2020 Preview: Is Texas A Battlground State For Democrats?

After years of warnings to conservatives, it appears Texas is truly on the verge of becoming a political battleground state. 

How ironic that the key to leftist totalitarianism in America would be attained via the home of the Alamo. 

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Via The New York Times:

Texas is on the doorstep of emerging as a battleground state, and any number of Democrats might stand a chance to compete there in 2020 for the presidency or the Senate.

…There’s clearly additional upside for Democrats if they could pair their recent gains among white voters with improvement among Hispanic voters (through some combination of persuasion, higher turnout among registrants and newly registered voters).

Can Democrats really turn out Hispanic voters in huge numbers in Texas? There are real barriers, and you wouldn’t expect Hispanic Democrats to turn out in particularly high numbers given their low turnout elsewhere in the country. It is far-fetched to suggest Hispanic mobilization will fundamentally transform the electorate and turn Texas into a blueish state anytime soon.

But a more modest increase in turnout or support among Hispanic voters is fairly likely if Texas sees the campaign dollars and attention that come with a contested state in a presidential year. When Mr. Obama contested Virginia, North Carolina and Colorado in 2008, the turnout there increased by an average of 13 percent to 23 percent over 2004 levels, which included a mix of higher turnout among registrants and thousands of newly registered voters. Given the extraordinary turnout in the 2018 midterm election nationwide, it is plausible that turnout will be up substantially in Texas regardless of whether the state is a battleground.

Put it together, and Texas is on the cusp of being a true (if Republican-tilting) battleground state. It might not be immediately and vigorously contested, as Arizona or North Carolina will most likely be, given the greater expense of campaigning in Texas and the fact that it starts out to the right of those states. But if Democrats chose to contest it seriously in 2020, there wouldn’t be anything crazy about that.


What the above NYT article outlines is the long-term approach the globalists have been initiating in Texas. Increase illegal immigration along with out-of-state immigration into Texas in order to increase the overall numbers of Democrat voters. Combine that with the well-practiced urban vote counting shenanigans that have long been a hallmark of the Democrat get-out-the-vote machine and you have the makings of a significant political shift in the Lone Star state. Each year tens of thousands more people move to Texas to escape the high tax liberal policies of places like California and New York only to then turn around and vote for the very same high tax liberal policies they escaped from. The state capital of Austin is now dominated by such left-leaning big government advocates who want more illegals voting, more government regulation, and more centralized authority and they are working very hard to bring that vision to all of Texas.

And you know what? They’re succeeding.

If anyone thinks Texas is safe from a far left electoral takeover you’re sadly engaged in a political version of the bird box. Just because you choose not to see reality doesn’t mean it’s not out there all around you. 

Remember the Alamo.

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