How The Media Has Threatened & Influenced The Manafort Jury

If a jury finds Paul Manafort innocent this week there will be a full-blown far left freakout of epic proportions. The anti-Trumpers are so desperate for a conviction they’ll do almost anything to achieve it including ongoing intimidation of the jury now deliberating Mr. Manafort’s fate.

Via The Daily Caller:


As the jury continues to deliberate in the case against former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, a number in the media appear to have already convicted him — in full view of members of that jury.

In spite of the judge’s revelation that there have been threats throughout the course of the proceedings against Manafort, the jury has not been sequestered — and as such, although they are not supposed to allow media coverage to influence their deliberations, they have not been prevented from seeing it.

MSNBC’s Ken Dilanian suggested on Monday, as he waited outside the courtroom for the jury’s verdict, that Manafort’s team could only hope for a mistrial. “A full acquittal in this case would still be an unexpected and perhaps shocking development,” he said during a segment of “MSNBC Live.” “The evidence against Paul Manafort is overwhelming.”

Joe Scarborough made similar comments Monday on “Morning Joe,” calling the judge’s behavior into question as well.

Last week the media threatened to gain access to the names and addresses of the jurors. Fortunately, the judge in the case denied that motion. Now the media is handing down a sentence of guilty for Paul Manafort 24/7 in an attempt to convince this same jury to do that same while also sending out a clear message that should the jury find Manafort innocent the media will be coming after them.

That isn’t justice. That is totalitarianism. The Manafort jury is under immense pressure to decide the case on the basis of facts, not media-driven intimidation – no small task. Remember, this is a nothingburger case the Obama Justice Department decided not to pursue years ago. It was only dusted off and re-attempted in order to use/manipulate Paul Manafort into becoming a weapon by Mueller that could be used against President Trump. There is no greater example of organized crime than the Deep State U.S. government.

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CNN Is Attempting To Intimidate Manafort Jury – Wants Names & Addresses Of Jurors Made Public

The Establishment Media is concerned Paul Manafort will be found not guilty and is moving quickly to initiate some intimidation tactics to prevent that from happening. First and foremost is a call to release the names and addresses of the jurors. The intent is clear – hand down a not guilty verdict and we (the media) will make your lives hell.


UPDATE: The Judge in the Manafort trial will NOT release the names of the jurors, citing safety concerns as the judge and jury have apparently received a number of death threats from individuals angry they may not find Mr. Manafort guilty. Basically, the judge is telling CNN to pound sand.