2020 Preview: Is Texas A Battlground State For Democrats?

After years of warnings to conservatives, it appears Texas is truly on the verge of becoming a political battleground state. 

How ironic that the key to leftist totalitarianism in America would be attained via the home of the Alamo. 

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Via The New York Times:

Texas is on the doorstep of emerging as a battleground state, and any number of Democrats might stand a chance to compete there in 2020 for the presidency or the Senate.

…There’s clearly additional upside for Democrats if they could pair their recent gains among white voters with improvement among Hispanic voters (through some combination of persuasion, higher turnout among registrants and newly registered voters).

Can Democrats really turn out Hispanic voters in huge numbers in Texas? There are real barriers, and you wouldn’t expect Hispanic Democrats to turn out in particularly high numbers given their low turnout elsewhere in the country. It is far-fetched to suggest Hispanic mobilization will fundamentally transform the electorate and turn Texas into a blueish state anytime soon.

But a more modest increase in turnout or support among Hispanic voters is fairly likely if Texas sees the campaign dollars and attention that come with a contested state in a presidential year. When Mr. Obama contested Virginia, North Carolina and Colorado in 2008, the turnout there increased by an average of 13 percent to 23 percent over 2004 levels, which included a mix of higher turnout among registrants and thousands of newly registered voters. Given the extraordinary turnout in the 2018 midterm election nationwide, it is plausible that turnout will be up substantially in Texas regardless of whether the state is a battleground.

Put it together, and Texas is on the cusp of being a true (if Republican-tilting) battleground state. It might not be immediately and vigorously contested, as Arizona or North Carolina will most likely be, given the greater expense of campaigning in Texas and the fact that it starts out to the right of those states. But if Democrats chose to contest it seriously in 2020, there wouldn’t be anything crazy about that.


What the above NYT article outlines is the long-term approach the globalists have been initiating in Texas. Increase illegal immigration along with out-of-state immigration into Texas in order to increase the overall numbers of Democrat voters. Combine that with the well-practiced urban vote counting shenanigans that have long been a hallmark of the Democrat get-out-the-vote machine and you have the makings of a significant political shift in the Lone Star state. Each year tens of thousands more people move to Texas to escape the high tax liberal policies of places like California and New York only to then turn around and vote for the very same high tax liberal policies they escaped from. The state capital of Austin is now dominated by such left-leaning big government advocates who want more illegals voting, more government regulation, and more centralized authority and they are working very hard to bring that vision to all of Texas.

And you know what? They’re succeeding.

If anyone thinks Texas is safe from a far left electoral takeover you’re sadly engaged in a political version of the bird box. Just because you choose not to see reality doesn’t mean it’s not out there all around you. 

Remember the Alamo.

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Illegal Immigration Increasing By 300% Over 2017 Rate

Democrats opposed to any and all common sense border security clearly wanted chaos on America’s southern border.

Well, they got it.

Migrants, mostly Hondurans, run along the Tijuana river near the El Chaparral border crossing in Mexico Photograph: Guillermo Arias/AFP/Getty

Via: Breitbart

Illegal immigration this year is on pace to more than triple the levels of just two years ago, new projections reveal.

In the month of February, there were more than 76,000 illegal border crossings and inadmissible foreign nationals, the most in this month in 12 years — a record for President Trump’s administration.

Princeton Policy Advisor Steven Kopits now projects that illegal border crossings for this calendar year will be more than three times what they were in 2017 and nearly double last year’s total crossings. The projection predicts there will be more than 840,000 illegal border crossings this year, though Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen predicts about 900,000 crossings.

Should illegal immigration reach this level, as Kopits projects, it would mean that border crossings in Trump’s third year in office outpace every single year of illegal immigration under former President Obama.

“Crossings are now clearly at crisis levels, and the pressure will be on Democrats in Congress to tighten asylum laws if they intend to hold the House in 2020,” Kopits notes. “I would note that migrants are also certainly aware of this, and therefore apprehension numbers could rise substantially heading into the summer months as migrants rush to cross the border before new legislation can be prepared.”

While Nielsen receives praise from her close allies in the Washington, D.C. beltway and political establishment, her tenure has been marked with overseeing the largest illegal immigration surge not seen since former President George W. Bush.


That last point above is an important one that is purposely ignored by most in the media. The illegal immigration crisis has become a fixture of the Democrat Party playbook during Republican presidencies. The result is border chaos, including dangerous violence, but also more and more Democrat-controlled illegal votes come election time.

Anyone who doubts this fact need only look at the voting habits of Texas by district and note how the largest pocket of pro-Democrat votes clearly comes from border communities where illegal immigration is at its worst. Coincidence? Hardly.

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Consider that without Texas no candidate who is not a Democrat would likely ever win a presidential election in America again. Now look at that map above. It clearly details what the Democrats are up to in fomenting the ongoing crisis at the southern border and also why they are so aggressive in their fight to keep President Trump from improving border security. 

Tens of thousands of illegals pouring into Texas every month which then turn into hundreds of thousands more Democrat votes come Election Day.

It will be sooner, not later, that Texas tips blue for good and then it’s lights out for a safe, sovereign, and thriving, America. 


Rush Limbaugh Explains In Very Clear Detail Why America Needs To Secure Its Border And Its Elections

Voter fraud is real, it is happening, and by allowing it to continue, it is violating the sanctity of the “one citizen one vote” rule that has long kept this nation intact. As stories of vote count irregularities multiply at levels never before seen, more and more rightly fear 2018 was merely a warmup for even more rampant voter theft come 2020. 

Even Texas is on the brink as tens of thousands of illegals pour into that state’s southern border every month as local Democrat party machines then work to ensure they are able to vote. Texas nearly went blue in 2018. Democrats are more determined now than ever to do whatever it takes to make that happen in 2020 and if they do, a Republican will never win another national election in this country again. Texas has long been the electoral guardian at the gate. That gate is now under attack like never before and on the brink of cracking open. God help us if it does. Russia was nowhere close to ‘stealing’ any U.S. election. The far greater threat has always been illegal vote rigging.


Texas Voters Set To Hand Beto O’Rourke A Lone Star-Sized Butt Kicking…

Six weeks ago Austin, Texas was abuzz with thoughts of seeing a Democrat defeat Senator Ted Cruz. Austin is an anomaly in the Lone Star state, a place dominated by left-leaning state government workers and anti-American propaganda. With nearly a million residents, it can exert considerable influence upon the rest of the state but normally not nearly enough to sway statewide elections. Still, the Beto O’Rourke campaign, which lives and dies primarily on Austin-centered support, thought that maybe, just maybe, this time would be different.

It won’t. Texas voters are now preparing to hand Mr. O’Rourke an old-school Texas ass whooping in November.

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O’Rourke, a native of El Paso which sits nearly on top of the U.S. Mexico border, is a product of open-borders ideology. He became close to the state government power brokers in Austin following his becoming a member of the El Paso city council. O’Rourke’s primary political platform at that time was open borders and an end to the War on Drugs, positions which won him considerable support among the large Latino El Paso population and the wealthy white liberals who dominate Austin.

In 2012 O’Rourke ran for and won a seat in the U.S. Congress. He won re-election in 2014. In 2016 he endorsed Hillary Clinton for president and was made a super-delegate, a position which made him among those who many feel ultimately stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders. It wasn’t long before the Clinton Machine was urging Mr. O’Rourke to take on Ted Cruz and deliver Democrats a stunning anti-Trump victory in Texas.

That victory does not appear to be forthcoming. As of this writing, Senator Cruz enjoys near double-digit leads in multiple pre-election polls with the winds of momentum clearly at his back. And while some of this success is due to Mr. Cruz’s strong debate performances against the visibly ill-informed and too often awkward O’Rourke the more likely reason for O’Rourke’s falling poll numbers is the full-throated endorsement of Cruz by President Donald Trump which in turn has mobilized the 4.7 million Trump supporters in Texas to push Mr. Cruz across the finish line first.

If current trends hold, and there appears to be no reason why they wouldn’t, Ted Cruz is likely to defeat O’Rourke by as much as a million votes even after tens of millions of out-of-state dollars have poured into the O’Rourke campaign in recent weeks.

Democrats continue to dream of ‘turning Texas blue.’ That is nowhere close to happening in 2018 thanks in great part to the continued loyalty Texas voters have for Donald Trump.


Soros Spending Big Money To Turn Texas Blue And Hand America To The Globalists

It’s a little-known Bexar County District Attorney race that has billionaire George Soros spending big dollars attempting to defeat Nicholas LaHood who just happens to support Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s call to crack down on sanctuary cities that violate immigration laws and become havens for illegals. (who are then encouraged to vote)

And why would such a local political race garner the attention of Mr. Soros? Simple. Soros wants to tip Texas blue. He knows that if Texas were to become a Democrat fixture come election time there would never again be a Republican POTUS and the traditional America with sovereign powers and a strong military to protect those powers, would never be again. It’s a simple recipe really. Ten thousand illegals here, forty thousand illegals there, and pretty soon – the state tips to the Democrat side.

In 1984 Ronald Reagan enjoyed a 27-point margin of victory over his Democrat opponent in Texas. In 2012 Mitt Romney took Texas by 16-points over Barack Obama. In 2016 Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by just single-digits in the Lone Star state.

That’s a trend that has Democrats and globalists like George Soros very-very excited. Texas has become the nation’s electoral college Alamo.

We all know how that turned out.