to a former candidate who dropped out of the race weeks ago.

That’s exactly what happened to Ted Cruz in New York.


Check out the results in this Westchester County district:

Ted Cruz's Night of Humiliation Continues as He Loses to Ben Carson in New York District 

Carson is no doubt grinning a bit over the embarrassment to Team Cruz given the still-lingering resentment over what the Cruz campaign did way back in Iowa when Cruz operatives messaged voters that Carson was dropping out of the race and that his votes should go to them.

That was the moment that some look to as the genesis for the now all-too common refrain, “LYIN’ TED” that has become a favorite among Donald Trump and his supporters.

After last night’s results, it appears that moniker might be changed to cryin’ Ted.


Sean Hannity Is Sick & Tired Of Ted Cruz’s Political-Speak…

Over the course of the last week, things have grown testy between Fox News and radio personality Sean Hannity and GOP presidential candidate, Ted Cruz.

At the center of this dispute is Mr. Hannity’s assertion Mr. Cruz continues to duck the questions that surround his campaign’s ongoing “poaching” of Donald Trump delegates even in states where Trump soundly defeated Cruz.

This led  to a glaring example of the kind of political-speak that has many Republican voters declaring Ted Cruz to be a say anything do anything, politician. 

Take a listen and then decide for yourself.

Pay attention to the part where Cruz declares he has won the last five GOP primary elections in which he claims over “1.3 million people voted.”

What Mr. Cruz neglects to say, though he most certainly knows it, is that of those five states he rattles off to Sean Hannity, Utah,North Dakota,Wisconsin,Colorado, and Wyoming, only ONE of those states actually held a primary election – Wisconsin.

That was the state in which the entirety of the state and national GOP Machine threw its weight behind Ted Cruz and yes, delivered a lopsided defeat against Donald Trump. It is also the primary that accounts for over 90% of the “1.3 million” votes Mr. Cruz claims to have been cast in the last five state contests.

And there’s the point that has so many shaking their heads at Ted Cruz. The other four states were either party-controlled, low voter caucus elections like in Utah, or examples where there was not even a caucus, but rather a convention-styled backroom gathering in which the voters had no chance to actually participate at all, such as Colorado. Mr. Cruz is going on to call these type of delegate nominations, “landslide election victories”, a term if not an outright lie, is at the very least a gross misrepresentation of reality.

Listen as Cruz makes these very claims while once again refusing to answer Sean Hannity’s questions regarding the ongoing process of delegate poaching/intimidation/etc. which could not be possible without the full support of the GOP Establishment. Ted Cruz is not outmaneuvering Donald Trump so much as benefiting from the support of the machine that controls the delegate outcomes – the very same machine Ted Cruz once declared himself to be an enemy of:


New York’s Frustration With All Things Obama Pushing Trump To Huge Primary Win…

Donald Trump will win New York State’s upcoming GOP primary election, it’s just a matter of how significant that victory will ultimately prove to be. If current trends hold to Tuesday, it will be very-very significant for no other reason than millions of New York voters from a wide swath of socio-economic backgrounds have become increasingly disgusted by the inept, over-regulatory, and ultimately divisive Obama White House and are looking to Trump to give the country a much-needed restoration.

In fact, Trump’s support in the blue-collar regions of upstate New York appears likely to surpass his continued strong support in Gotham City itself. This upstate pro-Trump surge is consistent with Trump’s appeal across the United States, the result of the candidate’s unapologetic “America first” demand that “…all talk no action politicians” finally step aside and let the country be run by those who have actually accomplished success outside of the D.C. snake-pit. 

It’s a message that is undeniably resonated with Mr. Trump’s fellow New Yorkers:

Trump’s primary adversary, Senator Ted Cruz, hasn’t given up making appearances in New York, focusing on that state’s smallish evangelical population, but word is the Cruz campaign is already conceding it might in fact finish third on Tuesday behind one-time primary winner, John Kasich. Team Cruz continues to spend millions keeping a ground game in place across the nation, and is now focused on hoped for delegate pickups in Indiana and California to remain a viable alternative to Trump come the GOP convention this summer. Cruz operatives are said to have admitted there is no mathematical chance for them to win the nomination via the primary election process but rather through a contested/brokered convention, a fact Mr. Cruz apparently discussed with his team weeks earlier even as he repeatedly told the media he intended to win a majority of delegates before the convention, yet another example of the Texas senator saying one thing while clearly doing another.

Trump campaign newcomer, Paul Manafort has done a remarkable job in revamping the Trump operation in the span of just a few weeks both on the ground logistically, and via media outreach. The veteran political operative who has known Trump personally for nearly three decades, even managed to use a Trump campaign weakness – on the ground organization, and turn it into a pro-Trump issue as has been the result in Colorado where a secretive primary process has led to millions of voters across the country shaking their collective heads in outrage over a process they deem corrupt and controlled by state and national Republican party bosses. 

The Colorado backlash has been so significant it has become among the top three response items within the Cruz campaign as it struggles to find a message that can cut through the anti-Establishment backlash that is quickly becoming a foundational issue of the entire election cycle.

The name Manafort is now said to be akin to a curse word within the Cruz campaign.

The question that remains is if Trump’s upcoming New York victory and potentially resulting momentum will be enough to propel him to the nomination. Manafort has said yes. The Republican Establishment and various media figures maintain it’s no better than 50/50 for the New York billionaire and that if there is to be a contested/brokered convention, Trump and the millions of Trump supporters will likely lose that battle to the Establishment Machine at the GOP convention.


Is The Colorado GOP Primary Scandal To Blame For Ted Cruz’s Poll #’s Collapse?

Last night Ted Cruz spoke to a largely indifferent New York audience at a state GOP fundraiser that took place in a storied hotel once owned and refurbished by Donald Trump. Likely far worse than speaking to a gathering of people who, according to various reports, merely talked over the Republican Senator, was a brand new Fox News poll that showed Mr. Cruz’s national support dropping by double-digits as GOP rival Donald Trump surged to all time highs in support among Republican voters.

Is the still-ongoing Colorado primary scandal to blame for Mr. Cruz’s sudden collapse?

ABOVE: As Ted Cruz spoke to and was ignored by a New York Republican audience, more and more Americans appear to be tuning him out as well.


A drop of 11-points in one month for a candidate is significant to say the least.

Add to that the fact Trump then improved his standing by an additional four points month over month, and the Cruz campaign is looking at a net loss to Trump of 15 points over just thirty days. A further heartburn-inducing statistic for Team Cruz is Trump is winning a majority among those Republicans who consider themselves “very conservative” the very group the Cruz campaign needs in order to have any hope of further primary success.

The Fox poll also aligns with the still-festering outrage among GOP voters for what took place in Colorado where state Republican party leaders effectively shout out voters from participating in that state’s Republican primary and then proceeded to award all primary delegates to Ted Cruz, an act which the state party then boasted about shortly thereafter in a since-deleted (but not forgotten) tweet:

Trump predictably declared the Colorado process and manipulated outcome a, “disgrace” while Ted Cruz, publicly smirking and joking over how it all went down, declared it simply a matter of the rules being the rules and that Trump should stop whining.

Social media was (and still is) buzzing about the Colorado secret primary and it appears the vast majority of those paying attention are on the side of Donald Trump’s complaint and repulsed by Mr. Cruz’s declaration that the rules and not that votes that justify the means by which he is acquiring his delegates. It was the kind of message that only bolstered the now oft-repeated description of a, “LYIN’ Ted Cruz!”

Ted Cruz will likely lose and lose badly to Donald Trump in the upcoming New York primary on Tuesday. It’s just a matter of how much. From there his campaign has some damage-control to initiate as the perception of Mr. Cruz being yet another say and do anything lawyer turned politician is beginning to take a (for him) troublesome hold upon the electorate. Failure to win the war of perception could prove fatal as the tens of millions of GOP donor dollars that are currently propping up his campaign could quickly vanish should that perception become the reality for those deep-pocket Republicans.

At that point, it would be game over for Ted Cruz.


Ted Cruz Now Begging Wall Street For Cash…

In stark contrast to his campaign trail rhetoric where he promises voters he will “go after” the big banks and “crony capitalism”, Ted Cruz is now courting those very banks for yet MORE campaign cash. (Reports indicate he’s already received $12 million from Wall Street donors already.)

In fact, more than one political watcher has noted how similar both Cruz and Hillary Clinton are in how they say one thing yet repeatedly do the other when it comes to generating donor dollars for their respective campaigns.

ABOVE: When it comes to money-money-money, there appears to be little difference between Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton.


A Politico report had this to say on the subject just today:

This Monday, assorted bankers, traders and Wall Street lawyers will gather inside the neo-Georgian walls of the Harvard Club in midtown Manhattan to write big checks to an unlikely recipient: Ted Cruz.

…In a debate in November, Cruz ripped bailouts for “rich Wall Street banks.” More recently, Cruz slammed “New York values” while campaigning in Iowa. In a Bloomberg TV interview, Cruz even criticized Goldman, his wife’s employer, for receiving special favors from the government.

Cruz is personally giving his time to those on Wall Street now willing to donate just $2,700 to his campaign. Whether that qualifies as promising down-the-road favors to those financial kings and queens will be up to voters to decide.

A D.C. Whispers source has indicated the Wall Street meet & greet today was strongly suggested by Republican Party operatives who discovered the Cruz campaign’s campaign donations took a steep decline last month at the very time when Cruz needs far more cash if he is to have any hope of competing against Donald Trump in the upcoming primaries. The influence of Republican power brokers on Cruz’s behalf has been enough to make members of Wall Street who personally despise Ted Cruz for a number of reasons, write the GOP candidate checks because they fear Donald Trump more than they dislike Mr. Cruz.

In fact, a Trump presidency is said to be even more feared than a Bernie Sanders one for the sole reason that unlike Sanders, Trump has the both the will and the know-how to bring Wall Street to heel should he be given the federal authority to do so.

In essence, the Wall Street gravy train might be at long last over.

And so, despite his anti-Wall Street campaign trail rhetoric, Ted Cruz has stepped forward with hat in hand to happily take yet more Wall Street donations.



What do you do when your own government is the thing trying to destroy you?

Answer: FIGHT.




Why The Cruz Campaign Hates Paul Manafort (VIDEO)

In just a few weeks, Trump campaign adviser Paul Manafort has become nearly as hated within the Ted Cruz campaign as Donald Trump himself is.

The reason is simple.

Manafort is effectively blocking the Cruz-RNC cabal at nearly every level now, and is promising to continue to do so right up to and during the GOP convention this summer.

When it comes to navigating the too often overly complicated process that is Republican primary politics, Paul Manafort is as good as it gets and he currently appears very motivated to see Donald Trump win the Republican nomination and then do battle against Hillary Clinton for the White House.

The latest fiasco in Colorado is but one example of how Manafort is turning a lost battle into a potential war victory by exposing the fraudulent nature of what took place in that state’s behind-closed-doors primary process that left thousands of prospective Colorado voters wondering why they were not given the opportunity to choose their Republican candidate of choice.

From there, Mr. Manafort is shoring up Trump’s delegate defenses across the country in states Trump often won by many thousands of votes over Ted Cruz – decisive primary victories that Cruz/GOP Establishment operatives have since been attempting to subvert via peddling in-state party influence to sway prospective delegates to their side.

Following the Trump campaign’s lopsided loss in Wisconsin two weeks earlier, Manafort did a comprehensive review of the entirety of the Trump political operation and did so in less than 48-hours. From there, a plan was created and implemented over the course of 72 more hours and is now in effect and proving itself a formidable foil to the Cruz/GOP Establishment delegate purge that continues to be attempted by Team Cruz.

Check out this video of Paul Manafort discussing that very thing:


Ted Cruz’s Lawyer Behind “Trump Is Hitler” Attack Ad (VIDEO)

It is to date, one of the more shocking political ads this election cycle which has an anti-Trump Super PAC likening Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

The always-good GATEWAY PUNDIT just revealed that the man behind this ad is actually Ted Cruz’s attorney.

Say hello to Chris Gober, DC Establishment super-lawyer and the man behind the recent “Heil Trump” political ad.

He also happens to be Ted Cruz’s attorney: (as well as an attorney for Senator Lindsey Graham)

chris gober cruz

The Cruz campaign will no doubt deny it had anything to do with Super PAC “Trump is Hitler” ad, a method of denial it has repeatedly used before, most infamously with the use of a modeling photograph of Donald Trump’s wife that implied Melania Trump lacked the moral character to be First Lady. That ad was pushed by another anti-Trump Super Pac run by a former Carly Fiorina staffer – the same Carly Fiorina who endorsed Ted Cruz just days prior to that ad being released.

Now it’s “Trump is Hitler” comparisons from the Cruz camp. Making this ad that much more reprehensible is the fact Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka married a Jewish man. She then converted to Judaism herself, thus making Trump’s grandchildren Jewish as well, and yet, a Cruz-linked Super PAC releases a “Trump is Hitler” attack ad.

Is this merely tough politics, or something else/worse?

That will be for voters to decide.

Here’s the ad:

Trump Prepares To Defend His New York Homefront & Crush Cruz

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump doesn’t like losing.

He especially doesn’t like losing to a man he deems a significant lesser like Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

After a lopsided primary defeat in Wisconsin, the native New Yorker is back home and looking out at a two-weeks away home state primary and wanting very much to deliver a jaw-breaking political counter-punch to his GOP rival.

The Mainstream Media has been quick to spread tales of a Trump campaign in disarray, hoping to capitalize on the Wisconsin defeat to push the narrative that Donald Trump is a candidate in serious decline.

Mr. Trump is now determined to prove them wrong and he intends New York and its delegate-rich primary to be the tool to deliver that very message. 

Campaign-trail whispers suggest the New York billionaire was initially (and understandably) angry at the significant margin of his Wisconsin loss to Cruz. Within hours this anger transformed into a more reflective self-assessment, something Trump is often not want to do. By morning he was back to his old self, steely-eyed, almost jaunty in anticipation of the opportunity to punch back inside his beloved New York political ring.

It’s said there have even been quiet suggestions from Trump’s inner circle, including from his children, that the business mogul go ahead and green-light Super PAC donations to combat the mountains of outside cash that has been propping up the Cruz campaign for the last several weeks. Mr. Trump could likely see tens of millions in Super PAC funds within days of doing so. He has resisted to this point of proceeding in that direction, taking great pride in being the only self-funded candidate in the presidential race. And while his own campaign would remain self-funded, Trump is said to feel a large-scale Super PAC operation might lessen that appeal to voters.

More and more Trump supporters are asking that he do just that, though, which might be enough to sway the businessman to align himself with those as yet untapped Super PAC dollars.

“Too little too late.”

That is the refrain of some political insiders commenting on the Trump campaign’s slow to act defense of their candidate’s critical delegate count. For weeks, Ted Cruz, with the direct support of the GOP Establishment at both the state and national level, has been actively working to poach nearly a hundred Trump delegates at last count, with the intention of winning over those delegates upon a second and third vote at the Republican convention in Cleveland this summer. Apparently Mr. Trump first became fully aware of this process last month and was initially confused that a candidate who easily won a state primary could then just as easily see those delegates effectively jump ship to another candidate. In business, one’s word is one’s bond to that transaction. Donald Trump was slow to realize one’s word meant nothing in politics, an institution built upon the backs of those with knives sticking out of them.

And so the campaign has finally hired a figure well-versed in the machinations of the viper pit that is American politics, a man by the name of Paul J. Manafort, perhaps the single-most experienced politico in the art of delegate counting. Once the gravity of the Cruz delegate-poaching situation sunk in, Trump demanded they hire the best, and Manafort and his decades of convention politics experience might very well be just that. 

Manafort played a pivotal role in ensuring Ronald Reagan successfully navigated an attempted GOP Establishment push-back against the then-presidential candidate in 1980. He has also garnered a deserved reputation for being an at times very tough and uncompromising participant within the D.C. Machine. He doesn’t merely defeat political enemies so much as devour them whole.

It remains to be seen though if current Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski will relinquish much if any control over to the sixty-seven year old and far more politically experienced, Manafort. 

That decision will be made solely by Mr. Trump himself.

It is a time known only to those few who have entered the arena of national politics when, despite being surrounded by the chaos of a campaign, even a billionaire candidate might find himself inexplicably feeling utterly alone.



What do you do when your own government is the thing trying to destroy you?

Answer: FIGHT.





Wisconsin Gives Primary Nod To A Socialist & A Small Government Texan

Hello America, meet Wisconsin, lover of a socialist and cheese.

Hello America, meet Wisconsin, lover of smaller government and cheese.

Ted Cruz thumped both Trump and Kasich, while Sanders notched another stunning victory over presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton.


It was an interesting paradox on April 5th in Wisconsin as one seemingly anti-establishment Democrat defeated establishment choice Hillary Clinton while on the Republican side, it was Donald Trump vs the GOP Establishment and that same establishment won going away.

It’s enough to give election observers a bad case of political whiplash.

As of this writing, Sanders has a comfortable 7-point lead over Clinton while Cruz has a very impressive 20-point lead over Donald Trump. (Kasich finished a distant third with less than 15% of the vote.)

Hillary is now bracing for potential defeat in New York in just two weeks, while Trump is hoping to refocus his front-runner status with a resounding win in his home state. If both fail to win and win big in New York, it may very well spell the end of their collective 2016 campaigns.

Make no mistake, Team Trump is stinging from tonight’s defeat. As recently as this morning they were hopeful Mr. Trump might pull out an upset as on-the-ground reports suggested a shift among voters back into his camp. If such a shift actually existed, it was minimal at best. The Walker-Ryan-Priebus Wisconsin Machine was out in force in every county and every precinct pushing Ted Cruz to victory.

The machine won, rolling over Trump from the outset and never looking back. Wisconsin is by far, the most deeply felt and damaging primary loss for the Trump campaign to date.

Last week, DC Whispers reported the GOP Establishment was eagerly anticipating its chance to humiliate Trump in Wisconsin:

Wisconsin GOP Machine Confident It Will Embarrass Trump With Landslide Defeat

 A lot of chatter coming out of Wisconsin today, and most of it has to do with Republican state operatives crowing among themselves over how badly Donald Trump is going to find himself beaten during next week’s Tuesday primary.

“We’re gonna embarrass him.”


The information once again proved correct – they managed to do just that.

Wisconsin was a must-win for Ted Cruz. He got what he needed.

It’s also a must-learn for Donald Trump.

Time will tell if that learning takes place.


Brand New Wisconsin Poll Indicates Very Good News For Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are virtually tied in Wisconsin according to the latest  Public Policy Polling date released today, but delving into those numbers shows a decided leaning toward the Texas senator who has been receiving 24/7 support among many Wisconsin politicians and media figures and once again bolsters an earlier DC Whispers report that had state Republican operatives sounding increasingly confident that Cruz will not only win in Wisconsin on Tuesday, but win big.

While the initial numbers show Cruz with a very narrow 38/37 lead over Trump, it’s the high Trump negatives and the seeming willingness for Kasich supporters to jump onto the Cruz ship to help prevent a surprise Trump victory that has Trump supporters rightfully concerned. Also, and for the first time this primary season, Cruz supporters in Wisconsin are indicating they are more enthusiastic about their candidate (83%) than are Trump supporters. (81%.)

More important is that 51% of Kasich voters say they prefer Ted Cruz over Donald Trump and only 63% of those same Kasich voters say they will definitely vote for him, indicating tens of thousands of Kasich voters could decide to vote for Cruz on Tuesday.

If that were to happen, it would prove a Cruz landslide victory and a stinging defeat for Team  Trump.

You can access the entire PPP Wisconsin polling data  HERE


Ted Cruz Attempts Humor On Late Night TV: Jokes About Running Trump Over With Car

It is often said that Donald Trump is a divisive public figure, but perhaps it has been overlooked just how divisive it seems Ted Cruz is, even when he’s not meaning to be so. The Cruz campaign, eager to put allegations of infidelity out of the minds of voters, hopped onto the Jimmy Kimmel Show last night to show Mr. Cruz’s more humorous side, a tactic often attempted by Cruz’s potential General Election rival, Hillary Clinton. One of the prepared jokes included a reference to possibly running GOP rival Donald Trump over with his car.

Watch a video clip of the appearance and decide for yourself it will win Mr. Cruz any new support: